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Soggy Sunday

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    Soggy Sunday

    Good morning everyone! Hope the rains/snows go away today for everyone - but I know that's not the case. Just remember God did promise no more floods!

    Got lots of blocks cut out last night for some Disappearing 9 patch blocks. Can't wait until after church to start sewing them together. I am using 6" blocks in one and 4" blocks in the other.

    We did get the tree up - will get a photo later today. It's so pretty with just the white lights on it.

    I pulled the Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer to thaw so we can have it before Odie leaves again - on the 27th. I'm looking at having it next weekend. Bought my fudge ingredients to get those gifts made and got a few pretty, small Christmas tins to put that in. Now, to wrap what I have - get the fudge made- do the decorating - write and mail the cards - and finish the table runners and I'll be all set! Other than something for Katie and 2 more gift cards I think I am done shopping.

    How are you all doing with your Christmas projects and preparations? Just don't forget to not get crazy and remember the reason for the CHRISTmas season!


    Re: Soggy Sunday

    Morning all

    Trish I need some of your energy! I like the white lights on the tree too. Glad you have Odie home and enjoy your visit!

    I'm hoping we don't have the weather we had last year. It snowed at Christmas and I'm not talking the dusting or a couple of inches we get sometimes. We had blinding snow and snow drifts! We just don't get that in this part of Texas. And we had a couple of bad ice storms-which I don't wish on anyone. If you have snow where you live I hope it falls softly and hope the rains let up if you're having them.

    Have a great Sunday!


      Re: Soggy Sunday

      Hey Shelia it's good to hear from you. You've been missing. At least I missed
      Trish I was hoping Odie didn't have to go so soon. At least he got to stay for Christmas.
      It's raining cats and dogs here and then tonight it will turn to ice and a snowstorm. The weatherman says we will get quite a bit of snow from now till Christmas. At least Santa and the reindeer will have plenty of soft stuff to land on. That is if he can find his way in the storm.
      I'm having a hard time getting rid of my husband so I can work on his Christmas present. I'm hand quilting a wall hanging with the old steam engine trains on it. He loves everything train related. Men are never around when you need them and under foot if you don't. It never fails. lol I suppose they feel the same about us.
      Well, our Sunday is definitely soggy and I'm going to close as hubby just went to the down to his office and I won't see him till football is over. Maybe I can sneak a few stitches now. Love to all, Jan Luna
      Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


        Re: Soggy Sunday

        Oh - don't think I am going to do all that stuff today - I have 13 days to get it all done. And, if it isn't done, oh well - it's nice to decorate and send cards and do the gift giving, but I don't overdo anymore.
        Raining again here - good day to sew!



          Re: Soggy Sunday

          Good morning everyone. I have been away for a while. SOOO busy at work that by the time I get home I am exhausted...mentally mostly but tired none the less. I took Friday off I just needed a break. We put the tree up Thurs night and got the lights and garland on. On Friday morning I finished the tree. Very pleased on how it turned out. I will try and post a pic. Cards are mostly done, gifts send and wrapped so just some baking to finish in the evenings. Hubby goes onto afternoon shift so I will have time.
          We had a HUGE dump of snow last night. At least 8 inches maybe more. It is now melting but we are to get more snow and then a freeze so we will have a white Christmas. Today we are going to a local historic ranch to enjoy a "Victorian Chirstmas" and eat roasted chestnuts. With all the snow it wil be very Christmassy I am sure!
          I am going to take my sewing machine to get serviced. Rag quilts are fun to make but are hard on the machine. What to be ready for my quilting class in the new year Plus I am taking some sewing lessons to relearn how to make clothes. Expanding my horizons and to relearn techniques that I haven't used since home ec classes over 35 years ago.
          Okay I think I am caught up...Have a great day everyone. Bigs hugs and blessings of the day to you!
          Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

          Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


            Re: Soggy Sunday

            Good snowy Sunday all! We are in the beginning of a snowstorm that is forecasted to last till Tuesday morning. The amounts expected are increasing with every forecast, so not sure what to expect.
            I have a beef roast with veggies and fresh mushrooms in the crockpot and will make a loaf of bread in the machine soon. Chores are done for the day, now to get on with a bit of sewing!
            The craft show yesterday was a flop---virtually no traffic at it and to top it off the building it was in had a broken furnace so no heat! We did have a good time talking and laughing, so it wasn't a total waste of the day. What few customers there were said we had very nice stuff. We aren't discouraged and are planning on doing more shows in the spring.
            Now to get back to making a few Christmas gifts, and I haven't done much shopping yet.
            Hope everyone's day is great!


              Re: Soggy Sunday

              We have a lake!
              OK, so more like a pond, but my guess is it's about 2 feet deep in the middle. I feel sorry for the folks whose house is below ours. The developer built their home on the absolute lowest part of the property, which is about 5 feet in elevation lower than the bottom of our "pond". I think they have to have a sump pump running in normal rain conditions, and this is not normal. It hasn't stopped raining since yesterday morning and is scheduled to continue all through today and into Monday at this volume. Ugh. It is more drivable than snow for sure. My other big concern is we are supposed to get some pretty strong winds gusting through. That will cause trees to blow over. Their roots are in super soggy soil and the will just pop up out of the ground.
              We are on alert for other flooding call-outs with WASART. The big evacuation we were staging for has been called off. The animal owner doesn't think the waters will rise far enough to require evacuation. I guess she has been down this path before. Personally, I'd move out of the flood plain, but that could just be me. There is a reason we bought our place on a high point.
              Trish: Make sure Odie gets well stocked up on Mom's good cooking and hugs!
              Texsam: Good to hear from you Shelia! Let's hope you all don't have a repeat of that winter weather!
              Jan: I hope you are all settled in for the storm. Good luck on the hubby project!
              Sally: I am glad you took a "Mental Health Day". No sense in wearing yourself out and getting sick. That is a lot of snow! Your trip to the ranch sounds like fun. Have a good time!
              Lola: I am sorry that the craft show was a flop. It is always so disappointing to do all of the prep and then not have a good crowd. Dinner on the other hand sounds wonderful!
              You ladies have a good day, even if it sounds like most of us will be dealing with precipitation in one form or the other!
              Take care! Cathy
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              Be who you are and say what you feel
              because those who mind don't matter,
              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                Re: Soggy Sunday

                Yes it is a soggy Sunday!! Been pouring all night, and the winds kicked up a bit around 4 am around here. I just saw on the news that a house over here near Three Tree Point has slid most of the way into Puget Sound! Thankfully, the residents were not hurt, but had to be rescued. What a terrible thing to happen!
                Toggpine- I hope your pond doesn't get any bigger!! You don't live to far from my inlaws in Gig Harbor, so I know how it gets over there! I hope your neighbors are safe!

                I hope everyone has a safe day and stays warm and dry. I will check in later, have a done to do today, and want to sneak in some stitchin'!
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                  Re: Soggy Sunday

                  Hi everyone
                  I will be really hit and miss here for a while. Just getting back in from the hospital. Brother in law, Bill is home and doing fine the past two days. Daddy is not doing well at all, and now my Mom is in; admitted finally last night with white cell count almost 25,000. I am not going to let my mind go back to two years ago, hoping that it is just a little stomach flu thing. I will be back at the hospital early in the a.m. to catch their dr's. and etc. Tonite I need to get some more ready for hand stitching and then hopefully an early night of sleep. This past week has not been good for sleeping, lol.

                  We have my folks little chi-chi Gracie at our house. She is still young; a little over a year old. I don't know WHAT possessed them to get a puppy at their ages except they were grieving over the one that died suddenly. This one has never been totally housebroken and has spent too much time in a crate. We are getting her acclimated to being free in the house, crate for bed time and when we aren't here. She is a really hyper dog - after our mellow- bassett, quite a change. I am not sure if the folks will be able to keep up with her after this round. She adores Luscious Larry. Have never been a chihuahua lover but oh well. I am pretty good at training a dog, she reminds me a bit of the doxies I used to breed years ago. Strong willed but sweet. I am planning on introducing her later this day to Dinah, the kitty basement queen. This should be interesting. I can see Dinah putting Gracie in her place.

                  Lots of rain, drizzles and talk of sleet this evening. Please dear Lord, no sleet. No ice. Just keep the temps above freezing and I can drive in it.

                  Trish, glad to know you have the Spirit of Christmas dwelling richly within you!

                  Cathy! I will keep you in prayers for safety from all that horrible flooding - your neighbors as well. Yuck.

                  Lola, I sure hate to hear about the craft show. I haven't done any of those in a few years and really do miss the comraderie that is shared.

                  Sally, glad you made it home safe and sound. I don't envy you the weather, but, y'all up there make the most of it. Let us know about the chestnuts.

                  Jan, if you do hear from Laura, tell her I am thinking of her. I am sure she will be getting more snow.
                  Sheila, good to see you, sweetie. I hear you about the snow for Christmas. We don't get much here but last year we had snow on the ground from Dec 18 through March. Very unusual weather patterns.

                  Big hugs and blessings to all. I covet your prayers for understanding the medical-ese with the Dr's in the a.m. I can't see Daddy coming home and I personally think it is time to call in hospice. My Mom is having none of that at this point, so, please pray for me to be strong enough and kind enough to overcome emotional obstacles. It is not easy being the responsible child. Sigh. What I need is a good snuggle with hubs OR a day immersed in fabric. How about both???? That would be heaven.


                  Many blessings to all.
                  Sewing mends the soul.

                  Do the math; count your blessings
                  Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

         Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
                  ~ Madeleine L'Engle


                    Re: Soggy Sunday

                    Good afternoon all. I hope all you gals who are getting plenty of snow are warm and cozy right now. We have a bit, but not a whole lot.I just wish I didnt have to get out tomorrow for work. Brr.
                    Blondie i will keep you and your family in my prayers.
                    Shauna its good to hear from you.
                    Same to you Shelia.
                    Everyone have a safe and warm night.

                    Have a blessed day in HIS name!


                      Re: Soggy Sunday

                      Just read all the posts and catching up on news since driving back from Michigan today. We had a great Christmas at my daughter's place - first time my kids and I all spent Christmas together since 1995. Granddaughter Kaylee (5 1/2) was the most fun of all! Here is a pic of her posing in her new outfit from Grandma!

                      The ride home was scary! Right now the wind is really howling. I am so happy to be home!
                      I just took a nap and am working on picking up the house for the long week ahead.
                      Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!
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                        Re: Soggy Sunday

                        Hi Ladies, Patticakes the fireplace would feel really nice right now. Here we are at only 7 degrees brrrrr.
                        It's good the hear that everyone is safe at home. Stay safe everyone. Lola2Ace i'm sorry you did not have a good turnout for the event but you did get in some smiles and laughs . Have a good one everyone.


                          Re: Soggy Sunday

                          So sorry to hear of all the grief each of you is dealing with, weather related and health wise. In Massachusetts we are experiencing flooding in areas and tremendous winds. Our electricity just came back on after a couple of hours of outage. I shall keep all of you in my prayers and hope for a better tomorrow.


                            Re: Soggy Sunday

                            Hello everyone. My computer finally made it back home.

                            Praying for each of you who is going through difficulties.

                            The weather was beautiful here today and we're hoping it will stay nice through the holidays.

                            Will check in tomorrow (hopefully).

                            Have a good night and better tomorrow!


                              Re: Soggy Sunday

                              The rain finally let up. No big worries here as far as the rain goes. We get a bit soggy, but no real flooding. Our biggest fear is that a tree will get soggy feet, the winds will come up, and the tree will topple over. So far, so good on that front though.
                              Blondie: I am so sorry to hear about your parents. If there is something that the doctors say that you don't understand, ask them to explain it until you do. The hospital charges you crazy amounts of $ for your care. You should be able to at lest understand what they are telling you about your parent's health. Make sure that there is a note on the charts that BOTH of your parents are in the hospital and that you want to speak to the doctors. Then it's not just like you weren't in one room 'cause you were out getting a manicure or some such thing.
                              We managed to get double batches of both sugar cookies and gingerbread cut and baked. I have another double batch of a different recipie of soft sugar cookies waiting in the fridge for tomorrow. I'll let you know how those go.
                              My back is aching form hunching over the counter top. I'm sitting down for a bit with a cold drink and then I'll get back to the sewing machine.
                              Have a good evening!
                              Be who you are and say what you feel
                              because those who mind don't matter,
                              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss