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Saturday, the weekend's here

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    Saturday, the weekend's here

    Happy Saturday Folksies!
    It's my own personal TGIF so to speak. short day at work and then sooooo much to do, let me explain . . .
    Luscious is starting to sound better; his eyes are clearer this morning and he can say "baby" when he calls me without croaking. so he will live. I just want to sleep for the next month and wake up like sleeping beauty... so not gonna happen. Thursday night my computer crashed. I am sitting here using his and his is almost as old and bad as mine. We are going to drop it off at our tech's place and then go to the store together. We rarely grocery shop together anymore. Now and then I think it is a good idea for him to get not sticker shock but a good slap in the face on the prices. I am not a cheapskate and goodness knows we LOVE to eat around here. I just want him to know that milk is now almost $4.00 for a gallon; eggs are $2. a dozen, so he needs to get his head cleared of the plague, get his boogie shoes on and make me a new hen house. I want fresh eggs again and I am very serious about a cow. Laugh at me. I figure I have several good years left in me and I can learn how to care for a cow. We had a cow when I was young. Also, pigs and chickens, etc. I really only remember the pigs and chickens although I used to love to hug our cow when I was a little gal. Why people say pigs are dirty must only come from their smell because they do have a disgusting -= because really I remember pigs as loving a bath, whether water or mud and - their belly rubbed with a big stick, okay, why am I rambling.
    Shut UP, ME!
    I will be offline until Tuesday I think, maybe sooner but I kinda doubt it. I cannot access my personal email, so you can always pm me here. I HATE being without my 'puter
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

    Happy Saturday and Good Morning . .

    Blondie - I use to go crazy out of my mind when a computer went down . . now I only go crazy when the printers go down . .
    I had a HP desk top that was my work horse for almost 12 years - sure hated when that baby died - but the new computer (now 4 yrs old) is faster - but I can't open 5 or 6 programs at one time - like the dead HP . . I haven't even really set this one up like it SHOULD be . . that is what I hate the most -- is setting up a new computer . . *ugh*~ . . I have soooo many HUGE programs
    that I use for my work - its a pain in the bahooka setting up a new computer . .

    anywho . .

    have a few letters to catch up on to little Miss Social Butterfly (sister's granddaughter)
    -- she's in teenage Bootcamp - I try to keep her spirits high with a short note or letter at least every other day
    and Pappee Joe (the hubby) promised her 20 bucks for every ribbon she earns . . so far she's earned 4 ribbons . .
    she comes home for 5 days in April - during that time - she has to do community service - find a job or enroll back in school
    and a few other things -

    well off to surf the forum and grab another \_/> of coffee and to enjoy my quiet time before all the morning questions start rolling
    in . . hubby still doesn't understand he's only allowed 2000 words . . LOL*~ . .

    everyone have a wondamist day
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    2015 is here
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      Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

      Good morning Blondie and Diane.

      I am glad LL is better and there is no excuse why he can't go out grocery shop with you. I don't like to bring hubby with me because he doesn't look at the price, just throws it in the basket. He is starting to get a little better since I seem to be the only bread winner at the moment. We have to watch our nickels now, as pennies are being fazed out. Oh dear I am rambling.

      Blondie, I will try and fill in for you while you are 'away'.

      Today I am off to a different post office. I have never been to this one. The days of post offices being open on Saturdays will soon come to an end. Not enough business being done on this day. I have tomorrow off and then another whole week of work.

      Next Saturday, my niece will try and make me beautiful (miracles really) and then off to dinner. She has her own salon and is doing quite well. Can't wait to see what she comes up with. I NEED a new do. The week after is when I go and bring home my granddaughter (almost 3) for the week.

      Spaghetti sauce is in the oven.

      Have a wonderful day everyone.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

        Good Saturday morning! Up and at 'em early today........go figure.

        Blondie...sorry to hear your computer is down. But you carry on with that great positive attitude!!! do you make spagetti sauce in the oven? I like trying out new recipes.

        Diane, you are a busy woman, too! At least we stay out of trouble that way.

        Dropped off some quilt tops yesterday at the LAQ and hope to start on another. Want to tackle a signature quilt for a friend who is stepping down as president for our hospital auxiliary. A new challenge.

        Have a great weekend!


          Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

          Struggling this morningonDD discarded laptop. The keyboard half works - the space bar is shot. But at least itwill,in time, connect to the net. My almost new one won't. Might be the router.

          Hadfun yesterday with my friend. First to the not so local quilt shop, and then a few hoursofstitching. It was sad and scary to hear about the sinkhole just a coupleof milesfromher house. I guess the one brother is lost forever, I can't even imagine.

          My sister and I are going toDS and DIL's today untilMonday to babysit and help them get ready to move.

          Everyone havea blessed day and stay warm and safe.


            Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

            Good Morning,

            It's snowing again at our house house...I should say STILL snowing - very little of the white stuff but lots of ice. Glad to hear LL is getting better. Blondie, our milk has been $4.50 a gallon for a few years now! Food around here is through the roof!

            Sorry about your puter, Blondie! We had a hard drive crash about one month ago and I hadn't done a back-up in ages...lost nearly everything. We ended buying a new drive so I could continue to use Windows 7...I tried Windows 8 and don't like it at all. Getting everything set up again after a total loss is daunting. I'm not even sure if we have everything restored.

            Not much going on around here today other than a trip to Cuba to show an apartment while Jeff does a few repairs. He worked 19 hours at his 'real' job yesterday and got home around midnight. He's one tired country boy!

            Wishing everyone a great day!

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

              Morning Morning all!

              Blondie - one of them computers need a good kick in the boot drive :-) Hope they get it fixed SOON! Glad to hear he will live, maybe now he'll let you sleep without snoring like a train!

              Country - hehhe If ONLY they said 2000 words per day *ahhh peace and quiet**

              Monique - Oh yes, love to hear about making spagetti sauce in the oven!

              Cynthia - Just saw my first view of a signature quilt and it's a lovely idea!

              I got busy despite being kicked a 2nd time with left-over cold/flu bleck - Feb I managed to get 46.5 yards sewn and finished Yahoooo - Have a top done so have to wait until daylight (and my neighbors to get to work) so I can spray baste it on our driveway. Have some easy Jelly Rolls quilts and tons of other things - Must get our younger, stronger neighbor to help hubs move my 96" cut table from one side of my sewing room to the other and reorganize Again! Been folding stash and found some more boards for yardage photo's some day when it's presentable!

              Still up and going back in to get into more sewing stuff.

              Have a beautiful, sunny day if only inside

              Debbie and the cats KayCee (16), Lucky Streak (11), and gods gift Sandia (8)

              RIP Bonnie (18) December 2014 We had 10 loving years before you went to see your previous Meow-Mom - tell her I love you too!

              Spread Sunshine with every thought, word and deed.


                Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                Good Morning Ladies,

                It is a cold morning for us here in S.E. Louisiana we are not use to freezing temps. I do believe it will be a day spent indoors at work today at least I do get off at 2. Then home to spend time in my sewing room. Will be working on my snowball quilt today will hopefully get at least half of my blocks done today.

                Wishing all you lovely Ladies a wonderful day.


                  Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                  Good morning! I've spent this morning making room in the chest freezer for beef that DH will pick up at the processing plant today. Hanging head down cleaning out the bottom of a freezer with icy hands is not my idea of Saturday fun, but now it's done! Yay! An advantage of having beef cattle is not having to buy it at the grocery...ours comes vacuum sealed, 500 + pounds at a time.

                  Time for breakfast and more coffee. I hope everyone has a great day!
                  *~* Myrna *~*
                  *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                    Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                    Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone. Blondie, so sorry to hear about your computer but glad to hear your Luscious is feeling better.

                    Going to be a busy weekend here for us. Grocery shopping for dh (I don't like to do that much and he doesn't mind so he does it - he's good with the prices too). Heading out to water my sister's plants -- this is the last weekend we've got "plant duty". She will be back on Tuesday. I have to finish the last cushion cover for her dining room chairs this morning and she will have a nice surprise when she gets home. Hope she likes them. I will take a picture before we bring them over. I haven't made boxed cushion covers with zippers in quite a long time. Then we have a play date with our little Max. Tomorrow afternoon we are having a friend over for dinner.

                    Maybe some sewing time in there somewhere too --- at least I hope so. Have a good weekend everyone.

                    Ginny B
                    Ginny B



                      Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                      Glad to hear LL is feeling better. The DH's do need to grocery shop with us occasionally, just to see how much food costs. Actually DH just got back from picking up a few things. I am still having trouble walking and driving. Over did both yesterday.Had a heck of a time getting in here this morning. Will have the kids again today, so no sewing for me, not that I could anyway. Hugs and blessings for all, and prayers for those in need.
                      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                        Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                        GM everyone so happy the forum is back up was starting to have
                        Blondie have fun getting groceries...
                        And someone just had to say freezer load of meat now I want a BBQ...
                        I started my DD quilt in DP9 will post the beginning in show an tell..
                        Have a great day its in the 80's here and to bad I have to work..
                        These things, I warmly wish for you-
                        Someone to love, some work to do,
                        A bit'o sun, a bit'o cheer.
                        And a guardian angel always near.

                        ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
                        (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•Shannon



                          Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                          Afternoon everyone. Not feeling to well and not getting out of bed unless necessary. Tried getting on here early but was unable too, then DH was on the computer all morning so I just got it back, but am ready to take a nap.

                          Hugs and prayers to all.
                          MSQC: Where Strangers become Friends and Friends become Family!

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                            Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                            I also had trouble getting here this morning but this afternoon all is A OK. Around noon I picked up my quilts that were on display with other guild member's quilts at local library . Met woman who expressed interest in buying my kimono quilt and she didn't flinch at the $250 price so it's sold. I made it for guild's 2006 show and it's been in the drawer ever since so I'm glad someone will get to enjoy it as she is going to hang it in her living room. It was a kit from Keepsake Quilting and the oriental fabrics were so beautifully coordinated that it made the quilt outstanding. Never did get a really good photo of it but I have the pattern package photo and will try to post it later.

                            Hope everyone gets their computers up and running. Mine is getting pretty old but it does what I want so I can't complain.
                            DH has a newer one that's not connected to internet so if I have a problem with mine we just hook his up to our cable co's line.

                            Blondie glad your DH is feeling better and good idea to get him up to date with food prices. My DH has been coming food shopping with me the past year and he's getting an idea of what it costs to keep us fed and our house running.

                            Tomorrow I have a guild meeting and we're having a garage Sale of any and all quilt stuff we no longer need. Just hope I don't come home with more than I sell, LOL! May
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                              Re: Saturday, the weekend's here

                              Good Afternoon all! So glad the forum is back up and working - I missed you all.

                              We have the same bronchitis bug in our house - it just won't go away. Hubby and son both have it too. I think we are all finally starting to mend. I need to go through and disinfect the whole house! But, I would much rather sew or check in on this forum....

                              Hope everyone has some time today to do something for themselves!

                              M*QC forum is full of the best people!

                              I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

                              A bad day in the sewing room is better than a good day at the office.