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Silent Saturday

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    Silent Saturday

    It's a quiet day. I been watching old movies on TCM on and off all day in between chores.
    How is everyone doing? I miss you all. I know everyone is busy as can be. It will just get busier as the days dwindle down to Christmas.
    Blondie prayers are with you and BIL and parents. How is your Dad doing? And your poor Mom catching cold. I just pray hers doesn't go into pneumonia too. It has been going around. A lot of people up here are battling it too. I think its viral and that is harder to treat but easier to pass from one to another.
    I miss Laura. I haven't talked to her in a few days. And Gina too. She also has a bad cold.
    Sewbee don't you just love the felt board? Mine isn't as big as yours but it is really a helpful thing to have and so easy to make. I remember having the felt boards in school when I was young. You know when dinosaurs walked the planet. lol
    Well everyone I'll close for now and wish you all a good evening. Hugs, Jan Luna
    Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>

    Re: Silent Saturday

    Wow - it has been a silent Saturday!
    Hi Jan - hope you are staying warm up there.
    I popped in a few times here today in the middle of my household chores and cutting squares tonight. I cut a pile of 6" Civil War fabrics and another pile of 4" solid brights. Plan on making the disappearing 9 patch and turning them into table runners. Also hope to use the extra blocks to make some to try to sell at craft shows next year.

    DH got our tree today. The boys didn't want to go and Katie got mad. I had to go to town and get errands done before the snow/ice hits again but by the time I got back, he had the tree up and lights on, even put some white lights on the front porch and then put some pretty colored lights on an archway in the yard. So pretty! That's about all the decorating done for now. Now to put some lots more white lights throughout the house - it's so pretty when you turn all the lights off and the inside is all lit up with just the white lights. If you aren't trying to read or sew, you can almost get away with just those lights on.

    Wonder what everyone is up to today.



      Re: Silent Saturday

      Hey everyone!

      I hope everyone that has been sick or has loved ones who are sick, get better soon. Also hope anyone having bad weather is okay.

      Here's a picture of the poor kitten who didn't have the "normal" operation a 7 month old male kitten should have. They had to go in to his abdomen. So for the past two weeks he has had to wear the cone and my DD has dubbed him "satellite kitty". doesn't he look amused! Well he got the stitches out today so he had a blissful day of catching up on scratching and bathing himself.


      Sorry the picture turned out huge even after I resized it.
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        Re: Silent Saturday

        Hi Ladies, I thought no one would ever post. I'm glad to see someone. We had a Blizzard and I live 5 doors away from the FD and saw the Paramedics, Fire truck, get stuck and a Snow plow truck got stuck trying to help the Paramedics but everyone finally got free. We are only at 11 degrees right now. My area pretty much shut down and said DO NOT TRAVEL on the NEWS. It's funny how people do not always listen. I've seen so many cars get stuck on my block the snow is so deep and no one can pull through it.


          Re: Silent Saturday

          Ugh! The weather sounds ugly in many places. It is dumping rain here. We did find our tree and one for my mom this morning. Then we dropped in to the mattress store and swung through Costco. I spent the rest of the day staging a possible evacuation of 15 horses and some llamas & donkeys. I guess the woman has had her place flood before, so she wants to be ready if it happens again.
          I did get the dough made for the sugar cookies and the gingerbread men. It is chilling in the fridge. I looked in the oven and was afraid if what was on the bottom. I decided that the grease from the pepperoni pizza the boys cooked would not make the cookies taste very good. So the oven got a cleaning. Nothing is ever simple.
          We decided on they type of new mattress we wanted today. I think they guy @ Sleep Country was pretty disappointed that we didn't buy right then, but I can get a similar mattress for half the price if I order it on Hmmm. What do you think?
          Jan, I had felt boards in Sunday school and chalk boards in school. You aren't that old! My daughter has a felt board in her preschool now. I think technology can't improve on some things!
          Poor Satellite. It was for the best though.
          Trish, we left up a string of lights up on our mantle all year long. I think I'll try to change them out to white this year though. It is just enough to give the room a soft glow. It would look less goofy in the summer if they weren't the multi-colored variety! (Thanks Hubby?!?)
          I'll go clean up the rest of the kitchen and prep it for the cookie making marathon tomorrow. well, as long as I am not out moving other people's animals.
          Wow! It is just pounding rain out there now. Or is that Noah hammering on the Ark? Sheesh!
          Good night ladies. Take care.
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


            Re: Silent Saturday

            It's raining here too. but at least I don't have to shovel it or try to navigate thru it. be careful everyone!
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            If at first you DO succeed, try not to look so surprised.


              Re: Silent Saturday

              Sheila - your kitty is beautiful!
              Cathy - we do leave a string of white lights up all year too. They are placed above the doors that open onto the deck. It's our nightlight for the living room/kitchen. Just enough when the kids get up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. My sister gave me the idea when she left up a string in her bathroom all year. Since all that is in there is a toilet and sink, noone ever has to turn on the regular light. Christmas Tree Hill had a sale on the lights for $1. a box for 100 lights. That's when I buy them. We usually only have to replace them once a year. My neighbor across the way asked me one time what I used for lighting in the middle of the night cause it looks so pretty from the outside and was surprised when I told her those were my Christmas lights I leave up all year. It was nice to know it looks nice from the outside as well.

              I'll take the rain anytime - just as long as it doesn't flood - but you can all keep the snow. That's when I just can't get out.