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    So Much Hoarding!

    I had to go to Walmart today for an Rx. DS#2 had mentioned WM (on north end of town), was almost out of toilet paper on the shelves; I think he bought the last pkg. The WM on the E. end of town today had NO toilet paper. Bare shelves. Very little Kleenex left. Analgesics mostly sold out (like Tylenol, Aleve, etc.), and many vitamins & supplements. It's getting ridiculous. Our governor declared a state of emergency today. The last I heard, there were only 12 cases in Colorado, so we're not yet having a community outbreak.

    I saw my dr. this a.m. She sounded genuinely concerned that there could (not will) be more cases & a community outbreak. I guess only time will tell.

    I had a very hard time finding hand sanitizer but finally found some at Aldi. People are being Kind of crazy but I am glad they are taking this seriously.


      Would you believe, no bread? Really, no bread! This is insane and I blame the news media. There's no doubt that this virus is a serious concern for everyone, but common sense must prevail. Stop all the panic news reports and maybe that will stop the panic buying.

      Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? Making bread.


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        your bread will taste lovely too, enjoy xx

      in Ohio we now have 3 confirmed cases. Govenor declared a state of emergency. was explained that in so doing any drugs and help with getting said drugs or other help will now be easier and quicker to get when needed.
      Dolores :lol::icon_heh:


        I've come to the conclusion that there are 4 types of people when this sort of thing hits the news:

        1. Panicers - these people are worried that the world is going to crash down around them and each man for himself! These are the ones that will buy a case of T.P. and anything else they can get their hands on.

        2. Followers - these folks see the shelves getting bare and think that if they don't get a few extra package now, there won't be any available next week when they need it.

        3. Preparers - These folks are usually already stocked up for a couple of weeks, just in case the weather turns nasty, or they have to "isolate" themselves for a little while. This is their norm! They don't get sucked into the panic buying, but do make sure that they have enough for a week or two (and usually they do, so they don't have to buy a lot now).

        4. Scoffers - These folks are laughing at all those others, prefer to order take out and usually only have a few extra rolls of T.P. on hand. These are the ones that when/if they get sick, think nothing of taking their germy selves to the grocery store to buy what they need.


          3 here😁
          the covid-19,
          we can prepare and wash hands, but its a lottery, The BBC news has been updating,
          it is sad that 6 family's have lost a loved one, in the UK,
          but so sad so many across the world have suffered loss.
          Apparently flour, loo rolls have been great sellers this last week, the places visited had lots on shelves, so no need to worry.
          Am sure all the information have come across does not mention digestive issues. so am confused to the loo roll being a great seller.
          we wash hands, reduce time away from home, and pray a world cure to covid-19 will happen.
          keep calm and carry on


            I have always had enough food and paper on hand for a fairly long duration. But, since we are planning this summer move, I've been trying to use it up. I'm sure I still can go a few weeks.
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


              I usually buy TP at Sam's Club, like 3 or 4 times a year. Yes, one of their packages lasts the two of us that long. I am down to 1 9 roll package and maybe another opened 9 rolls between the two bathrooms. I would be buying again on my next trip, now am wondering if there will be any in the store. I looked today and they are sold out of TP at Sam's online.
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                I saw on FB today a woman was afraid of not being able to get TP so she was asking for a pattern to make reuseable TP out of flannel. Come on, seriously? Get real. Things are not that drastic.

              Terry ~ In Europe, the toilet/bathroom is called the loo. When I visited the Netherlands & the UK, what was disconcerting to me was often the women's bathroom had a male attendant. Many bathrooms serve both men & women. There are full length doors to the stalls for better privacy. But still... So I assume that is a reference to toilet paper.

              I, too, generally keep extra food & staple items on hand, but not an abundance of fresh veggies, eggs, etc. I buy bread for myself at a local bakery, & I bake DH's spelt bread. I grew up learning to keep adequate food bought ahead. My parents were missionaries in Africa back in the 1920's, long before I was born. They could get to town from the back country only ~every 3 mos., so they had to buy in bulk until the next trip. Yes, and that involved sifting the worms out of the flour when necessary.

              I think the media are keeping this issue hyped up somewhat out of proportion. I feel bad for all those folks who have been kept on these cruise ships & have to be quarantined on military bases for 2 wks. before they're allowed to return home.


                In Washington State, where Caroline, Libby, Kathy and I are all from, there are several new cases daily. The county we live in, I think, only has two cases, but there are dozens to the north. Several people have also died up there, all from the same nursing home, and one victim was a son of a woman in that center who caught it when he went there to visit her before they were put on lockdown.

                When I tell you how vigilant I am being, and how closely I am following this, it is nothing but the truth. Having gone thru medical issues with my husband (cancer), I can't help but be that way. We have cut way back on going out and about doing things, and will continue to do so, mainly to keep him and his compromised system safe.

                Oh, and I sent him to the store to buy toilet paper, because we really needed it. Was I expecting him to show up with 48 rolls of! We should be set for the year.

                No rainbows!


                If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


                  Toilet paper of all things. I have a small clothes hamper, sort of cabinet style that I keep stocked at all times.
                  Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                    I live in the same Ohio county as the three confirmed cases. I did not see any signs of hoarding at the grocery store on Sunday. That will probably change now. My sister in Texas said their stores are out of toilet paper and canned goods -- no Dinty Moore beef stew, no spaghetti-o's with meatballs, no chunky soups.


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                      Well no spaghetti-o's would actually be a good thing lol

                    It seems a lot of store brand toilet paper is made in China so they will not be getting any more shipments I was also told by a store the same with the paper towels..

                    New York has 142 cases as of yesterday and my county has one so far. I believe we have to take this seriously and be cautious but not panic. I think the news media has helped panic some of the population. I feel the only news you should believe are the facts coming straight from the CDC.

                    Who knows what the long term impact from this will be for our economy. Many businesses are going to be affected.
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                      And some people hoard fabric.......
                      TRUTH is seldom appreciated, unless you happen to agree with it. When you don't agree, you just call it rude.


                        The thing that I think is really sad about this, is that there are people who really need supplies that are being hoarded right now, and can't get them. Like masks and gloves. Pain relievers and cold remedies and Vitamins. This "every man for himself" mentality is really sad. I think this is one of those times where you find out who everyone really IS. I blame the hysteria on the media. We're all in this together.

                        Quilters make great comforters.

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