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Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ What a gorgeous day we had yest. The temp. got up to 64 deg.; it's supposed to be even warmer today. I'll take advantage of the warm day to wash a couple rugs; they have to be line dried outside. With my new dryer I can only fluff the rugs on air, no heat.

    Our Lady Bugs potluck lunch was yest. noon. There were 18 of us. The hostess provided 2 kinds of soup, bread, & beverages. The rest of us brought salads & desserts. The drive to the nearby town was 14.5 mi. one way. I was home shortly after 2 p.m. DH did fine while I was gone.

    Yest. a.m. I made a quick run over to the groc. store for chicken & a few things. (I need to make chicken soup today, so I'll be in the kitchen all morning.) When I got home from the store, I discovered a bag of 8 avocados in my sack which I did not buy. They belonged to the woman ahead of me in line at the check-out. So I had to run back over to the store to return them. Customer service said the lady already had been there & they gave her 8 others. The extra trip ran me short on time, but I managed to get to lunch just as the others were arriving.

    I did the soup veggie prep. last evening. DH already has labeled 15 qt. containers for me. As soon as DH eats breakfast, I'll be cutting up the chicken & getting it on to cook. Have a great Saturday!

    Good morning Joy and all who follow,
    Wow, go away for a week without cell phone & reliable wifi, and I realize that I can live without outside distractions. I was able to log on except Mon-Tues and ordered Monday's DD & other items. I called home on Thursday night to be told my mom was in full anxiety mode, thinking I drove through the snow storm and travelling on the ferry. It's really an issue, as I gave her with the dates I was gone. She goes off-track. When I got home Friday, M* pkg arrived Thursday. Now that's service, even with Snowmagedon that hit here. I've emptied my bags and will do laundry later today.

    I was productive Monday, made a twin top for mom. Tuesday - finished a big lap quilt that DH had issues with. I just changed the design and it's up to him to finish. Wed- made some microwave plate cozies, sandwiched a VQC top, and quilted it. My GF put on the binding and it was a joint project to handsew while listing in the sunroom enjoying our coffee overlooking the pretty woodland winter land. I also made 25 PUL snack bags, binding for another quilt and some coasters to sell. On our way home we stopped at a LQS which gave us a discount and I bought the backing for mom's quilt.

    Its ts back to my reality. Have a great weekend.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Good Morning All,

      It's been interesting, dealing with the new forum, figuring out the group thing... sigh,

      I finished up the quilt for baby Wesley. There are 5 variations of Wesley on Howard's side of the family. I wonder how family reunions will manage!

      I still have one baby quilt to finish and the quilt for Alex (he seems to be having a respite from kidney stones). I need to get busy with my Secret Santa stuff again.

      Joe will be here sometime next week for a short visit. I have no idea other than they are leaving on 3/4. I don't expect him until the 5th or 6th. I need to get my spring cleaning done in the great room and Mike's bathroom. other than that, the rest can wait.

      Gabby's ready to go outside, thank goodness it isn't too cold. Mike took her out before he left for work. Thank goodness!

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Morning all,

        Sun is shining looks to be a nice day. Not sure what's on my agenda today but it won't be much. Yesterday was the day we assembled and wrapped the gift baskets for our club's theater benefit. I was exhausted after everyone left. We put together 64 beautiful baskets of brand new donated items. We also were able to get quite a few gift cards from local businesses. This is our largest fundraiser we do so it was nice to have so many items that will bring in a good amount of revenue to continue to fund the projects we do in our community. But.....l will be happy to have them all leave my living room and entry way this week so I can walk around my house.

        Starting to navigate the board better my tablet doesn't allow for some of the changes others have found but all in all not too bad.

        Time to get on with the chores, sooner started sooner done then the day is mine. Wishing everyone a good weekend!
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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          Good Saturday morning. I've been away since Monday and wow, what a change I saw when I got back to the forum this morning. First I had to reset my password because it said the one I was using was incorrect. Anyway, I will explore the new site a bit later.

          I was up at my sons' in Peekskill for the week to #1 help son #1 (John) take care of son #2's(Rob) dog, Auggie while he was away. #2, since the house is on the market , be there to take Auggie out of the house if there was a showing. Son #1 (John) doesn't get home from work until somewhere between 730-8 so I could keep Auggie on close to his regular walk schedule by being there too. Well, there was only one showing while I was there but Rob got an offere from it. Hopefully all goes well with this one. He had an offer before but there was some sort of issue with the school bus picking up or something so they wound up backing out right before going to contract. Very deflating.

          Anyway, my sis came over on Wednesday and spent the night with me and then she stayed until Friday when Rob was home so that I could head home on Thursday. I was figuring that Friday would be a catching up at home day since we didn't need to pick Henry up from school (hubby was doing the pick up while I was gone), but it turned out that our other granddaughter, Lily, was sick and her mom (Vicky) needed to be at our grandson Max' school for a presentation he was doing and then had to work for a couple hours so I headed over there early yesterday morning to babysit. I was home in the early afternoon but was too tired to do much of anything at that point. Today we have granddaughter Tessa here. We are watching her while Kathryn and Joe get their house set up! Finally they get to move back in. the renovation has been going on since October.

          So, no catching up today either. She just woke up from a nap so I've got to scoot. I hope to catch up on things here too over the weekend.

          Have a wonderful day everyone.
          Ginny B


            Good morning!

            It's another cold day here, with a slight chance of snow. The high will be around 29. We must have had some accumulation last night, the plow guys woke me up around 5:30 am. Next week it will be in the 50's.

            Lots to do today, I won't get to spend any time in the sewing room. I need to go furniture shopping to find an end table for Mom's room. They gave her a hospital side table, which is on wheels. She keeps using it instead of her walker. I have mentioned it to the administrator and the caregivers. The one caregiver said: "But she loves it." I don't care if she loves it. That is an accident waiting to happen. She needs to use her walker. I will be visiting Mom this afternoon. That will pretty much end my day. I'm always exhausted when I get home.

            I was going to look at sofas, too, while I was out. We didn't take Mom's sofa. She misses it, and keeps going into other people's rooms to sit on their sofas. I found a place where I can order replacement cushions. If I can get the upholstery cleaned, we will move it in. Otherwise, I will buy her a gently used one. I'm trying to think of what we can do to make her room more homey, it is very spartan compared to the other residents'.

            Have a wonderful Saturday!


              Good morning everyone! It's another chilly, windy day here but the sun is shining so I'll take it. Hubs left early to work on the tall ship for the day so I've got a quiet Saturday ahead.
              This afternoon is my Gypsy Wife class. I finished the homework blocks so I'll be working on putting the section together. The blocks are fun, and I'm learning new techniques. Did my first pineapple block using the Deb Tucker pineapple tool. This block is a great stash buster because you go through a lot of fabric. I got another bit of binding on the BH quilt sewn last more side to go.
              I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little bit worried about the coronavirus. We have a trip planned later this spring and I hope the flight isn't cancelled. A few days ago I would have thought that idea was outlandish, but now it seems entirely possible.
              Hope you have a peaceful day.

              to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


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                My sister in Texas postponed her trip to Ohio. She was going to visit in April, but re-scheduled it for June because she didn't want to be on a crowded airplane...just in case.

              Cold again today. Envying Joys 64 degrees. But, I know it will be coming our way except ours is going to include up to 5 inches of rain. We may float our way to the coast. ha ha. Finished up the first painting yesterday. I'll practice posting a picture in a minute.
              I want to get some new dishtowels to embroider. I think maybe Amazon will be the way to go. I don't feel like shopping for them in this weather. My MIL went out a few days ago and came home with the flu. She has a friend that took her to the ER and so he stayed with her for two days since he was already exposed. Called yesterday and said he was going home as he had started running a fever. It spreads fast.
              Hope you all have a great extra day in Feb.
              Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                I've had the kids all morning. I was planning on working on the second baby quilt, but right now, I think I'll just put my feet up for a bit. Three loads of laundry are done, they need to be put away. The bed needs to be re-made. I'm debating putting on a different quilt. I think I will, I'm just not sure which one.

                Have a great rest of your day.

                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Good morning, oops afternoon everyone. I left the house at 6:30 this morning, and am finally getting home. Good news ifs I did mark some errands off the list. Bad news, half the list is still waiting on me, and II am about to fall asleep. SIL's table runner is finally packaged up and ready for mailing. I'll stop at the post office on my next trip out. Just got a text from Infiniti, they have a bracket for my front license plate for $50, but it would still require drilling holes into my front grill. Ugghh. When I complained the salesperson responded that I could install it with zip ties. I did not think that was funny.


                    I'm back. It feels good to sit down after working in the kitchen all morning making the soup. It made 15 qts., which now are in the freezer. I also did 2 loads of laundry. The rugs are hanging out on the line & almost are dry. Even though it's cloudy, it's up to 62 deg. Tomorrow afternoon/eve. we're supposed to get rain or snow overnight. I saw on Bonnie Hunter's blog that they got 4" of snow in her area.

                    Terry ~ did you re-size your painting pic or just post it like it was? I haven't tried posting any pics yet.

                    An observation on the reorganized Forum - the time on postings are M* time zone (Central time), rather than one's local time. I'm not sure if I like the feature of who's on line. It seems a bit invasive of one's privacy. It not only tells who's here but also what you're doing.

                    I need to do some browsing on Amazon. There are several items I need to order.

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                      Joy, the time zone thing has always been crazy for me and that who's online feature was on the old version of the Forum as well. I think it's just more prominent now. But I agree, it's invasive. I'm not sure why we need to see what other people are looking at anyway.

                    JulieC ~ Be extra careful shopping for "gently used" furniture. My big concern about that now is bed bugs! It would be awful to introduce bed bugs into your mom's living situation. I've made up my mind I'm not buying any used furniture any more.