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Stormy Tuesday

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    Stormy Tuesday

    I hope no one minds if I start today....not really sure of the etiquette here!

    Very stormy night last night! A surprise storm blew in from the coast last night and caused all kinds of havoc! Cathy, I hope you are ok out there on the penninsula! Tons of trees down, power out, flooding both at the rivers and more! We are wishing for mediocrity for Christmas!

    I hope all of you folks in the "snow belt" are safe and warm, especially you Floridians! WOW! What a weather year, and winter is still several days away.

    My son in presenting with a 102 temp this morning, and an upset stomach, so will be doing the mom TLC today. I don't think it is anything serious, just kid germs going around!

    I hope everyone has a warm, safe day!!

    Re: Stormy Tuesday

    Everyone must be pretty busy again today. I have decided to not venture out to the Guild meeting and Christmas party to night. A chance for snow showers and those clouds out there sure look like snow ones to me! I'll stay home and sew instead. Trying to think of what I want to throw in for dinner while typing this.
    So cold out there today. Woke up to a small amount of the snow on the ground so I walked in to work. A tad chilly - had to wear 2 coats and bundle up for sure. I think they said it was 2 degrees outside with the wind blowing.
    Still working on the 2 table runners - disappearing 9 patch. On the colorful one, the fabric is broadcloth. I asked the lady at the shop if broadcloth was like working with cotton and she said yes. Well, it's not. If I press the rows before I have the entire block put together, some of it shrinks and didn't cut even. So I now have 8 unironed blocks I think I will fingerpress before I cut them. Hope to do the cutting tonight and start sewing the pieces together.

    Better get out to the kitchen and throw some kind of food on to feed the crew! Did I mention that the kitchen is my least favorite place in this house?


    What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


      Re: Stormy Tuesday

      Good afternoon....Mild today for us. Got up to 6C about 42F. Not bad for Canada. Well this part anyhow. Eastern Canada is in the midst of blizzards and such. We are supposed to get colder and get a bit more snow but nothing like I am hearing of or what we had last Sat.
      I bought a bunch of vintage feedsack material from the 30's and 40's and plan on making disappearing nine patch lap throws for my highschool girlfiends for our 35th reunion. Fiqure I will get a head start. Hey what is life if you can't have too many projects on the go at one time.
      Stay warm my friends!
      Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

      Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


        Re: Stormy Tuesday

        Good evening everyone.

        Just been staying busy. The weather has been beautiful with the highs around 77 degrees.

        I keep praying for everyone that is in the bad weather areas. Hang tough and stay warm.

        Praying for your little guy, hope he gets to feeling better.

        God bless and take care everyone!


          Re: Stormy Tuesday

          Laurie, You did just fine. Usually whom ever is up and on the site the earliest starts the thread for the day. Blondie & I usually overlap for some reason! I hope your little man is doing better. Having the sickies is not fun for either the kid or the mom.
          I think we are all busy this time of the year. The weather certainly hasn't helped either. We did get the rain/hail/thunder & lightening storm last night. It rolled in about midnight and scared most of the household right out of bed. I know there was a lot of damage to some places. We were lucky and only had a few more branches blown around. Our lake has come back. Maybe I'll get a picture of it this time.
          It has been a long day and I am going to head to bed. I hope this note finds you all in a good place.
          Talk to you tomorrow.
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


            Re: Stormy Tuesday

            Wow it sounds like earth is rumbling around the world. I'm glad everyone is doing well to day.
            Sally it sounds like you are going to have some pretty cool quilts with that vintage fabric.
            Keepstitchin I hope your Son feels better soon.
            NMLady I'd love to have your weather right now. It's only 7 degrees here and snow on the way today again.
            Toggpine I'm glad you don't have storm damage. I do here from the heavy snow setting on my roof it caused some leaking. Have a good one everyone.