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    Hello Saturday

    I just took a course from Jenny on It was wonderful. Thank you again Jenny for your hard work and your knowledge. You are a true gift to the quilting world. The course was a gift to me for Christmas from Laura. I loved it and more importantly love you Laura. Thank you darling girl. I loved this gift. You are such a special friend.
    Well, this morning we are learning that we are going to have a snow storm coming at us tomorrow into Monday. And then it will keep snowing off and on all week next week. Winter has finally reared it's head. I like the snow. My husband says I'm not allowed to say that 4 lettered word. Snow, Snow,Snow. I had to get that out there. LOL
    Hope you all have a good day.
    Gina I'm hoping and praying for you to feel better. Take care, I understand you are getting snow last night and today. I believe it's the same storm we are waiting for. Thanks a lot Gina. And here I thought you loved us. LOL
    Laura I can't hold it in any longer. Ladies, Laura's daughter Alex Hinckly will be the newest reporter for WROC channel 8 news in Rochester, NY. Isn't that wonderful!!??!!
    She is going to be doing some anchoring on the weekend news show. Now I've never met Alex but I do know and love her Mom. So I am proud of Alex on Laura's behalf. What a great honer. She has worked her way up through the ranks and is totally excited about her new job.
    Laura has been rather busy so I had to tell, cause everyone has been waiting to hear her good news.
    Love you all, have a fantastic day. Hugs, Jan
    Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>

    Re: Hello Saturday

    Good morning my quilting sissys. Cold cold cold is the word for today!. Im going with my mommy on a holiday home tour. Its where you go from home to home and seee ow they decoerate it. Theres about 10 houses to tour. My mom loves doing this so I go with her so she has someone to oo and awe with.
    Jan dear I love you, but Im with your hubby on this one. No more dirty four letter words like that, lol. Wheres the soap missy! I guess as long as its your way and not mine then thats cool! Im so glad you having a good time on your tut with Jenny. You will have to post pics when your done.
    Gina get better soon!
    Congrats Laura on the fab news about your daughter. Thats so cool. I bet you're beamming with joy!
    I hope all of you have a fab day today and if its cold your way, stay warm! If its sunny and warm where you are, LUCKY DUCK, lol.
    Have a blessed day in HIS name!


      Re: Hello Saturday

      Good morning Jan and everyone!

      We are home and the first thing I heard this morning from Odie was "Good morning Mom!".

      Doesn't he look great!!!! He is already down at church helping them to decorate - well, that is after all the hugs all around. He is definately getting the welcoming home celebration down there.
      He has already gone through all his gear - giving me his piles of laundry, not as much as I thought. So as soon as I switch the loads, I'll be heading down to church to help out too.

      I don't like that 4 letter word either Jan and prayed the whole way home yesterday. We got in at 12:30 last night with reports of snow on the ground here and laying, but I prayed to see the stars and the snow to be blowed off the road - there was nothing on the road - thank the Lord!

      Well, everyone - have a great weekend. I'll be getting more hugs in!

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        Re: Hello Saturday

        Trish how handsome is Odie. Love those guys in uniform! Sorry about the 4 letter word guys but the devil made me do it. LOL
        Paula have a great day with Mom. And Trish spoil that boy good and proper! Tell him Thank you from the Luna family! And to enjoy his time off. Hugs, Jan
        Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>