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    It's Tuesday

    Good morning friends. I had a kind of day that I would not wish on anyone. It started off okay. I did manage to get up on the roof and clear some snow. By the time I was almost done, my arms were done. I had some lunch and gave myself time to cool off. Then I thought I should have a nap as I felt tired. But I was soooo cold, all bundled under the covers didn't seem to help. So I got up and thought a nice hot shower would warm me up. Bundled under heavy jammies, I was still cold. Well then the fun started......I broke out in a cold sweat, my hands started itching, my stomach turned and I had terrible pains in my stomach (gallbladder trouble). I removed my clothes and sat by the toilet for a few minutes. Then I broke out all over with hives. Took some Benadryl. I went to lay down, my arms were really sore. My whole body was having issues. Hubby came home and all I could make him for dinner was grilled cheese sandwiches. I went to bed around 6:30. I was shivering as I was so cold. At one point, my body was on fire but I didn't have a fever at all. Hubby brought me some ginger ale. I was up for about 15 minutes but went back to bed.

    So I have slept for about 11 hours. I am feeling good this morning but my hands still seem to be a little swollen and I am a little stiff from shoveling. I did manage to get 2 loads of laundry done, the last will be done this morning. I have a supper meeting tonight that I feel well enough to go to. Tomorrow I will go with my friend Doug (80 yrs old) as he has some running around to do. In two weeks he has a test he has to do for his driver's license. I don't think he feels he can get there on his own.

    So that was my horrible day yesterday. I still feel like the gallbladder is acting up a little. We will see what the day brings.

    Have a wonderful day friends.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning All,

    Monique, I hope you feel better today and figure out what the problem is for sure. My Dad had gall bladder issues, but nothing ever showed up on any of the scans or tests. The dr. finally gave up and decided to do surgery to see what was going on, so no choice but the long all the way around the body exploratory. It was his gall bladder, filled with sand like stones. The dr. said he'd never seen anything like it.

    I sandwiched the baby quilt yesterday. Jim called on the way to the house in the morning. Said there was an attitude problem in the car. I was expecting the worst. J came in, put his head on the table. He finally ate breakfast, went and got the quilt from the play room and covered up. The kid fell asleep. I figured he was either getting sick, or just too tired. I let him sleep. I put Gabby outside, and sandwiched the quilt. She was happy to come in when I was done. Around 8:30 J woke up and worked like a trojan. I was amazed at what all he got done.

    That was about it for me until I made the soup for dinner. It seemed to go over well. Pepper and Gabby don't seem to get along very well. I doubt Jim will bring Pepper back. He was really stressed about it by the time he took the kids home. I think they did pretty well for their first meeting. I think it would have been better if they'd been in the back yard. Pepper has her lead out there, Gabby has free roam in the back yard if she's not on the leash. She would probably taunt Pepper with her added free space. lol

    Have a great day. Home school will be done for me today. I'm planning to work on the second baby quilt this afternoon. Gabby is having a spa afternoon and Mike and I are going to B&N while she's getting dolled up. Naturally, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Monique, what a terrible experience. My experience with my gallbladder was pretty much the same and it would act up with no warning. Glad you are feeling better but I bet you feel drained.

      Let’s rememberAnnika today...she’s having surgery.

      We had storms last night but I think they have passed for now. We get a lot of wild weather in early Spring every year.

      My quilter is a little backed up on her work so I can take my time finishing up Jeff’s quilt. I will cut the outer border and piece it together today.

      Isn’t it nice having a soft background color for our posts! Thanks, Steve!

      Wishing everyone a blessed day....hugs.
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      Scottie Mom Barb


        Monique, that sounds like a horrible day. I hope today is better for you.

        I have had a horrible sinus head ache and sneezing like crazy. I spent a lot of time yesterday doing nothing. I went to Walmart last night for something for allergies and thought maybe I should also pick up some hand sanitizer. They only had one brand and It was a jumbo size bottle that will last me the rest of my life. They were also out of alcohol. I give myself shots and find it easier to use it rather than those little alcohol pads. I think everyone here is buying up supplies incase the coronavirus hits. So far I don't think Alabama has any cases.

        I don't have a lot of plans today other than going to vote.



          Good morning all,

          I really like having color for the background on the much better than the stark white, and much easier on the eyes. I still haven't had my groups show up when I hit that tab. I see all the groups, and mine are showing that I'm subscribed, but want to just see those instead of all of them. Anyone else figure this out?

          The countertop template arrived yesterday. We laid it all out and found a couple of changes we want to make, so we have to go back to Menards to discuss it. I suppose they'll send us another template with the changes. I'm glad we don't have a deadline to have everything done. In between painting I worked on tax information for the business. We have an appointment this Friday. Taxes....blah!


            Good Morning, Everyone ~ Monique, what a day you had! I think I would have headed right to the dr. Something sure is going on. Hope you feel better soon. TMP ~ Was your Walmart low on items like sanitizer, etc.? The news yest. eve. reported that people are making a run at the stores for sanitizer, analgesics, paper towels, masks, etc. Target & some stores' shelves were empty. I think people are getting panicked from all the news reports about the coronavirus.

            DH did ok at the dr.'s yest. The dr. ordered a cardiac monitor to be worn for 2 wks. It's a device I've never seen before. It's the Zio XT Patch Cardiac Rhythm Monitor. If you're curious, you can search for it on line. I watched a 12 min. video on YT which explained the procedure very well. The instructions were better than what we got from the nurse. After a skin prep procedure, one places it in the upper L. side of the chest & it adheres to the skin. It's very small. One pushes the button in the middle to start it. If he has an "event" (dizziness, irreg. heart rate, etc.) he's to push the button & write it in a log book. At the end of the 2 wks. this device gets mailed in to be read. He sees the cardiologist again in 4 wks. DH & I both noticed the statement in the literature that one could pay for this device in 12 monthly installments. Hmmm. Just how expensive it this thing? When I called the 800 no. to register his device, I asked about ins. coverage. Medicare will pay 80% & our supplement should pick up the rest. The cost of the Zio XT? $995.!!

            Most of that snow we got yest. was gone by the end of the day. We still have a few piles from previous snow storms. The weather this week is supposed to be warming up to the 60's & might even be close to 70 by Sat.

            After many searches, reading of reviews, etc., I finally placed an Amazon order yest. for a home intercom system. I needed several items as well, so ordered everything at the same time. My son said he'd help set up the intercoms if I need help.

            Time to get on with my day.


              Monique...that really sounds serious and seriously...YOU made the grilled cheese sandwiches. Surely you deserve a little rest especially after shoveling the snow.
              Joy, my heart goes out to you for the expenses but also as a caregiver, you are certainly your DH's angel.
              Yesterday, since it was raining and (it still is) DH took me to town for lunch and we went to Goodwill where I scored a nice lamp. Its kind of stone grey and I'm thinking of painting it bright blue...I'll see. Might wait to do that when we get there. Thought I might look on line and see if you can embroider a lamp shade. Can't imagine how that would be done.
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              Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                Good morning =)
                Gallbladders tho' very tiny can really be a huge problem. Mine's been terrible as well for the last year. I am on a waiting list to have it removed. I have done a lot of google searching on the subject. I had read about the sand like stones, and the sludge etc. My aunt has the same problem , only she can not find a doctor to take it out, they want a zillion nasty tests for other stuff done. Canadian health care is pretty bad. Going to emergency with a gallbladder attack is useless even tho' the stones can rupture and cause serious problems. Hospitals sure resent someone walking in with problems. Not good. Even if they complain every time you go, keep going.
                This back ground is better. The previous glare was a nasty migraine .
                Snow here is taking a good beating with the rain. Makes for arthritis days but that's why we have the tv and a couch for days like that , lol.
                Hope every one is feeling good, or getting better fast.


                  Thanks for the warning about the store stock being depleted. We are heading there after we go vote which will be after the housekeeper is through.
                  Those gall bladders can be awful, our son and my younger sister both had bad ones and it took forever for a correct diagnoses. My son's VA surgeon asked why didn't he get it done sooner. Ha ha, he would have been glad to if they had known what the trouble was.
                  My Arafat is coming along, about half the quilting is done, I hope to finish today and perhaps bind it tomorrow.


                    Good morning all,
                    well I thought I was getting used to the new forum, but discovered that my Monday post didn't post. I have to subscribe to each post, or it cancels my message. New thing learned.

                    Mom was in a fitful state on Sunday when I went to visit. She imagines the worst and this raises her anxiety level. I did notice that she has started to slur again, and wondering if she didn't have TIAs when I was gone. The staff don't always notice changes, especially as staff changes a lot. I feel for everyone going through this with aging parent, and doubly so, if you have ill spouse.

                    Monique - I hope that you feel better. I had an ultrasound for what doc thought was ulcers. Turned out I had gallbladder sand gravel. I was told this could be worst than stones, as the sand can block the duct to liver. After s few attacks, I had it removed by laparoscopy. Felt better same day, they even served me pork & gravy for dinner, which I hadn't had in years. It's been 25 years since then. Recovery is quick.

                    Monday was Victoria Quilts in afternoon. We were not many, and some left early when it started raining, even though it wasn't freezing yet. I almost finished a top, until I messed up the last row. Oh well, I will un-stitch today. I ran errands after but forgot to fill up the tank - gas is really cheap and I'm down to last 1/4 tank.

                    The cleaning lady is here this morning, and I'm cooking an apple crisp. I am glad I put my car in garage last night. There's a good layer of ice on driveway and street. We had plans to go out today, but I am trying to convince DH to wait until Wed. I don't like skidding on road.

                    I hope ole to tackle sewing projects today. Have an enjoyable day.

                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                      oh Monique that sounds terrible, virtual gentle hugs for ongoing recovery.

                      mmmm grilled cheese sandwiches yummy memories.

                      Originally posted by grammaterry View Post
                      Thought I might look on line and see if you can embroider a lamp shade. Can't imagine how that would be done.
                      Hi Grammaterry
                      can buy lampshade kits from Amazon, there are 2 rings and sticky back plastic a tool, no fabric in kit,need to supply your own fabric, could embroider fabric before sticking to backing.

                      I am on a waiting list to have it removed.
                      hope the date arrives for you soon, sounds a terrible Ailment to have, hugs

                      Suzanne hugs am sure your mum is happier now seen you, but must be a worry

                      Happy Tuesday everyone


                        Monique, hope you feel better soon. I lost your phone number. Call me. Gall bladder pain is unlike any other. Joy, DH & I both had to wear a monitor for AFib problems. Take care.