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Friday is here again?

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    Friday is here again?

    In the same theme as yesterday, I have to say I'm a little concerned that the earth is spinning faster than it should. Otherwise these days wouldn't be going by so fast. So Stop the world I want to get off!!! Wouldn't it be cool if we could slow it down to 26 hour days? Gives us more time to quilt. Oh well that is yesterdays topic so I'll quite complaining and move on. sigh
    Todays topic should be Thank you. Thank you to my DH who puts up with my projects and just says "that's pretty hon, what are you working on next?" Thank you to my sons and daughter who I love dearly and to all my grandkids who I not only love but couldn't do without. Thank you to all my friends who also have caught the quilting bug, I'm so glad you are in my life because without you I wouldn't have the love an support you give me. Thank you to the girls and guys on this site who encourage and support and help plan my quilts. Thank you for Laura and Gina who have become so special to me. I love you both, I don't know what I would do without you. And what would I do without the chit chat group? I love you all. Blondies happy graphics make my day. Bridgett and Shauna, Shelia, Suzi, Tonya, Trish, I need you guys to start and end my day with. I'm not meaning to leave anyone out I just haven't got a big enough hard drive in my head to remember. Senior moments ya know? And last but surly not least to God who put us all here to begin with. We are truly blessed. And thank you all for the prayers for my granddaughter. I'm sure they are more protection between her and the disease that is trying to take her away from us. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul.
    Thank you to Jenny and family, for without them we never would have met. Love you all so much.
    Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>

    Re: Friday is here again?

    Are we having daily topics now?? That is neat!

    Well, today I say THANK YOU that I seem to have won the battle about my sons schooling and I will now have a lot less stress on my shoulders! He will have an odd schedule, but no more trying to teach him long distance!!

    Thank you to all of you special friends that are supportive and understanding when I am here hit and miss.

    Thank you for the Daily special that gives us something to drool over. I really really want todays!!! All that farmish looking stuff?? My husband would LOVE that on our bed. I may sneak and buy it anyway. I need to see if I can find a good layer cake pattern that I like for a man.

    Jan, I have been out of the loop. Did your granddaughter love her trip??

    I still think about you all!



      Re: Friday is here again?

      Aw Jan you are just too sweet! Today brings a tear to my eye.... because it's FRIDAY!!!

      Sorry but I'm still in the workforce so the week drags by for me and the weekend flies. But yeah the closer it gets to Christmas the faster it goes!

      I'm on my last four blocks for the swap. Hope to get those mailed in the next few days.

      I hope your GD is starting to feel better and I'm keeping her in my thoughts.

      Have a great day everyone!


        Re: Friday is here again?

        Things always look better on Fridays to me! Most often it is the last day of my work week which is good enough for celebration, but the fact that it is payday just puts a smile on my face!!
        Jan, your thankfulness was a wonderful read on this chilly am. I try practice gratitude all through my day because I read that gratitude brings more good in your life, plus it just makes you feel good. I know so many people who are always a "victim" in their lives but there is always someone worse off than you. I always think - oh, there for the grace of God go I!
        Off to get through the work day, fish fry dinner later this evening and hopefully can enjoy a day of quilting tomorrow. Suppose to rain all weekend so it will be nice to work inside!
        Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!
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          Re: Friday is here again?

          Hey or I should say Good Morning! I'm thankful for you guys too! Never been in a forum before just read everyone's notes but now I'm one of the gang and love checking in on everybody each day! Love today's special but can't spend that much today. Where is Blondie This morning?
          Hope everything is okay her way. Well gotta go check the stove. Oh it's a cool day here but the sun is out. See ya later sweet potatars.

          May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door! God bless the USA!:icon_wave:


            Re: Friday is here again?

            Yes Tonya, My DGD loved her trip and the family needed the break from all the stress they have endured over the last 18 months. So it was all good in the end. They just have to turn in homework they have done and some they still have to do and they are good to go.
            Thanks for asking. Hugs, Jan
            Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


              Re: Friday is here again?

              Hi everyone, It's nice to hear all are well. I'm still confused that today is Friday! I feel like I lost a few days somewhere. It's nice to read so many reasons you all are thankful,That's wonderful . This has been the worst year ever for me (if I could only erase it and forward to next year) I'm trying to stay positive but I'm running out of reasons. I did buy the Daily deal yesterday I really liked the colors. Although today's deal is pretty also hmmm. Oh well I can't get it I'll just over it I guess. Have a good one.


                Re: Friday is here again?

                Afternoon all....and where is Blondie? I hope everything is ok its not like her to not of checked in ...
                I will keep checking back for her...
                Jan your post is beautiful and you my love I am so Thankful for. I feel like heaven has sent me a second mom. I can't imagine life without you
                I am so greatful for all of you on this site also. Its amazing how much we all have in common and the true caring we have all developed.
                Sewsoft ..We are all going to help with being blue. Trust me its one minute at time. Why is this year so bad ? if you tell us...we might just be able to help and love ya through it but I have to say just seeing a post from you make my day brighter so don't stop i love it:
                Sam you are most definitely a part of our family and i know I love checking in.
                Texas congratulations on being so close to being done for the swap I bet it feels good and Im still waving my go go girls flag for you.
                Hillbilly congrats on the home school thing ..odd schedule or not its still his schedule and something he can count on. Just dont burn yourself out on all you have going
       made my whole day with finding the cathedral block tutorial thank you so much for the help.
                do any of you use your walking foot? I found one last night going thru all the boxes from NY and actually figured out how to put it on of course I can't stop playing with it lol.
                Am I wrong or could you just leave it on and have perfect seams? I get a little excited with new toys lol can ya tell?
                I will be on and off today... I'm dehydrating hot dog rolls LOL...ok I'm nuts but we have about 100 rolls left from the "weenie roast" and I thought no way am I freezing all of those. So Im trying something new I used pam butter spray and put Italian seasoning on some ...garlic on the other...and even seasoned salt on some. I will have the best breadcrumbs ever lol
                Or just a big mess of hard hotdog rolls LOL I will have to see.
                Rodney and I repainted our bathroom and hung shelves up...Later I will tell you the story of how I got the bathroom vanity but right now I'm still waiting for the alarms to go off in the living room since I got the deal of the century ....big hugs and love
                I am greatful for each and everyone...and Jan I love ya
                One Moment at a time


                  Re: Friday is here again?

                  Just a quck hello and to say I am thankful for you guys YEAH! and that the work week is almost over. DOUBLE YEAH! My hubby came home yesterday afternoon so I am thankful he is back safe and sound! TRIPLE YEAH!
                  Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

                  Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


                    Re: Friday is here again?

                    Wow .... where is everyone? They must be out having fun, at least I hope!
                    Laura - I just bought a walking foot a few months ago. Up until that point I hand quilted everything. I love, love, love the walking foot! I read on another board that people do keep it on their machine all the time but mine just doesn't seem to sew right with it on. Now if I can just get good at free motion meandering with the darning foot I will be happy!
                    What does everyone else prefer - machine or hand quilting? walking foot or stipple?
                    See ya later ladies!
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                      Re: Friday is here again?

                      Hi ladies!
                      I am thankful that you are here. You make me feel better just knowing you all will pat me on the shoulder if I need it. I too hope Blondie & her family are OK. I know how hard it can be taking care of your elderly family members.
                      So far I have spent most of my day dealing with the medical billing department, insurances, and all associated dumb things to deal with my daughters hearing aids and speech therapy. UGH! I am THANKFUL that we have financial aid or she would not have the services. You would think that the financial aid dept would "talk" to the billing dept either in person or electronically. That would require effort on their part, so that isn't likely to happen. It did prompt me to clean out the file with all of the billing info in it. I found one of the bills from the hospital after she was born that had a total of $127,362.08 on it. At that point I was reminded why I was thankful to have insurance. It was just one of the many we received for her two week stay in NICU/ICN. That didn't even include the delivery at the original hospital. I did save all of those. I am not sure they will make it into her baby book, but maybe. Now she is 4 going on 5. Time flies.
                      Well, I have to get back to the house chores that didn't get done Wednesday and I couldn't do yesterday. A logging truck hit some big feeder lines and took out our power yesterday. Makes it tough to run the washer & dryer without electricity. While I could figure out how to do the laundry without the aid of modern technology, I'd rather not. It also pointed out that we were not quite ready for our winter storm season. I will need to run to the dollar store for more plain votive candles and the pillars that fit into our lanterns and other lighting sources. We will also need to make some more fire starters made from dryer lint, chainsaw dust, & wax in a cheapie cupcake paper. Again, I can start a fire in the woodstove without the handy fire-cake, but why?
                      I did post the photos of my latest two blocks for the Around the World Quilting Bee, but that is about as far as I have gotten on quilty things. The current project is the Halloween costume. I'll post pics of that once it is done. I guess I'll need to work on that this weekend too huh?
                      Again, I am thankful for you ladies. It is nice to have a place to go where people are happy you showed up! Keep coming back Sewsoft. It will get better, or at least we will try to help it get there.
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                      Be who you are and say what you feel
                      because those who mind don't matter,
                      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                        Re: Friday is here again?

                        I am thankful for all of you all too! Makes my day to come in here and see what everyone is doing.
                        Katie went back to school today. I had to carry her books in. No wonder these kids have back problems, they are HEAVY!
                        Need to go to the laundromat tonight and keep putting it off. I guess I better get a move on. DS needs his karate uniform for tomorrow and since it's white and would turn yellow with our well water here, the whites get done there and brought home to dry in the dryer.
                        Ordered some of the YLI thread on the internet, just waiting for it to show up so I can sew that baby quilt I am working on.
                        I did buy a few weeks ago, a pack of 5" squares and a pack of the pre-cut triangles thinking they would work together - all Christmas prints - but of course when I sewed the triangles together to make a square, it's just short of the 5" square. So for me to use them together, I would need to cut some off the 5" squares to get the same size. Oh well, I guess that's what I'll have to do. Confuse anyone yet? haha!

                        Yeah - so where is Blondie anyways? Miss her little funny 'cartoons' she always puts up for us.

                        Okey-dokey - really have to get to the laundromat so he has a clean set of his uniform thingy cause he is judging tomorrow. The judge sure can't look bad.

                        Hope you all have a great evening!

                        What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                          Re: Friday is here again?

                          I have a walking foot Laura. It came with my machine. I haven't used it yet but all the other girls I know have, and they all love the way it works on multiply layers. Makes all the difference they say. I have to figure out how to put it on my machine.
                          By the way I love you too Laura and feel like I have a daughter. Love it. Hugs, Jan
                          Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                            Re: Friday is here again?

                            Laura, I have a walking foot and love it! I even use it for sewing some things, not just straight line machine quilting. I have found it's so much easier to make bibs, and pillowcases and more with it, and not end up with puckers and uneven edges like with a regular foot. I do use a 1/4 inch foot for piecing quilt blocks though.
                            It sure wasn't the same without Blondie today!
                            I too appreciate all of you! We have had a rough year, and getting to know all of you has made the biggest difference in my life!
                            Trish, you didn't confuse me a bit.....I know it's hard for me to believe too! LOL because I am easy to confuse! I think I would just trim what is needed off your charm squares too!
                            Togpine, isn't it unbelievable the medical expenses for our kids! You would all FAINT......THUD as Bridgette would say, if you knew what DD's treatments cost!! I just about do that with every statement I get from my insurance company. I stay at a job that is so stressful that I cry all the way home alot of the time, just because they pay so well for her.


                              Re: Friday is here again?

                              Lola thank you for the advice on how you use your walking foot. I have to say I love love mine. Tonight I did cheater panels. Everytime I tried them on my sewing machine without the walking foot they would pucker--I cannot believe how smooth and easy it is to follow the lines and not pucker. I also bought this funky tote bag fabric and have been following the lines on that also its just amazing to me how smooth it keeps everything. Okay its almost 2 am and im still gushing over it LOL no wonder Rodney thinks he's loosing me to my Brother machines. Jan you have to put your foot on...and try it ...its smooth girl
                              I agree its wayyyy to quiet without Blondie.
                              Boy those dr bills can get out of hand thankful here too for insurance.
                              Sewsoft if you are out there ...chime in hun...whatcha doing?
                              Miss Gina come out and play
                              Well I best get off here and get my mess cleaned up....I hope I can get up for a class I want to take on Freezer paper Applique....fingers crossed
                              Hugs and love
                              One Moment at a time