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Happy Thursday Morning

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    Happy Thursday Morning

    Been up quite a while trying to get some laundry finished that I started yesterday morning before things really got heated up. My brother in law showed up at my house yesterday while it was still dark - he wanted me to know that he was on his way to the ER because he was having strong tightening in his chest. Wanted me to be with my sis. (They are without a phone, cable, etc due to the economy, which is why she spends one day with me sewing and watching the tube)
    I took her to the ER just before they transferred him to the big hospital. He had a heart attack and was going to have a catherization. Long story short, he did very well during the procedure. Only on branch off of one of the arteries clogged. What was shocking to the dr was his sugar level. My sis and I had been telling him for months to have his sugar levels checked. He was losing weight hand over fist. He had taken himself off of blood pressure meds some time back because of the cost. Sounds foolish and like who in the world would do it but with no insurance, most doctors are not taking patients. Don't make me wash out mouths with soap for mentioning our Health Dept. His blood sugar level was just under 500! He is so fortunate that he didn't stroke out and go in a diabetic coma. All that being said, he may come home this afternoon if he went through the night with no ill effects. The cardiologist here in our town said he will try to find a primary care physician for him locally.
    So, the only sewing I got done was some handstitching I keep in my sewing bag. Thanik goodness I had soup in the crockpot going for my hub's dinner.
    After work I will go and hopefully bring my precious BIL home. Sis can't drive his truck.

    Hope this hasn't been a downer. It isn't meant to be. All's well that ends well. I am thankful that Billy listened to my sis and went to the ER. He just thought he was having muscle spasms. Yep, BIG muscle spasms in the heart. Thankful that the damage was minimal to his heart and that the doctor's are all more than competent. Their bedside manner was pretty darn good too! That's unusual. LOL.

    Off to get ready for work - blessings to all today.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Happy Thursday Morning

    Just popping in here quick before work - definately keeping your brother in my prayers Blondie. It IS a good thing he listened - it's men that it is the hardest to get them to do anything medical.

    Got to scoot.

    Have a great day everyone!


      Re: Happy Thursday Morning

      Hi Blondie,

      oh, thats very havy.
      I hope Billy is well now. high sugar and the heart attack aren't so good!
      unfortunatlly I don't know so fast how I can tell in english.

      I hope the best for you and Billy and it'll be good!!

      My night was not so good. I couldn't sleep. So I sew my first Christmas tabel runner

      Yesterday we had rain all day. All the snow melted, then after rain came the snow again. And very strong.

      Have a great Day everyone!

      cu & hugs

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      hugs and Happy quilting :icon_hug:

      Carmen ;) from Germany, Rentweinsdorf

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        Re: Happy Thursday Morning

        Family is so important! Glad that your BIL is doing better and that you are close by and can be there for them. My prayers are with you all.


          Re: Happy Thursday Morning

          Happy Thursday Ladies!

          Blondie, Carmen is right. That is pretty heavy. It has a fairly happy ending so far. I know the medications are not cheap, but have they looked into either the generic or some drug companies say they offer help if you can't afford treatment. I'll say a prayer that Billy continues to improve.

          Trish, have a good day at work!

          Carmen, sorry that you couldn't sleep. It sounds like you did something useful with your time. Congratulations on making your first table runner! Hopefully you can get some rest tonight!

          We didn't sleep to well here last night ourselves. Over the summer my husband's ancient waterbed mattress started leaking at the seams. We drained it and as a temporary measure we used our inflatable camping mattress to sleep on. It was actually quite comfortable. Some place along the way it developed an air leak and we woke to find ourselves sleeping on the plywood platform yesterday morning. We probably won't be able to go and do anything about anew mattress until the weekend. I shared the double bed with the 4 year old and my husband opted for one of those skinny self-inflating camping pads on the floor. He claimed the couch got too hot in front of the wood stove. He sleeps like furnace in any case. Who knew such a little girl could take up so much space?
          I am off to check out to see if they have anything for less than $800. That is about the cheapest we have found for a king-sized bed. Ugh!

          You ladies take care!
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


            Re: Happy Thursday Morning

            Hello all who visit today!

            Blondie - How scary for your family! Your sis must have been beside herself. Glad that it wasn't what it could have been and that he went to the ER. Don't worry about being a "downer", we are hear to "listen" and be of support to each other. Please post how he is doing.

            Carmen - Sorry you couldn't sleep but your table runner is beautiful. I saw a pic in "show and tell". Post a pic when you are finished with it.

            Well off to get more done here at work. I came in this morning to a 2-week notice from someone. Pretty crappy to leave a retail business hanging 3 days before Christmas! At least she gave a notice. She just wants to go away for Christmas but she could have let me know at the beginning of December because now I have to re-arrange everyone schedule. Plus, my assistant, who I am supposed to be able to count on, just texted in sick. TEXTED?? She does this often since she got a new boyfriend. Geeze....looks like I will be working alone for the day!

            Okay, I am done venting. Having a cookie baking marathon tonight!
            Ho ho ho.....
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              Re: Happy Thursday Morning

              Good morning Ladies,
              Blondie I hope your Bro in law is able to come home soon. I know how hard it is to get someone to see a Dr. about high blood sugar. I had pg Diabetes and had to do insulin shots with both of my pregnancies so I know all about that (no fun) . I have recently noticed my blood sugar being low in the mornings now . I hear Diabetes can always come back years later after a pregnancy my baby is will be 7 this month and I have a family history of Diabetes. With our economy some have been hit worse than others . I didn't sleep well as others I hope we all sleep better tonight, Toggpine I hope you can find a nice bed on the cheap end. It's another cold day here only 18 and it will be snowing all day. Have a good day everyone.


                Re: Happy Thursday Morning

                Good morning all!
                I spent yesterday stitching my heart out. Just a couple of more days till the craft show and I am trying to get a few more things done. I have to work today and tomorrow, so this is just about my last opportunity to stock up. Then I need to get some Christmas gifts finished up and some started!
                Blondie, my prayers to your BIL and Sis. I am so glad he went to the ER. Hubby had a heart attack several years ago and is doing pretty well now. Long story, but we have finally found a good cardiac Dr. that addressed several issues the other one was ignoring. Also, is your BIL a former military man?
                If so, check into gettiing him into a VA clinic, Dr. visits and meds are greatly reduced in cost for Vets. Hubby still goes to cardiologist, but VA Dr. is viewed as a general practitioner. Also, WalMart has some great prices on prescriptions. Keep us updated on BIL and Sis, they are in my prayers.
                Sewsoft, I sure hope your sugar levels out!
                Patticakes, I hope everything settles down at work for you.


                  Re: Happy Thursday Morning

                  Good Morning Ladies!

                  Pouring rain here today, the Pineapple Express has turned her hose on us! Gonna be a wet day!

                  Blondie, I am so glad your BIL is ok, and went to the hospital! Your sister must have been so grateful to have you by her side! Your family is in our prayers!

                  Sewsoft, I just got done studying the endocrine system, and if you had gestational diabetes, you are going to get type II diabetes. Good news is you can start controlling it now with diet and exercise and may not have to do to many meds or insulin. Take care!!

                  Toggpine and Carmen, I hope you get some sleep soon! Nothing worse that not getting a good nights sleep!

                  Well, I have 2 papers to write and a coding class to finish before finals tomorrow...UGH!

                  I hope everyone has a great day!



                    Re: Happy Thursday Morning

                    Hi everyone.
                    Blondie, I hope your BiL gets to come home today. That's SO scary! No phone, no cable, no warning. It's so fortunate that he did go to the hospital. I'm spitting the soap outta my mouth right now... my blood
                    pressure skyrockets just thinking about the miserable health insurance situation in this country. I won't
                    get started.

                    All you ladies seem to get so much done so fast. I feel a little slow maybe a LOT slow. Laurie I could
                    NEVER keep up with you! Patti, I FEEL FOR YOU!! timing is everything, isn't it? & TEXTING?
                    Cathy I'm smiling at the thot of waking up in a leaky happened to me once...& then an air
                    leak too? That seems a little over the top. Carmen... hope you get some sleep.
                    Bye all
                    If at first you DO succeed, try not to look so surprised.


                      Re: Happy Thursday Morning

                      Blondie my hopes are that Bill is at home and all is well. God bless you and yours.
                      And my hopes and blessings for: a new bed, a enlightened employee(texting and a new boyfriend!), and good night sleep for us all. I think that we are all sleep deprived most of the time. i know that it happens to me a lot.

                      Plix you may feel slower than the other's, but everyone works at their own pace. Mine is in great grandma gear

                      Wishing for a brighter New Year and a very Merry Christmas
                      Jan G :icon_wave:

                      THE HURRIER I GO,
                      THE BEHINDER I GET!!!!


                        Re: Happy Thursday Morning

                        Blondie I'm saying prayers for you BIL. I hope things are much better for him in the new year. I'll pray that they find a good Doc for him and that things start going his way. Your poor sister doesn't need anymore to worry about.
                        Cathy, isn't sleeping on air a great way to go. We finally broke down and got a queen size Select Comfort bed. I love it. With my bad back, it's been a Godsend. I can adjust the air up or down depending on what feels good at the moment. We have had this bed almost 20 years. Love it. Every once in a while they run a special on their beds and you can get a special buy. Ours cost 800.00. Believe it or not they still have those sales. Now is a good time to check it out because of the new line for the new year. You wouldn't need a box spring if you have the waterbed just use that frame and get the mattress. That's what we did. After a while we wanted a sleigh bed so we got a regular box spring at Big lots for 200.00 and but the air bed on top of it and it works great. I didn't want the bed too low and the "box springs" that comes with the bed is nothing but a plastic board. We preferred a little height so a reg box spring worked great. It's the best bed we have ever had.
                        Well, its time for David Letterman and hubby is done in his office so guess we will call it a night. Blondie our prayers are with you and yours. Prayers for healing and for financial help to come your Sister's and BIL way. God Bless Jan
                        Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                          Re: Happy Thursday Morning

                          hello everyone! i miss y'all
                          I am keeping very very busy with my Premier Jewelry business. Closing in on winning a trip to San Diego......
                          Managed to get the star blocks swapped out tonight - they are in the car and on the way to post office first thing in the morning. Every one of them is so beautiful! You ladies did a great job!! be proud of yourselfs!! I look forward to putting them together and showing off the quilt they will become for many many years. hope you will too
                          lots of other fun stuff is happening here including helping our nieghbors put up lights on their house for the first time in 8 years. the lady was SO HAPPY after it was done
                          have any of you tried the jet-puffed gingerbread marshmallows? they are yummmmmmy!
                          Two of my favorite things, to encourage and to be encouraged
                          hugs, Suzi
                          it's what i do when i'm not here sewing with you

                          GOD Bless America