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    I am a chemotherapy nurse. Because my patients are immunocompromised, I am continually doing hand hygiene. When all we had was soap and water, my hands would get extremely dry and chapped. Every winter, I would develop severe dermatitis. When alcohol foam came on the scene, I expected it to make my skin issues even worse. In reality, it has been the best thing ever! The foam has a lotion base, so it moisturizes my hands every time I use it. No more cracked and bleeding skin -- hooray! And although I don't have problems using hand sanitizer gel, I prefer the skin feel of the foam. It's less sticky and seems to absorb better.


      Originally posted by ktdid View Post
      Hate to tell you this, but the alcohol must be 97%. Just watched this on medical news on my local station, from the medical collage.
      chelea commented:
      Not true. Per CDC guidelines, 60% is adequate
      What the CDC guidelines say:
      If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
      ktdid You are right: the FINAL MIXTURE must have at least a 60% alcohol content. So you need a higher % to start with, as only 2/3 of the mix is alcohol. If you start with 60% alcohol and dilute it with 1/3 of cream, you are producing a lotion that has only 40% alcohol.


        There are recipes for sanitizer on the web. One comment said it's still cheaper to buy the ready-made rather than make your own. Amazon still has small bottles of sanitizer, but the Purell brand is not available. Common sense & good hand washing technique for 20 seconds should prevail.