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Friday, a new day and a new forum

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    Friday, a new day and a new forum

    Good morning my friends. Welcome to the new forum. IT'S FRUSTRATING!!!! It should have come with instructions. Or at least one step at a time. Those are just my thoughts, sorry Al.

    I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL!! It is good to be back. I finally finished sewing the binding on the big quilt. When I can figure out how to add a picture I will send it along. I have the other quilt that I made at retreat ready for quilting. My backing wasn't big enough the first time I took it to the centre for sandwiching.

    We have had snowmaggedon here. We got at least a foot of snow yesterday. It snowed all day, power on and off most of the day, but thankfully it didn't stay off. I saw a picture of a quilt that I liked but I didn't want to buy the pattern. It is the quilt in the background of Pat Sloan's blog, Glow. Well I pretty well have the block made but a minor adjustment will have to be made. Here is the site where I saw it.

    Today hubby and I will be heading out grocery shopping, our cupboards are getting bare. My oldest is coming for the weekend. My youngest just got back from Mexico last night. He had a wonderful trip. In 2 weeks I have my granddaughter for a week. All is good.

    I hope Suzanne made it home okay from the storm.

    Have a great day everyone and keep smiling.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    I agree with you about the changes. Not a fan at this time, but like everything else, i'm sure i'll adjust. It just takes me a while. Glad you were able to finish your binding. It's cold here today, but I must get out of bed and head nto work. Just wanted to pop in and say hello


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        Good morning! I agree about the forum. Some instructions would be nice. Wish I knew how to customize the color scheme...this one is blah. I guess it will just take some getting used to. Daffodils are starting to bloom here, but they may get frozen with the latest cold snap. Winter is not giving up! I found a backing for the guild donation quilt in my stash. I plan to load it on the frame and start quilting today. Have a great Friday/Friyay!
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          Morning all,

          Since I tend to be a creature of habit the changes will take me a while to navigate. In a few months we will probably all be pros again knowing our way around, at least that's my hope.

          Monique, too much snow! Hopefully we will make it to spring without any coming down.

          Up early today as it is basket wrapping day at my house. We are assembling raffle basket for our club's theater benefit. Last year we put together 60 gift baskets. By the looks of all the donations all over my living room looks like we will have at least that many again. It will be good to get these done so we can walk through our living room again.

          Not a lot of sewing going on this week but did get to the quilt store and picked up some fabric I needed to complete a project.

          Well, coffee is calling my name so I must answer! It will take at least two cups to get my steam up and moving. Wishing all a good day!
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            Good Morning, Everyone ~ I think we all need to read the FAQ on the initial page. There's a link in that yellow box. I started browsing through that a bit yest. Many of the questions I had were answered there. It includes a lot of directions & terminology & where to find things. As I have time, I'm going to work my way through that list. Am I happy with the changes? No! But I guess we'll have to adjust if we want to use the Forum. It's seems like there is a lot of white space because of the bigger Avatar gray box, with options for fb & tweeting. Totally unnecessary, IMO.

            Today is our Lady Bugs potluck lunch. I missed last month; I was at a computer class. DH is anxious about my going, since it's not here in town, but a nearby town (<10 mi.). This is his medical procedure day; he's always more anxious on those days. I've assured him he'll be fine. I probably won't be gone >3 hrs.

            Our weather has moderated this week. We had 56 yest. It will be close to 60 today & tomorrow.

            Yest. eve. I got the binding strips sewn together & pressed/starched the quilt top & backing. Got it sandwiched & pin basted. Finally making some progress.

            Have a good day & week end ahead.


              Good Morning All,

              I've been trying to figure out the whats and wheres about the forum. It makes my brain hurt!

              I'm glad they brought the new topics back. Now to get the groups list back to something usable. I did find the 'old' Secret Santa 2020 list of posts, unfortunately I tried so many things, I have no idea which idea worked. I know, I was too tired last night to deal with all of the changes.

              I did try to change my post size, and saved it. It didn't work from what I can tell.

              Today, I really need to get busy and finish up the quilt to send to Baby Wesley. Joseph posted pictures of the baby yesterday. He's adorable. His first family picture, he had his fist under his chin, he looked like he was in serious contemplation. It will be interesting to see what nickname they come up with, since this is the family's 5th Wesley in only three generations.

              Take care and be creative!
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Hi friends,
                Is it really Friday, have lost myself somewhere this week,
                Its raining here were are expecting storm Jorge this weekend, the last was Dennis, so what happened to the named stormed starting with E,F,G,H,I storms is bamboozling to me, its like having 3 months rain in one month, it would be easier to quote figures for me, We are heart broken so many are going through the lakes in homes, and the major clean up it entails.
                In all honesty am struggling today with the grey cells, so just wanted to say hi to you all,
                have a great day, stay warm, hope Suzanne made it home too, that sounds a horrid snow storm Monique
                prayers for Wesley's family and ongoing recovery


                  Good morning everyone. Wow, what a difference in our beloved Forum. Thanks for the pointers Joy; I think I'll follow your lead to work through the changes. That and some patience.
                  We seem to be having typical March weather this week for southern New England...wind! Wind and sun, wind and rain. We always fly the Stars and Stripes by our front door and this week it's been coming in and out of the house a's not respectful to keep it up in severe weather and we're afraid the wind will snap the flagpole. There are some subtle signs of spring. The swans have returned to the lake, I found the first dandelion in the lawn and saw the first robin. There's some activity at the farm stand, though it'll be another month before it opens.
                  Quilting-wise, I've been stitching the binding on my Block Heads quilt. I gave the Kaffe coins quilt to my DDIL last weekend and she was thrilled. I gave her a quilt about 3 years ago and she uses it all the time, so I know this one will be much loved too 😉
                  Hope you have a peaceful day.

                  to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                    Good Morning,
                    I woke up way too early . My SNL has had my car for the last two and half days. He is bringing it back today and will pick up his new car tomorrow. I didn't realize how much I miss just being able to go when and where I wanted.
                    I am making myself finish quilts. I get them pieced and don't want to load them on the frame and quilt them. Not sure why I do this ,but I have a pile to do. Last week I completed quilting and binding two of them . I think the part of quilting I enjoy most is shopping for the fabric and piecing them.
                    Have a great day everyone!


                      Snowing and freezing cold. I think the coldest its been all winter. The storm before the spring...right? Anyway a day to spend in the house. I'll try some fun stuff to keep up the attitude. I am paining (oil) pictures for the new rental. I have one almost finished and am working on beginning another. DH comes in and critiques for me. He can't understand why I have to keep all the paint on a straight line He says, see that wave curves and I tell him its a photograph...this is a painting done with darks and lights and quilting. Ha ha. He is such a realist.
                      Finished embroidering all the towels for the new place with beachy themes. Might make the move more fun to have homey stuff.
                      Joy has a good point in reading all the faqs but I'd rather sew and paint than work on the computer. You all are the only joy I find in being on the computer.
             fun you have swans. The robins were here last month and cleaned off the holly berries . Mostly I am seeing doves and wrens at the bird feeders .. Lots of squirrels.
                      The baby fawns are as tall as there mother now.
                      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                        Good day everyone,

                        I'm back from a wonderful quilt retreat this week. There was 13 women, many that I already knew, and a few others who are now new friends. There was lots of quilting, eating and laughing. I am pretty tired today. Wednesday into Thursday, we got about 14" of heavy wet snow. I had to clear snow off car roof, heavy so snow plow could clean the lot. Sure glad I have small SUV. The power would flicker on & off all day, but we never lost power. Today's drive home was great. The roads were all clear. We stopped at a quilt store before taking the ferry. I found the perfect backing for mom's quilt top. Made on Monday.

                        Monday - made a twin quilt for mom. Tuesday - made flannel quilt top that DH had started and was a UFO. We'd - 3 large mocrowave plate cosies. Brought enough to make more, forgot the fabric. Sandwiched and quilted a VQC quilt. Started some PUL snack bags. Thurs - made 14 PUL snack bags, made dinner for group. Friday - made 10 coasters for craft show. Pack & drive home. Tonight, rest & recover.

                        Tomorrow - will try to reach mom or go see her. She got confused this week and started calling everyone saying I was travelling during storm. Staff obviously didn't notice. Also want to go to Carleton Place LQS.

                        Hope to figure out this forum. Tried to log in this week, but no Internet and no cell service.
                        I ordered Daily deal & other items on Monday, it arrived on Thursday at home. Now that's fast, given huge storm.

                        Good evening.

                        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                          Glad you had a good time Suzanne. Welcome to the 'I'm trying to figure this out club.'

                          Just testing to see if my signature is back... Here goes nothin! Well that didn't work. POOT
                          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                            Well, its good to catch up with everyone. I'm not having trouble with the new forum EXCEPT for the tiny font size. And I don't want to change my font for all the other sites I visit. Maybe they could make the default font bigger for everyone. Just a thought. I hope you all had a good day!



                              CrafyJnet…...the tiny font size is EASY to change

                              Go to where it says "FONT"
                              Then "SIZE"
                              The "A" changes the color of the type
                              You can also BOLD the type by clicking on the "B" (by clicking on the letters the box is then "grey" or darker. To stop the bold type, click it the B again...)
                              You can also Italicize the type by clicking on the "I"
                              You can also Underline by clicking on the U ........underline

                              After you no longer want any of the features click on the letter and it will then go back to where it orignally was.

                              Hope this helps!

                              Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

                              "I miss the me I was when you were here"