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Wet Wednesday

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    Wet Wednesday

    Wow it is 8:30 PST and there is no Wednesday thread yet, so I'll start one and probably bump into Blondie! We have that habit.
    You ladies on the east coast have been slammed with nasty weather and I hope you all are OK. It rained pretty much all day yesterday, but not in the torrential downpours I saw on the web to the east. And tornadoes, yeesh! That is one of the main reasons I chose not to live in Oklahoma, well that and the bugs. I'll take the looming sleeping volcano and slugs of Seattle, thank you very much!

    I have all of the birthday presents finished and wrapped. I'll try to upload photos to here. I love the patterns from the Funky Friends Factory. I found the first patterns in a grouping from Simplicity on a killer Joann's pattern sale. $1 each I think. I checked out the website that was printed on the outside of the envelope and found the whole world of Funky Friends. They are made of polar fleece and pretty easy to sew. The kids absolutely LOVE them. Emily has a pair of ponies that she has drug around here for three years, the fleece is a little pilled, but they look great and they go everywhere. I love the fact that if they get yucky you can snip the stuffing port open and wash them. They are getting to about that point, but I'll have to wait for her long day at school to wash them. I can only imagine the melt down that would ensue since tears are a regular occurrence when we wash her bedding blanket. If you get the chance check out her website at or scope out the Simplicity pattern #2921 the next time the pattern sale comes up.

    I hope you all have a great day. I'll be saying prayers for those of you that are battling the elements.

    OK. The computer keeps timing out waiting for MSQC to accept my photos. I am headed over to post my blog so if you check it out a little later you can see the latest batch of Funky Friends there.
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    Re: Wet Wednesday

    toggpine, I followed your link to funky friends factory & was amazed at all the cuteness! (your 'kids' are cute too) I signed up for the FFF newsletter, & she sent me a free teddy bear pattern.
    FYI: she has a billion bear charity drive underway if anyone has the interest/time.
    Thanks for posting this link. You made my day. Hope your day dries out, & the sun shines brightly on you!
    If at first you DO succeed, try not to look so surprised.


      Re: Wet Wednesday

      Hi Cathy, your blog is great and I love you menagerie of animals. Great job!
      Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


        Re: Wet Wednesday

        Everything was so pretty with the snow fall we had but it was not fun to drive in cause it got slushy and made driving a pain. But I'm home safe and sound and it's warm and thats what home is all about. Tonight the slush is turning to ice so I'm staying home till Friday. Then we have our quilters party for Christmas. Yay. This is going to be fun.
        Laura you have such good news about your daughter Alex. I'm dying to tell but that's your job. So I'll be quiet.
        Blondie where are you. I need a cute picture to make my day sweet. LOL
        Trish I hope your trip to South Carolina and to give Odie his big hug from Mom is a safe and fun trip. I hope your weather was good. We'll hold down the fort till you get back.
        Gina, I'm so glad you feel better. Keep yourself hydrated and get plenty of rest.
        Paula love you darling girl.
        And I know I'm forgetting people but I love you all. Have a great evening. Hugs, Jan
        Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


          Re: Wet Wednesday

          Cathy thanks for the pics, love the little animals. Plus I enjoyed the snow pictures. They are always pretty when they are from somone elses home.
          hey plix, welcome to the site. Im Paula
          Jan stay warm n be safe and have fun with your quilting friends.
          Trish have safe travels, and prayers your way.
          Congrats Laura and I cant wait to hear the news. Miss ya round here. Take care.

          Love ya all
          Have a blessed day in HIS name!