Last night I went to Kmart to get something for my daughter that I could only find there. Well I picked up something for DH too. When I checked out they took my phone number for the rewards card stuff. I then had the option of an e-receipt or both an e-receipt and paper receipt. I chose the e and paper and after I pushed the button for that it came up that the receipt would be sent to DH's e-mail (his was on the card). Well before I got home he had an e-mail and knew what I had bought for him. I called Kmart's corporate office this morning and let them know that I was not happy about the way they do this. I won't buy him another gift there, that's for sure.

So if anyone shops at Kmart and your DH's or another person's e-mail address is on the card just be aware that they will get a copy of the receipt.