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Saturday 11/27

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    Saturday 11/27

    Good Day Ladies!
    I couldn't find our daily thread anywhere yet, I am guessing we are all sleeping in after the frenzy of the holiday!

    I did get to the Joann's but amazingly, it was no more crowded than a usual "busy" day. I did not go to the super stores though. We have a smaller store out here between the two big ones. I picked up some new rotary blades and I did get some of the flannel. At $1.30/yd I couldn't resist. I have enough to make my brother a snuggly flannel quilt and several pairs of sleep pants for the preschooler. I hope to get it washed & cut on Monday.

    I have been painting for a friend, and her bedroom will look pretty great when I am done. She is going to hire me to do her living room and hall way. She also said that as long as she keeps her job as a home visit nurse with the health department (budget cuts), she'll have me come and clean every other week or so. That lets me breathe a bit easier. I really didn't want to have to work at McDonalds, which seems to be the only one hiring right now. I am going to go stitch for a few minutes before I get dressed in my painting togs and go finish her room.

    Hugs to everybody! Have a super day!
    Be who you are and say what you feel
    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

    Re: Saturday 11/27

    Howdy do ladies
    Popped in early this morning and ran out of time to say a proper good morning. I am on a quick break and need to run back to the salon in a few. My Mom is under the weather so I am bringing her some meds and comfort eats. I don't want her ill when the company arrives tomorrow evening. I think she has been overdoing a bit, who can blame her - I certainly won't stop her. I have learned over the past three years that if my folks feel like doing whatever I am not going to interfere. Life is too short and I am not a gestapo. They know I will put my foot down at the right time. That's when they call me bossy or Mrs. Sassy. lol.

    Cathy, I don't know how you find the time to do all you do! How is the extra little job coming along? I confess that I have kept you and your household in my consideration and prayers; I know how I thrive on chaos, you must be the same.

    Had some crazy dreams last night - dreamt that my hubs was in a British Mystery show (we love them so). Now if any of you knew my big old Southern Gentleman you would get a real hoot out of his southern accent in a Brit mystery. I am still shaking my head over it. I blame it on the BBCA - I adore the Luther series and am hoping that the BCA will soon air the second season. Smart show.

    Okay dear ones, off to check on the folks. Will try to check in later. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend and making the most of the sales out there.

    Always blessed,
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle


      Re: Saturday 11/27

      Cathy - lucky you - getting paid to paint a friends home. Wish my sister paid me, but then again, she IS my sister - lol!

      No sales shopping here Blondie - I'm struggling with invisible thread! Why I had the lady at Joann's talk me into it and to have me actually use it - well, it does look pretty when it doesn't want to do whatever it wants - haha! I decided to only use it on the solid black squares and red squares - I'll have to use the varigated brown on the brownish squares and the border - just can't see it at all! That's me trying to grab for and hold onto the invisible thread!

      Well, off to do the blocks. I got the bottom panel done - that only took 2 hours.



        Re: Saturday 11/27

        Morning everyone...NOT a good one. good and bad news. Woke up at 6:20 and as I was making coffee I smelled what was like burning rubber or melting. Checked everything and determined it was the furnace. Woke hubby up and we went to the cellar and sure enough the motor gone in the furnace. Of couse it would happen on a Saturday and good luck finding a part as the parts supply places are close until monday. It is 14 F outside...-10 C. We have both electric fireplaces going and an elelctric heater going in the cellar. Hubby doing what he can and hopefullly we can find a part. If not going to be very cold....main thing is to keep the pipes from freezing tonight. Hubby and I will have to cuddle I guess ( that is the good news).

        BRRRRRRRR.... Shauna
        Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

        Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


          Re: Saturday 11/27

          Poor Shauna. I'm so sorry your furnace broke. Open the faucet in the sinks to a drizzle and that should help keep the pipes from freezing. The heating and air conditioning places should have someone on call in case of an emergency which you are in. You can't go without heat for the rest of the weekend. Just thank Goodness it wasn't a fire.
          Cathy, I'm glad you found something you can enjoy to do rather than work a McDonalds. Who knows you could end up owning a painting company. lol
          Blondie I love the Cat. That is so cute. Well everyone I will keep you all in my prayers. I'm asking for good jobs, good health, and new furnace parts before tomorrow.
          As for me I'm waiting by the mailbox for my fabric from MSQC. I been wait a long time for this fabric. God Bless you all, love you all, Jan
          Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


            Re: Saturday 11/27

            Hi all!
            Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and if you shopped, got some good bargains! My daughter is like the Target Lady when it comes to Black Friday!
            Shauna - hope you get your heat back on!

            Working retail stinks during the holidays but I managed to schedule myself today off so I am cramming what I can into it. Finished quilting the baby quilt and about to start the quilting on the tumbler quilt.
            Ran to Joann's to get some sewing machine oil because it was squeaking up a storm when I sewed the binding to the baby quilt. It wasn't too busy and for once they had more than 2 cashiers. I even manage to pick up a couple cute Christmas presents for my grandaughter.
            Came home and have 5 Hour Stew in the oven and Steak Chili simmering on the stove made from a HUGE package of angus beef chunks I wanted to use up from the freezer. Along with the turkey pot pie I made, my cooking will be done for the week! This will leave me time to sew in the evenings. I work the next 6 days straight so next weekend will be the last one to get everything done before we celebrate Christmas with my youngest son's family on Dec. 11.
            See ya later!
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              Re: Saturday 11/27

              Sally, So sorry to hear about the furnace. Hope you're able to get it fixed really soon.

              Put a down pay on a Viking Emerald 203 at the quilt shop. I can't find any reviews on this machine, hope it is a good one. They are having black Saturday sale and I purchased the material for a quilt top. Hope the hubby gets a good bonus this year!

              Made some homemade noodles, need to boil the chicken. Have a couple of sick kiddos with head colds so thought some homemade chicken noodle soup might make them feel better.

              Ya'll have a great day!


                Re: Saturday 11/27

                Good day to everyone. Black friday for me was finding a new quilt shop. yeah! my quilt shop in town is closing its doors this month. I happened to find another one and I can get to it without having to drive that atlanta traffic. which I will not do. I am a happy camper. Got my half moon jelly rolls in from here. can't wait to decide what to do with them. Probably a quilt for my son. all black and white. I may put a touch of red here and there in it. have a great day!


                  Re: Saturday 11/27

                  Hi gals!!!!! I survived Black Friday!! Whew! Man now I know why I dont do that. Shauna I will send warm thoughts your way! Furnace going down is always a nitemare. Well I havent done much today, I just have chilled about the house today. I hope everyone has a fun filled Saturday night !
                  Have a blessed day in HIS name!


                    Re: Saturday 11/27

                    So sorry to hear about your furnace! Wear lots of layers of clothing that'll help keep you warm. I've been smelling something bad today and lite my candles thinking it's the dogs. Well when I came back from the store I knew what it was! The septic tank! Just had it worked on two years ago! Hubby says that'll be about a thousand dollars down the drain.LOL What about Christmas? Good thing I'm making most of our gifts! Ya'll have have a good evening.
                    Here's a funny I found yesterday You know you are drinking to much coffee when you can thread a sewing machine while it's running. LOL

                    May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door! God bless the USA!:icon_wave:


                      Re: Saturday 11/27

                      Hello everyone. Just checking in before I check out for the night. Sally: I hope you get your heat figured out. I know what it's like to have a broken furnace. No fun indeed! Blondie: Lovely kitty pic! Cats are the best! Cathy: Wish I could get flannel for $1.30 a yard! *green with envy*! Patticakes: Five Hour Stew and Steak Chili sounds good! Care to share the recipes? Craftyladysam: I have had septic issues before too and it sucks! We had a back up when we first moved here from the city. I cried and went to bed and made my son and husband clean it. lol Take care ladies and happy quilting.
                      Quilty hugs,