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    It's Tuesday

    Good morning friends. Well today is going to be a very wet day. Yesterday was a beautiful day but the parking lot at the post office was terrible, flooding every where. So I called the municipality and in the afternoon they sent a small machine, he cleared some snow to make room for the water to flow but I don't feel it made much of a difference. We shall see when I get there this morning. When I left last night it was raining buckets which will make the snow melt. I will take a picture of our snowbanks here for you.

    Today hubby is taking a neighbour to the city to claim his money. He won $25,000 on a scratch ticket. I don't think he has ever driven in the city. Good on him, now I hope 'friends' don't come out of the woodwork for money. I am hoping that he will be 'smart'. He just might be the type to be taken advantage of. Hubby will come around and get me at quiting time.

    My daughter-in-law's horse went in early labour and she lost her baby. The pony wasn't due for another month. How sad, even for a horse.

    And so, I will continue to work on the quilt today. And it is suppose to keep raining most of the day I think. That back road will be horrible as it wasn't very good coming home last night.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique . You sure are up early this morning. This is my crazy busy week at work, especially since my teammate is on vacation. Yesterday, I finally left after a12 hour day. Hope to be better about leaving earlier today.

    Got a phone call last night that a cousin died on Sunday. She's a few years younger than me, but had some health complications. I pray for her mother, since she is also struggling with health issues.

    Weather is supposed to get in the 80s this week.


      Good morning Monique and all y’all creators!

      Yup, we have rain today too. Not sure if it’s the flooding kind.....the day will tell. But I have to be happy, yesterday was wonderful. It got to 63’! Now that’s nice. It was cloudy (guess the rain clouds were rolling in), but oh my, I worked in the yard with shirt sleeves!

      Yes, it’s so sad about the pony. Such beautiful creatures.

      Monique, I sure hope your get to work safe and that the rain doesn’t cause too much flooding.

      Hope everyone has a safe, peaceful, pieceful and wonderful day. 🐥
      💫 Star lover


        Good morning!

        Yesterday was a beautiful day here, too. Today, not so much...we're expecting rain and temps will drop into the 30's this afternoon.

        What's that saying about best laid plans? I had a half day off work scheduled today; I changed that to a whole day so I can take the bunny to the vet to have her cataract checked out. I have a work meeting I have to call into this morning. Somewhere in my day I hope to squeeze in a visit with Mom. I also need to go over to my sister's and measure Mom's couch cushions and order replacements.

        Time to grab a second cup of tea and get ready for my meeting.

        KarenC: my condolences on the loss of your cousin.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good Morning and wet weather is predicted here too. A wet week, guess that means no yard work in my back yard... oh darn! 😉. There could be lions, tigers and bears hiding in my tall weeds. Thank you all for your kind words and cyber hugs last week. Last week lots of calls and next week is attorney appt, so now I am kinda in the eye of the storm and gonna enjoy every peaceful moment of it!


            Good Morning, Everyone ~ What a gorgeous moon that rose in the eastern sky last night & was descending in the western sky this a.m. It's supposed to be in the 60's today. Yest. it was 70. So nice. More crocuses are opening all the time. Tulips are coming up. 😊

            I have a dr. appt. this a.m.--routine 6 mos. check up. I'll get my A1C checked. The new glucose meter is working fine. I recently ordered control solution & those lithium coin batteries from Amazon. I got a pkg. of 10 for only $5.99. Can't beat that price.

            I'll stop by Kohl's for the Amazon return of these socks that were too thick. Tonight is quilt guild. I missed the last 2 mos.; Jan. was a work day, & the weather was bad in Feb. I have only 1 baby quilt for "Sew & Tell".


              Good morning all,
              We've got rain and fog but there is freezing rain warning just east of here. Snow has been melting quickly but seems to be draining well. Monique, be careful for flooded roads.

              I could hardly sleep last night. I'm sure it's because of my Regent treadle find yesterday, found handwritten note in manual this morning, the owner purchased it October 1911. I'm still searching for the manufacturer. Maybe I couldn't sleep because of cats running around because of full moon, or big dinner with chocolate dessert at my GF.

              Time to shower so I can go have coffee with my GF, then DH bringing in SUV for collision appraisal, and tonight guild meeting.

              Have a good day. Be safe. Stay dry.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Mimi, hope you get some down time and things begin to level out for you.
                Julie,Hope the Bunny's eye is okey
                Monique, how wonderful your friend got the scratch off. What a prize.
                Star lover and Joy and ME TOO, how wonderful we are having these glorious weather days
                Karen, sorry about your cousin. Seems like people all around us are dropping or getting horrible illnesses.
                I moved the wood pile closer to the house yesterday so incase the weather gets iffy I don't have to go down the hill in the mud. I'm a little sore today but hopefully all this activity will help move some of this belly fat away. ha ha.
                Ordered a bed in a box yesterday from Sams for the new place. The description said 2 to 6 days but they said I can expect it Mar. 25. Glad I didn't wait longer to order.
                We are trying to find a 6x12 or bigger cargo trailer and are loooking on craigslist. Seems most of them are spams. Hard to sort things out.
                Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                  Good morning all. Looks like some rain later today but not the flooding kind I don't think. Yesterday was a beautiful day andcwe got outside and did some work outside. It felt good.

                  Before outside work yesterday, I had my yearly doctor's appointment. All was good. Got some meds changed/dropped. One bp med is on backorder and I am almost out so they needed to change it to something else and I am starting to get the leg cramps again so she took me off the statin. Now it's just my bloodwork and a couple of other tests and I'm done again for a while. Hopefully all is well with those too.

                  I have a few projects in my sewing room that need my attention this week so I will be spending some time in there. I will also continue prepping for my son Tim's visit. He and his girlfriend will be arriving a week from Friday. It will be a whirlwind visit but I am sure it will be fun.

                  Have a good Tuesday all.

                  Ginny B



                    Beautiful day yesterday in the 70's so we took a little hike on our favorite trail. Went to charity sew in the morning. After listening to news reports about the COVID-19 situation yesterday afternoon I decided to skip the guild meeting last night. I'm going to avoid meetings with large numbers of people in close quarters. Our guild packs in a lot of people in a relatively small hall. I'm not panic stricken by any stretch of the imagination but this virus is past the point of containment. I'm officially considered elderly so at higher risk. I hope folks are starting to have conversations with their families about how to manage as the virus spreads. Again, not to panic, just start to think about it.
                    Hope everyone has a peaceful day.

                    to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                      Good morning! Yesterday our 4-H club went to Paige County, Iowa. The museum did a program on the start of 4-H. It was presented by an older lady who had been in 4-H when she was a little girl. She showed her first sewing project - a feed sack apron and several of her project books. It was a really nice program. Then the children looked around the museum. It is a neat museum. Our next stop was the community center where the children played and swam. Then it was home again. I went to the store to pick up a couple of things and was down the isle of toilet paper and cleaning supplies - there is nothing left.

                      As far as sewing, I was able to have a great sewing day on Wednesday as our group met then had a sew time. I got 3 pillowcases done and sewed a quilt top together. I am hoping to get to the sewing room sometime this week.

                      Have a great day everyone 🙂