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It's the first Monday in March

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    It's the first Monday in March

    Happy Monday!

    Home school will be this morning. Family dinner is tonight. Jim has decided to bring Pepper (their dog). I'm not too sure about that one! We'll see how the girls do together. They should have thought about that before now. lol Anyway, it will be a busy day.

    I think we're going to have the Sausage and Potato Soup I made for Christmas for dinner tonight. It's not that cold, but I'm just hungry for it. I'll have to go get some potatoes, onions and milk today. Maybe they'll have something at the cooking station that will sound more appealing, otherwise, soup it is!

    Yesterday was Gabby's first Nextguard and other 'pill'. She HATES the Nextguard. I finally got it in her by coating it with one of her training treats. I'll be calling the vet about that, so I can get what she needs for next month.

    I never made it in the sewing room to work yesterday. Didn't even clean the table top off to sandwich the baby quilt. I may just leave it on the ironing board until Joe leaves. Mike's off today, Wednesday and Friday, so we should be able to get the cleaning done in no time. lol, other than my sewing room which is pile city, I have a box of school things from Melinda and Secret Santa projects all over the place.

    One nice thing about the new forum. I checked the who's here before I started this post. Maybe, fewer double starts? Trying to laugh it all off now. No sense in getting upset anymore. Hopefully, some plans will be made to up date the update.

    Have a great day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning...I woke up an hour or so ago to thunder and lightning. It rained a bit and now we are under a tornado watch.

    I would like to make some progress on Jeff’s quilt today even if it’s just the inner border.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend. Hugs...

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning friends. Thanks Katrina for starting us off this morning. I didn't sleep well at all last night and I don't know why. I was lazy yesterday and did nothing basically. So today will be cleanup day. Counter is full of dirty dishes, laundry needs to be done as well. My oldest didn't make his bed before he left and I let him know, haha. Oh well, it was great to have him home nonetheless, even if he didn't make the bed.

      I may also try and get up on the roof once again. I need to clear away more snow as we are perhaps getting rain this evening. The temperature is supposed to be on the + side.

      I have a busy week. I have a meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday night I am participating in a Trivia Night, Thursday we are taking my brother-in-law to the city and there is a BIG golf show in the city and I may tag along and then have dinner with Greg and Ashley. We shall see.

      I sent Al a message about the facebook/tweet buttons and that people were going to leave en mass because of it. He asked why and I told him that it had to do with privacy issues. I directed him to read the posts about security/privacy issues. I don't know if it will help or not but we shall see.

      Karen is doing her best with the tools she has. I personally would suggest that you send BillNye a message and voice your concerns.

      We will eventually get used to this new format like we got used to the old one. Give it a chance.

      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Our snow started about dusk yest. eve. The grassy areas are covered. Not a whole lot on the street. The driveway looks like it might be slick. DH is concerned since he has a dr. appt. this a.m. We've waited a mo. for this cardiology consult, so we're not cancelling. He dreads going to the dr. or dentist.

        Yest. a.m. was church. I came right home. Had a snack, worked on my Bible study lesson, spent time on the laptop, had a late lunch, then headed to the sewing room. Mach. basted the perimeter of the baby quilt. Cleaned my LA & did some practice FMQ. Now I'm good to start on the quilt.

        Yest. a.m. a hawk got one of our rabbits. I think the 2 rabbits were distracted, as they were sort of facing off with each other. Not sure if it's mating season yet. DH saw the hawk out in the back yard with the dead rabbit. He went out with heavy gloves & a groc. bag to collect it. The hawk flew up in the tree. The other rabbit made itself mighty scarce the rest of the day.

        DS#2 was working out at a farm yest. helping a friend. He noticed a hawk with a pigeon sized bird when an eagle swooped down & took the hawk.

        I bought the DD today. I have a pattern I've been wanting to make with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

        Monique ~ I sent an e-m to M* about all the changes & our concerns about the FB/tweet tabs. I hope someone will listen to our concerns & take action.


          that was good of you Monique to send Bill the message about facebook. You would think he would know from our crying posts. I agree we will get used to the format but we can't if we don't feel secure. And, if we all shared ourr negative comments on facebook, surely that would not be a good reputation for the forum.
          Yesterday I mostly cleaned house and took a walk out in the woods. It was a beautiful day. Hauled in boxes of wood for the woodstove and did a little painting. Today it will rain so no sure what I will do.
          I've been shopping for one of those bed in a box for the new house. DH keeps showing me the sales . I think he really wants to be in control and I may let him.
          You all have a great day
          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


            Good morning all. It's a sunny Monday and a bit warmer too. Yesterday I didn't go anywhere. Just caught up on stuff around the house a bit. Did some laundry and today there will be more to do. I also got into my sewing room for a while yesterday and got my Featherweight put back into her table and unpacked the projects and supplies I took with me to Peekskill. Since I finished all the pieces for thec qayg log cabin while I was at Rob's, hubby said he'll cut more for me today. I will work on joining the ones together that I have finished while he is doing that. I also think that I will be having lunch with Ceil today.

            Have a good day everyone and Happy Monday.
            Ginny B



              Rain here in Alabama today, this may fill our lakes and rivers so we avoid another drought this year, I hope it works that way.
              I will do my regular first of the month bill pay and hopefully get our taxes done this afternoon. I also hope to get an Arafat quilt sandwiched and quilting started. It is for a dear friend whose cancer has metastasized and I want to wrap her in love. I hope the radiation treatments she is undergoing put it back at bay for a long time.
              There is exercise to do today as well, busy day ahead.


                Good morning, everyone,

                Still working on the kitchen refresh. We ordered the countertops last Wed; it will probably be a month before they arrive. I'm still laboring away on painting the cupboards. Slowly but surely.

                The only sewing going on has been the QAYG hexis...I think I'm addicted!

                I hesitate to post anything too personal or identifying since I'm unsure about the Facebook/Twitter options. If it means anyone can share any of our posts, I'll be done with the forum. From Monique's post, it doesn't sound like Al has been reading our comments and concerns about the new format. Has anyone noticed a post from him regarding what we think?


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                  Glad to see that the social media buttons are GONE!

                Oh, whoopee! Thanks, Katrina, for pointing out the social media tabs now are gone. At least one thing got fixed! I sent an e-m to M* with some of my issues. Maybe in time we'll get a usable Forum.


                  this taking away those buttons is a relief. DH thinks we are all funnier than H***. He says his gun forum got taken over about a year ago and they underwent some similar problems. He said that in their case, someone bought the forum because it had so many members and kept the same administrators so it didnt appear anything major had happened. Then they started having ads. Hope that isn't the case here. I told him that it was redone in house and he had his doubts. He said as big as this forum appears with number of members, it would be a valuable asset.
                  Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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                    Well, I get the Daily Deal and at least one more email from M* every day, so in a way, there is advertising more related to the shop than the forum.

                  Katrina, we used to give our dog her pill inside a wad of cheese or coated with peanut butter. She would gulp it down as though it was a treat. They also have something called Pill Pockets. We used them for our kitties but they have them for dogs too, in different flavors. We found them at all the major pet stores.

                  to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


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                    We used peanut butter with our first dog Fiesty. She was a little black Cockapoo. Adorable little girl. I didn't even think about using peanut butter, but then again, our second dog, Toffee gobbled everything down with no problems.

                    I do think I'll see if there's a different medication she can take. It seems like her tummy has been a little upset today. She's been out a lot and the walking poop is letting me know something isn't quite right.

                  So glad to see at least two changes: the soft color and social media buttons gone!! I too sent a message to Al today.


                    Happy Monday / Tuesday everyone, yep it's just past 5 am here,
                    Apparently it is Quilting Month in March.
                    March started with me free motioning on Sunday (did not know was the month to do it), was great to treadle, but alas the wrists gremlin is making itself known, but it was an achievement, even with 2 purrs and himself watching😁
                    its amazing how everyone wants to inspect progress when treadling, it was nice to be distracted and have enforced rests, there is no way to move quilt if quilt inspector's are sat on it teehee.
                    today was not such a great day, it started later than intended, due to high winds overnight, at some points we wondered if the roof tiles would depart, they were chatting away, the sun came out was enjoying the rays, but quickly a cloud appeared we had a snow flurry, just as all washing was blowing in the strong wind, so himself carried the upside down umbrella washing line to door, still loaded, then emptied before washing got any wetter. The purrs wanted to help, but quickly changed minds when door opened for them, they felt the nip in the air, decided supporting sofa was a better idea.
                    we had gf dumplings and chicken stew without chicken, a slight oversight but still tasted fabulous,
                    watched the link for the piece on Hamilton and Jenny teaching the presenter, was quite a polite save for the mat👍
                    sending well wishes for the Op today.
                    Sending get well, speedy recovery wishes for those who are Ailing.
                    Thanks to all for sorting the forum certainly been busy bees.
                    Have fun this Quilting month.