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Beautiful Sunday

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    Beautiful Sunday

    Good Morning
    Did everyone turn their clocks back? I can't remember which states don't turn their clocks back? And what of our international friends - do you change your clocks/time with the seasons? I personally find it rhetorical and irritating. But I supposedly gained an hour of sleep last evening.

    NM - enjoy your daughter' birthday! I know she must be even more excited than you. Ever wonder why we don't celebrate mothers more on the birthday of their children? Not only gave them birth but the years of cleaning, feeding, training, encouraging, etc? Congrats NM Mom! You did great.

    My daughter took us to dinner yesterday evening for hubs birthday. We had a great time and the food was great. When I got off work yesterday afternoon, I had hubs drive me to a client's house who had windows recently replaced. I wanted the old big windows for a cold frame. Yay. More work for us this winter to be ready for spring. Hubs tells me I am so much like my Mom - work at staying busy. I reckon he's right.

    I will go with sis to the store this afternoon and come home to sew again. And it is quite cold this morning - 21 degrees. We need to make a fire in the woodstove

    Laura, did you see any flurries? We did but nothing was sticking.

    Blessings to all
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Beautiful Sunday

    Good morning everyone. It looks like a beautiful day today.

    For those of you wondering, the Beach Boys were wonderful! Tried to sing all the way home, but the family just couldn't tolerate it!

    Well I'm off to make the birthday girl an apple pie for her birthday. That's how we roll in our household, not birthday cakes, but birthday pies.

    Everyone, have a blessed day and enjoy the sunshine if you have it and if you don't enjoy the warmth of your home!


      Re: Beautiful Sunday

      Blessed and Happy Sunday...
      What a beautiful day ...just had my coffee out on the deck. Amazing what a sense of peace today has ..
      Rodney has been working hard putting in our new bathroom...from Ceiling to floor everything is new and just beautiful. It is however starting to scare me since we only rent and hoping he decides to sell it to us...fingers crossed.
      My baby lock is sewing like a dream...I still can't believe I never used it for sewing...duh at me...
      Got caught up in Turner Classic Movies last night so took a whole charm pack and made Dresden..I just love them under my candles ...My mom had a lot of lead glass crystal so I have a few pieces that need to be showcased and what a nice way to do it.
      Pie sounds wonderful ...what a nice tradition...
      Blondie have fun today...sounds so nice...
      Not sure if we actually gained an hour since Rodney and I saw 2 am twice lol...
      Well off to sing ....yep....who said you need a microphone lol...I have my spatula's and I can rock down if I want too LOL
      hugs and love,
      One Moment at a time


        Re: Beautiful Sunday

        I used to love to get birthday pie for my birthday!!! I'm still a pie face. Love it , love it, love it! Thats why I look like I do. Lumpy. lol Laura is fluffy and I am lumpy. I gotta stop or I'm going to gain all the weight back that I lost and have to start over again. Not that I lost enough to begin with, I was still lumpy just not as much. lol
        Its cold here to and yes we had a trace of snow in the higher elevations. They got snow and we go got a cold rain.
        My machine went to Buffalo and started sewing wonky so I had to fuss with it but its better now, I hate moving them around especially the computerized ones. It's the same with my knitting machines. They get fussy too.
        Have a great day ladies. I'm sew lucky to know all of you, Hugs, Jan
        Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


          Re: Beautiful Sunday

          Georgous sunny day here today. a little on the chilly side for me but beautiful bright sunshine. have a couple of appointments to meet with ladies this afternoon about getting started in Premier with me and then it is back home to make a Big Buford Turkey window/wall hanging! I pulled most of the fabrics from stash and they have been laying out for what 2 weeks now....hahahaha... i gotta get it together or Thanksgiving will be over and he will need to wear a santa hat! LOL wouldn't that be fun! maybe will do that anyway just to make the neighbors smile

          jackie - a Beach Boys concert would be fun! I bet you sang along to all the songs and did the wave! patti should have come to hang out with you and drink her margaritas together! Our family enjoys fruit pies on anniversaries rather than cake - but Birthdays require cake AND ice cream!!

          lola, i am praying for you and your daughter and precious little Ace. Answers are coming your way TODAY!

          blondie - i really wish we lived closer so you could fix up this mop i call hair! went to have styled the other day and not much improvement ........ maybe should have let her get crazy and come up with an all together new look - thats the ticket!

          Saundra - nothing new to report on the tree limbs - thank goodness!! I was thinking about your beautiful table runner and think i may have some of the blue to use for the border if you want........ oh i decided the acorns would not be good idea cuz like you said they might rot and attract bugs - yuck!

          Jan that is so sweet - we are SEW lucky to have you too!! hugs to everyone of you ladies!!

          i am going to try and get on making cookies for christmas cookie exchanges this year,,, makes me crazy to wait and then have to bake last minute and since it is cold and the oven will help heat the house - today is a good day for it
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          Two of my favorite things, to encourage and to be encouraged
          hugs, Suzi

          it's what i do when i'm not here sewing with you

          GOD Bless America


            Re: Beautiful Sunday

            Morning all

            Well it's sunny here but kinda cold for this early in the season. It's been in the 30's the last two mornings..brrr!

            I hope everyone who has or had birthdays enjoyed them. And everyone who has had the blues feels better. Mine will kick in with the time change and the days getting shorter. Ugh

            Have a great day!


              Re: Beautiful Sunday

              Hello all and it is a beauuuutiful Sunday!
              I have been working away at this 1st vest for my brother and then will do another one for his son.
              It is going together well, after a bit of using my seam ripper, but that's to be expected. I even have been cleaning up the sewing room in the process. Getting all of the UFO's in 1 place, so I can finish up a ton of them for the craft show this coming weekend. I have never had anything in a show, so not quite sure what to expect, but will have fun spending the time with my cousin, and IF I sell anything that will just be a bonus.
              Glad to hear everybody is doing well. The Beach Boys concert sounds like a blast, and my family teases me about my non-singing voice as well.
              Suzi, thanks so much for the prayers for DD and Ace, things seem to be a bit better.
              Youngest DD prefers brownies for her birthdays, oldest DD I decides year to year what she wants.
              Laura! so glad you are loving sewing with your machine. I love both of my embroidery machines and have one set up just for sewing--the other for embroidery and love when I can multi-task with both of them. What are you doing with the Dresdens to use them for under candles?? It sounds like a wonderful idea.
              Blondie, I envy you your sewing afternoon. I hope you have a great time with your Sis and a peaceful productive sewing afternoon
              I have to get ready for work, with a quick stop at JoAnn's for zippers for these fleece vests. I also found a pattern for fleece dog coats while I was cleaning in here, so will be planning a couple for my dog. I gave her a haircut on Thursday and she is feeling the cold.


                Re: Beautiful Sunday

                Hi Ladies, Good to hear that everyone is doing well today. I finally went shopping yesterday for my Block swap fabric. I am very happy with my fabric finds that I can't stop looking at them. They are very cute and I cant wait to start cutting and sewing. Talk to you all soon, have a great Sunday.

                Laura hows the sewing going? I do love the Dresden ruler I opened it and read some of the instructions and they seam pretty straight forward. What are you making now with the dresden, Candle coasters?


                  Re: Beautiful Sunday

                  Hi is anyone doing the Black & white block swap from outside of the U.S.A ? I think that is so cool and will make it even more fun and exciting. Let me know. This will be my first swap ever.


                    Re: Beautiful Sunday

                    Sally is from Canada, I don't know about any others. Most are from the USA.
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                    Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                      Re: Beautiful Sunday

                      Originally posted by sewsoft View Post
                      Hi is anyone doing the Black & white block swap from outside of the U.S.A ?
                      Sadly I'm not playing this time, I have a lot of commitments for the new year and the group is already quite large, I doubt I would have time to do it justice.

                      To add to the birthday goody list, my son has always liked lemon cheesecake for his birthday (or any day really ), but not just any cheescake, it has to be one I have made. Apparently no one else knows how to make them, or so he tells me, only mine are good enough. Not sure if I should be very pleased at the obvious compliment or worried about not fulfilling his expectations.

                      We had our 10 yo grandson stay for the weekend and it was lovely for hubby to be able to take him walking in all his old childhood haunts, up through the old forest and play in the caves, chase some rabbits (pfft like they were going to catch any). Anyway they had a really lovely time and came home to a nice hot, cooked meal after their adventures.

                      Enjoy the rest of the day ladies, my love and hugs to all.

                      "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain" Anonymous.


                        Re: Beautiful Sunday

                        Does anyone know if the circle used for the block needs to be cut into 4's because it does not look like you use the full circle on the block? Please help...


                          Re: Beautiful Sunday

                          Sewsoft if you mean the dresden grandmother's fan swap block, then yes you need to cut it into quarters.

                          "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain" Anonymous.


                            Re: Beautiful Sunday

                            Congrats Lola2ACE for winning the charm pack.


                              Re: Beautiful Sunday

                              Hello everyone. It was a beautiful day here today too. I hate turning the clocks. It messes me up for a couple of days. I am in the dresden block swap and both Sally and I are from Canada. I can hardly wait until we get our blocks for the Christmas Swap. I loved getting things in the mail. Have a great night all.