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Busy Wednesday, Nov 3

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    Busy Wednesday, Nov 3

    Happy Wednesday all; yesterday just flew by. I never even turned my computer off and when I got up this morning, I still had MSQC forums up from yesterday morning. Good grief. Am I ever nutsy?!

    Much more to do at the other salon. I also have to work today on a client. Have no clue as to dinner; it may be fast food tonite.

    Patti, happy that you were able to work the voting polls yesterday; betcha you slept like a log - that's a LONG day. We watched the returns last night until we fell asleep with the tv on. Looks like there will be a change for a lot of folks.

    Have a great day ladies. I really want to play with fabric today - want to do something with the daily deals I've been collecting. Sigh.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Busy Wednesday, Nov 3

    Good morning...not going to say much today as everything iI am touching today is breaking. No sound on this computor and now the liamp went out and I just replaced the bulb two days ago. UGHH!
    Hubby not going to work today as the mill he works had had a major breakdown...hmmm maybe it is him and not me. He was the computor before me and had the lamp on....INTERESTING.

    In any event have a great day everyone. Will check in later!
    Big Canadian hugs, Shauna
    Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

    Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


      Re: Busy Wednesday, Nov 3

      Good morning everybody!
      Busy for me today too. Laundry, as there ever an end to it? With a teenager in the house, there's always some to do.
      I am also de-constructing the 1st of the baby rag quilts. I was quickly sewing it together on Monday, so I could snip the edges yesterday while I was with Ace. Well, that didn't happen because 2 rows were way off and i couldn't stand looking at them. So, I am just about ready to start re-sewing it now.
      Youngest DD's car wouldn't start after she got home from school yesterday, thank goodness it was at home, because she was getting ready to head out of town with it! So, I had to have it towed this morning, waiting on the call to tell me what is wrong, and the cost. I had it in a week ago for the same thing, started so I could get it there that time, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it??
      Hubby's car also had some major repairs last week, so it's been frustrating to say the least. Now I am really hoping at least some of my items sell well at the craft show next weekend!
      Well, my machine is calling my name again. Wishing everyone a great day!