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    Good morning all! We are all snowy and blustery today. More in the forecast for tomorrow night and all day Sunday.
    Finishing up getting ready for a craft show tomorrow. It's only our 2nd one and we are still learning, but having fun in the process. I have to work this evening, so need to finish up and get packed up as I am staying with the parents after work as it's closer to the show.
    I am looking forward to doing some holiday decorating and gift sewing on Sunday. A friend dropped off some fabric yesterday and wants 2 pillowcases for her son out of it, so that's on the agenda as well.
    I hope everybody is doing well and has a great day!

    Re: Friday.....12/10

    Whew! I was having trouble linking up to the server here last night. Glad to see you all are here.
    I am mixing up some roll out cookie dough and then Miss Em & I are going bed hunting. The dough ought to be nicely chilled by this evening. Then we can decorate them tomorrow when we get slammed with the pineapple express.
    There is a huge wet & warm front coming in from Hawaii. The temperatures will rise and melt off a lot of the snow that has just been dumped in the mountains and then the torrential rains that are expected will only add to the flooding of the rivers. It ought to be a really fun week for folks living on and near the rivers here in Western Washington. I should probably just hook up the truck and trailer now. My guess is WASART is going to be getting a few calls for flooding evacuations.
    I am hoping we can get out in the morning and get our Christmas tree. I really don't want to go tree hunting in deluge. It takes all of the fun out of it.
    Off to batten down my own hatches and prep some entertainment for the household.

    I hope you all are well and that your families are doing better, if not wonderful!
    Take care of yourselves!
    Be who you are and say what you feel
    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


      Re: Friday.....12/10

      Hello everyone, Sunday is our day of reaconing. That's when we are supposed to get a snow storm that goes until Tuesday. I hate the storm part but I love the snow. How is everyone? I haven't heard from Bridget, Shelia, or Shauna in a while. I know Laura is busy. I guess everyone is getting ready for Christmas.
      How is it going with having Odie home Trish? Great I bet!
      Cathy, have fun finding your new bed.
      Blondie how is you BIL doing? Hope he's going to be ok. We are praying for him.
      Lola have a great show I hope you make a bundle. Have fun. Hugs, Jan
      Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


        Re: Friday.....12/10

        Hi everyone!

        Took my last final for the quarter today, I think I did pretty well, but I am sure looking forward to 3 weeks off!

        Like toggpine said, waiting for the Pineapple Express to slam into us, need to do some battening down of the hatches today and tomorrow morning. This is supposed to go on until Tuesday. Some spots may get up to 4" of rain. This is scarily reminiscent of 3 years ago when Western Washington was cut off from the world. If you wanted to get in or out, you had to fly!

        Gonna start working on Christmas presents this weekend, I can't wait to get into my sewing room! It misses me!

        Blondie- how is your BIL doing?

        I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!


          Re: Friday.....12/10

          Well, I'm the weenie here. It snowed - just blanketed the roads and I walked home. Katie (DD-16) was driving the truck - DH said she has to learn sometime - well, not with me in the truck! They all know how I can get. Maybe nice tomorrow here in PA and then icy mix on Sunday turning to rain. Guess I'll be in then too.

          We are enjoying having Odie home. Right now he's out and about with a friend from a former job - it's nice to know he'll be home later tonight.

          Haven't sewed for about 2 weeks. The invisible thread didn't make me happy when it kept breaking my needles, but now that I've gotten new needles and a different brand of the thread, there's no excuse to not get over there and get Zach's quilt done. Tonight - that's where I'll be if anyone needs me.

          Stay warm, stay dry - will pray for the snow to blow away and the rains to not flood.



            Re: Friday.....12/10

            Me too, Cathy. 2 nites running, I've had trouble with the server. Suppose it was the weather? I missed out on a daily deal, but it was probably good for my wallet.
            Cookies & a warm fire... a great way to wait out a storm. I'm hoping it won't be as bad as they keep
            telling us it will be. I miss the snow tho. It's WAY more fun to hunt for Christmas trees in the snow than in a rainy downpour. Good luck bed hunting too.

            Trish... I don't blame you. I would have walked too. Odie sure is cute! I bet it is nice to have him home.
            Blondie, I hope Bill is home recuperating & doing much better. Many of us are praying for him & your sis.
            Lola, good luck with your show! Be careful traveling.
            oh oh...busted...gotta go...supposed to be grocery shopping by now.
            If at first you DO succeed, try not to look so surprised.


              Re: Friday.....12/10

              Hey y'all

              I tried for a LONG time in the wee hours this morning to get in and kept getting server error. Just getting in to sit down for a minute. What a week. My BIL came home this afternoon; sugar level is still high but he and sis have a education ahead of them. His spirits are good and looks much better. Last night my Dad fell again and is in the hospital. He has pnuemonia scattered in his bad lung. Then mom has come down with this horrid cold going around. So, dusting off my roller skates and back in my old routine.
              I will really try to get in here if for nothing other than my sanity! I am thankful to be blessed with a dear family and as my hubs has said many times, I am the navel of their universe.
              It goes without saying that any and all prayers will be appreciated at this time.

              Off to stay the night with Mom. Gonna bring some hand stitching. It looks like I may get to work some more on the Cathedral Window. YAY.
              Sewing mends the soul.

              Do the math; count your blessings
              Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

     Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
              ~ Madeleine L'Engle


                Re: Friday.....12/10

                Blondie our prayers are with your BIL and your parents. Hope you don't get sick running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Isn't there anyone else in the family that could help you. Wish I was there, I'd help. Stay strong. My prayers are with you too for strength and good health. Love Jan Luna.
                PS I noticed another Jan writing in so I guess I'll have to change my name so you know which Jan you are talking to.
                Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                  Re: Friday.....12/10

                  Popping in here to check to see what size to cut blocks to make a disappearing 9 patch into table runners and I see that you need some prayers Blondie. You got them! Hope they fix your Dad right up and get him better. Your Mom is blessed that you can go and be with her.
                  I'd help too!



                    Re: Friday.....12/10

                    Blondie- More prayers coming your way! Be sure and take care of yourself, too!!