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Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

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    Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

    Good Morning Quilting Wonders!!
    I'm trying to catch up reading the posts. I have been lax in signing on. I have been playing with my walking foot..and trying to catch up on odds and ends and organizing once again the sewing room, I have decided I am one messy ...quilter. haha. The wall hanging I have been working on has been so fun I can't seem to stop. The walking foot is making it so nice and easy I decided to keep going so not only have I outlined each square now im going corner to corner in a concave shape. Im taking that free motion class in a couple of weeks and this time I am not going to feel out of place...I am going to be confident!!!
    Jan thank you for the call today ...It makes my day to hear that voice on the other end of the line
    Jackie good luck with the pink..such a great cause..
    Blondie..Im sorry Larry is still sick ...yuck at sinus infections soo painful glad you are back up to par tho...I feel like I haven't had a chance to catch up with you in forever lol!! funny how close we all become on here.
    The free yard sale went semi okay ..I never thought it would cause hard feelings but as luck has it I now have 2 cousins mad at each other over a couch, first one here claimed it ..second one...said first one called and said she wasnt coming til a specific time and then showed up first. Im almost tempted to chainsaw it in half but the vision of me doing that scared the bejebbies out of me so...The first one wins I did however learn a good lesson. I also thought this was rather cute...By mistake in one of the boxes put my apple peeler corer and my cousin took it I called her today and ask if by some chance it made it into her box and she said yes...I said well im doing more apples can I borrow it back for a few days I put it in by accident...and got told no LOL...she said that is like indian giving...its not a big deal im handier with a knife but I just had to laugh...and chalk it up to live and learn
    Goodness on your damage Suzi and so thankful you all were not hurt. Wish I was closer I'd help you clean up.
    Trish try to stay healthy ...with everyone around you getting sick its easy to catch.
    Cathy I agree I just hate cutting tulle, I admire your ability to create out of it
    Lola..let me know how your chips come out I have never done them with just the peels. I usually just slice the apple paper thin and dip in apple juice and cinnamon. I too will have crockpots going again this time with golden delicious apple as most of mine has disappeared and empty jars returned for refills lol!!
    Sally I too liked the Mr.Wood story ...
    Saundra when you start me its addicting. I think I embroidered every towel, every pillow case and every napkin I could find haha
    Patti good luck with your costumes I can't believe how fast halloween is coming up
    Well im off to finish cleaning ...its going to be another long night...but a good night...
    Hugs and love all...
    One Moment at a time

    Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

    Rainy days and Mondays? Make that rainy day and Tuesday. Rained a wee bit yesterday but the motherlode is on it's way here if radar is to be believed. What's a gal to do? Oh yes, sew! And I do need to squeeze in some cleaning. Easy dinner planned, pot roast in the crock pot. I dislike cooking, always looking for the lazy way out.

    Laura, that is too funny about your cousins! And the apple corer, good grief. I am glad that you are taking this in stride. Where are you taking the free motion class? Is it in Cana? I am thinking you would probably have to drive to Mt Airy or Galax/Hillsville to find a fabric/quilting store? I have heard of one in Galax, don't remember the name but one of the quilting ladies in my town says the woman is a real humdinger. And several of these guild ladies go to Abington, Va a few times a year for a quilt in. Glad that you are having fun with the walking foot.

    Trish, how's our Katie? And Odie? I bet you are getting in a tiz over his homecoming!

    Off to watch a few videos to see if I can figure out which video Bridgette is talking about.

    Check in later.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle


      Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

      Laura, so sorry you had trouble with your cousins. It is funny too. I also love hearing your voice. I missed you, so I had to call.
      Blondie, Hope you and LL are feeling much better. Boy remind me not to get the flu. Sounds like you guys were really sick. Not just a cold. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you.
      Gina, it was fun talking to you yesterday too. Good luck with you bags of fabric. Your tube quilting idea sounds like fun.
      Trish, how is Katie doing with her knee. And when does Odie come home?
      Wish everyone on the board a good and creative day. A very dear friend of mine once said don't let a day go by without creating something. Be it knitting,sewing crocheting or cooking. Miss you Bren. Hugs to everyone, love, Jan
      Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


        Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

        Good morning everyone.

        Laura, what can I say, everyone has relatives! LOL

        Prayers go out to everyone living in the severe weather areas. Bundle up and stay safe.

        Everyone have a blessed day, have to get off and get ready for work.

        Jackie M


          Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

          Good Morning!
          I came in real early to beat the big storm headed our way this am! The wind is crazy outside right now but inside this big sky high building I can't hear a thing, which is good as I am a fraidy cat when it comes to storms!
          Speaking of Suzi I saw your pic in the other posting. Glad you are okay! I used to think Spanish Moss was so pretty until my brother told me that spiders live in it! Ick!
          The free yard sale sounds like it had some drama Laura! When it comes to money or possessions, sometimes the nicest people turn into people you don't even recognize. I would have given you the apple peeler right back! I can tell what a special person you must be by your reaction to the drama but I did have a strange vision of a woman with a chain saw going wildy crazy sawing a sofa in half! LOL!
          Blondie your roast sounds good on a day like today! What time is dinner I might just show up!
          Jan I like your friend's saying about creating something. Nice reminder that we can allow ourselves to take a few minutes to make our world a nicer place in whatever art form we choose to create in. I am going to take that to heart!
          Got the ripples out of the section of quilting but had two rip the stitches out twice before I was happy with it. Now I have one other little area to restitch and then I am going to bind it and wash it and hope that makes it look all nice, soft and warm to cuddle up in!
          Only 11 more days until I have a 9 day vacation! Let the countdown begin!!
          Hope everyone has a creative day!
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            Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

            GOOD MORNING!!!
            WOW...Saw the pic Jan. So glad you were not hurt. Speaking of weather ours is on the change just 20 mins from here this is what the morning presents. At my house we are getting slushy rain.
            Silverstar Oct 26 2010.jpg
            Saundra I to am doing some embroidry. Putting initials on the pillowcases I made. Slowly and I mean slowly it is coming back to me but the last time I seriously did any embroidry work was over 20 years ago.
            Well off to work...from what I saw when I got back after working out of town yesterday it is going to be a busy one.

            Take care...
            Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

            Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


              Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

              You know - when you are trying to put little tiny beads on a piece of wire for Science class and you can't really see the tiny little holes in the beads, it does not help to laugh at yourself cause then your eyes tear up and those little tiny holes are completely gone! And then I volunteered to start 13 of the keychaines that the kiddos are going to make to see how DNA works. Yeah - I don't think I'll be laughing tonight while making them!

              Katie is getting along by hobbling. The physical therapist told her to use her crutches at school in case the other kids bump in to her and she came out to the car this morning without them and just the stabilizer on. She said the therapist didn't know what she was talking about. This is a 16 yr. old for ya! So I just merely mentioned that she will rethink her statement when she is not playing softball in the Spring cause her ACL didn't heal right.

              Odie will be home the weekend of Dec. 4th. Just made the hotel reservations for S. Carolina for Dec. 1st and 2nd. He graduates on the 3rd but I'll probably be repeating that information as the time gets closer. I'm still praying the weather holds out. Looking at Shauna's weather - I don't want it yet!

              Saw the tutortial on Jenny's granddaughter making the snowball block on the pincushion thread. Anyone know the fabric line that the green quilt in the background is from and what it comes in - like strips or squares? I would love to get some of that - it would match my living room. I did look for it on the site, but seem to not to be able to figure out what to order.

              Guess I better get started on these keychains. They need to be done for Friday morning and I only have 2 nights to work on them. I am not a beader, I am a quilter. So the sooner I get them done, the sooner I can quilt!



                Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

                Hello everyone

                I hope all who are sick get to feeling better soon! And sunshine comes to those with icky weather!

                My mom called today to let me know my dad's test came out okay and asked if I had any pictures from the tornado. I had forgotten that my dad had built the high school in Rice when they still lived here. I don't know if I'll find anything besides what is on tv and online. He was concerned about it. I guess he's like a quilter in a way. You make or in his case build something and then it gets damaged you feel sad.

                Trish it's nice to know teenagers still know everything ! Been there, done that. I just tried to remember what I was like at that age and usually wound up calling my mom to apologize!
                Glad your son will be home visiting in a few weeks, I'm sure you're counting the days! My eyes are watering just thinking about the key chains!

                Well I'll go read some posts and catch up on some blogs since my machine is getting it's first tuneup this week. I'll be without it for two days . Maybe I'll get my fabric in some kind of order while it's gone.

                Have a great evening everyone and feel better and stay safe.


                  Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

                  Good night everyone. I'm turning in early cause I have repair guys coming in the morning. I hope this is the last time. I'm tired of getting things moved around and then they don't show. Or they decide to show on a day we said not to come cause we weren't going to be here. I don't understand how people can run a business this way but it happens all the time from what others tell me. And not with the same outfit. I'm just gonna roll with it I guess. See you all tomorrow. Love, Jan
                  Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                    Re: Happy Tuesday October 26th,2010

                    Evening Ladies!
                    We haven't had the snow, but we have had some pretty heavy rains and some wind around here. Not too horrible. Sounds like our friends (Sally) to the north and at higher elevations were getting it as now. UGH. I am not ready for that yet.
                    Patti: I hope you were able to weather out the storm. I'm not a big fan of thunder & lightening storms. They make me nervous. I think that a storm in a sky scraper wouldn't be the first place I want to be.

                    I found a really yummy recipe for the Chanterelle mushrooms that our neighbor brought over. It is pretty rich, but very tasty. He also brought over a cauliflower mushroom. We broke that apart, ran it through some buttermilk, a flour & cornmeal dredge, and deep fried it. It was pretty tasty too. It looked like a big white head of leaf lettuce.

                    I am still battling the fairy costume. I manged to sew the lining in backwards, and some un-sewing ensued. I'll be waiting until after everybody goes to bed to do more stitching on it. Too many interruptions other wise.

                    Glad to hear that most everybody and their families are on the mend health wise. Having or being a sickie sucks.
                    Good luck on the beads Trish! I don't envy you there!
                    Laura: You would think that for what you charged her she could give it back, at least for a few days. There is a reason I stopped just giving stuff for the most part. I think a barter is better, even if it is stuff for a minor service.

                    See you tomorrow!
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                    because those who mind don't matter,
                    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss