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Okay, so it's Monday

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    Okay, so it's Monday

    Good Monday Morning, Lovely Ladies

    Hubs is off to work, the windows are open to a rather chilly morning, my basement dweller, Dinah the cat is at the top of the basement step calling my name, I put our old bassett out for the morning, working on my first cuppa coffee and beginning to blow the cobbies out of my head.

    We have another round of company coming today at the folks, although this will be an afternoon visit by some cousins who are on their way to Tenn. after visiting one of their kids at UVA. So, I need to make myself presentable and make sure that the folks have a vacuumed and dusted house again. See, now you know my favorite excuse as to why my house is never clean. I make sure that their's is. Of course, I have time to clean mine as well, just wore out from theirs. LOL. Thank goodness hubby is as patient as my house. I actually DO clean my house in the wee hours when he leaves for work - that is when I can get off of the computer -

    Hoipe everyone has a beautiful morning. Make the most of it! I know I will.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Okay, so it's Monday

    Understand your dilemma totally! Have 4 generations living with me right now and definitely feel the sandwiched side of things...always doing for others and putting off the inevitable of my own space! Enjoy the family and visiting that takes place to day! Love, Debi


      Re: Okay, so it's Monday

      Oh my goodness Blondie - sounds like me! Spend so much energy cleaning the parents home that we are just worn out to do ours. I'd still come visit you though cause I look past things like a little dust here and there and sewing stuff all around. Have a great time with your cousins. I only see mine that live in Maine when I go up there. They all live in the boonies and there are very few of them that have ever left the state!

      Speaking of that, it's so hard for me to leave my Dad's house when he is so wide awake at 11 PM. Last night when I thought I was ready to head home, after spening hours in the garden picking peppers and pulling up the plants, he decides that he wants a square area rug in his bedroom taken up and a piece cut off to fit a back step. Of course, had to vacuum the bedroom then, cut the rug, fit it to the step and then had to vacuum the porch. When he mentioned starting other jobs, I reminded him what time it was and that I had been up since 6:30 that morning. So he let me go. I've been trying to get him to make a list of what he would like done so I can check it when I arrive next time.

      Today is Katie's left knee surgery - scheduled for 1-2:30 PM. They say we should be on the road for home around 5. She is getting her ACL repaired. I guess I will be on nurse duty tonight.
      I'm taking the baby quilt to work on - still taking out those bad stitches whenever I get the chance.

      I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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        Re: Okay, so it's Monday

        Wow! 4 generations! Other than that is A LOT of people in one house, that is kind of cool.

        Have fun cleaning the house, I get to do that tomorrow. I am Art Mom at school today, after I get back from running a verification milk test at a goat farm about an hour away. I would sooo much rather be still in bed. I am not an early morning gal.

        Have a great one ladies, I'll check in later.
        Be who you are and say what you feel
        because those who mind don't matter,
        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Re: Okay, so it's Monday

          Good Morning to all..
          .Sounds like everyone has a busy day scheduled. I am on my last two buckets (I hope) of apples. Will be making applesauce with these. Finally finished making applebutter and should have enough to last a century. ) I am thinking of making some apple jelly but will have to find a recipe since I have never made it.
          I finished up the snap happy bags I had started but cut out more for littler ones. They are so fun to make and cute.
          Have a wonderful day - - this weather just can't be beat.
          Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


            Re: Okay, so it's Monday

            morning all. i didn't get all the chores i wanted to so i just figure i will attach my fabric sort..
            i think i am going to have to buy some clear plastic bins. i now have a great collection of calico's.. more than i need. so okay... how come we have more than we really need.. I want to use it all up... so i think i will just go ahead and start a project... i promiced my nieces quilt would be next... only i don't have batting...but... i do have a new antique thimble... oh so nice fits great and is really comfortable.
            so back to you tube.. for tute on hand quilting... since it has been hand pieced... my sis in law wants me to cut it in two. one piece for Sara. and one piece for Abbey.. well... the integrity of the top would then be compromised.... what to do......sort fabric.. should take up most of the morning...
            all the best


              Re: Okay, so it's Monday

              Hi All! I didn't get on here yesterday, we went to the amusement park. Youngest DD and I are coaster fanatics and had a great day. It was a beautiful day, and got pretty chilly, but took layers to add and stayed warm. She took her boyfriend and a girl friend-they are a bit more coaster crazy than I am. There is just 1 that they ride that I haven't gotten the courage up to ride, but I am working on it!
              Laura108, did you find the Pumpkin Butter recipe?? It is so yummy. They don't recommend canning pumpkin because of the density-there's no way to gauge the proper timing, I guess. But I am going to try freezing some of it when I make another batch for us.
              Trying to get some (more) laundry done, where does it ALL come from?? I get it all done and then there is a ton more suddenly! Of course, our layers yesterday didn't help there, I guess!
              Also working on squaring up and signing a few more of my swap blocks and a couple of other projects in the works as well.
              Hope everybody has a great day!


                Re: Okay, so it's Monday

                Happy Monday!

                Blondie, you are such a great daughter to your parents. I took care of my parents too and even tho it was tough at the time, I will always cherish those memories now that they are gone.
                Debi, wow...quite a crowd at your house! Not sure I could do that without blowing up at someone! My BF and I have families with strong opinions.
                Trish, my grandma used to make up things for me to do so that I would stay longer when I came to her house. I think old folks are often lonely. Good luck on Katie's surgery, she will be up and around in no time I hope.
                Cathy, Art Mom sounds like a fun title! What are you doing?
                Shirley, bet you will be glad to see the end of the apples once the apple jelly is done too. Don't you just love that so many recipes can be found on the computer? What are Snap Happy Bags?
                Gina, I just got done sorting a bunch of my fabric. Makes me feel good just to touch it all and see it all organized. good luck on your hand quilting project.
                Didn't do much on the projects last night, just fooled around with fabric and organization. Have to sandwich my quilt tonight!
                Break at work is over, tons to do....I will check in later!
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                  Re: Okay, so it's Monday

                  Hi everyone,
                  I took care of the folks house early this am, ran to the bank, the grocers, have some spaghetti cooking for the folk's company, made some paper mache and have sculpted two santa heads. One is dried and almost finished and the other is in the oven drying out right now. Also went to brother's house and scored an EQ5 that I need to figure out. Does anyone know if I can add updates to this version? I know I can google and surf; probably will while Santa's getting done.

                  Debi! FOUR GENERATIONS? You have my devoted admiration. It's one thing for a visit and it's another when it is a daily grind. I bet you are good at delegating chores. If my siblings or children dare to enter the folks when I am there I am always willing to delegate. LOL. Not that it ever happens.

                  Trish, I reckon about right now you are with DD at the Dr's. Thinking of you all with fervent prayer for smooth sailing. There must be something to that particular generation of our parents. Mine never want me to leave, always sucking me in with stuff like you are describing. And BTW, I am NOT an only child. Just the middle one who learned early on to DO.

                  Shirley, I looked the other day online at the snap happy bags and can't quite figure them out from the pics. I will check for the pattern at my LQS to see if I think I have the ability to make them.
                  Bet your apples will delight one and all.

                  And Gina, you are so precious. Of course, there are never enough scraps! Once I have used them for all they are worth piecing, then I use them to stuff dolls and etc. Glad you got a great thimble. I haven't found one yet that I can use successfully.

                  Lola, I am not brave enough for rides period these days. Glad that you had a great time

                  Cathy, let us know how the Art Mom project went today. What did you do? Sounds like a rowdy fun house anyway!

                  Well I was going to stay longer but middle son just called and said he was coming in to visit this afternoon. I reckon he can join the crowd and get a good meal while he's at it. Now I really have to boogie. See what I mean about my days? My days off from work are never really all mine. But I wouldn't trade it for anyone else's most of the time.

                  Sewing mends the soul.

                  Do the math; count your blessings
                  Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

         Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
                  ~ Madeleine L'Engle


                    Re: Okay, so it's Monday

                    We're home from the hospital. Got here at 8 and then had to go get her some pain medicine.
                    He fixed the ACL and then found a shredded MCL on the left side. So he took a 1/4 of that. Said it's okay cause she still has 3/4 of it left. It will be about 7 months until she can play anything again.
                    I am pooped. I'm sure I'll be up and down tonight to check on her.
                    Now I have to go do dishes and try to get some sleep. Have to work tomorrow while DH takes care of her until I get home.

                    Blondie - I'm a middle kid too and learned early to 'BE THERE!' when needed. And I am the farthest one away!



                      Re: Okay, so it's Monday

                      I'm glad things went well Trish, better they found the other problem now than have to go back in a little while to do it again. I hope the recovery goes well and she is back on her feet quick smart.

                      "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain" Anonymous.


                        Re: Okay, so it's Monday

                        Whoa is me I havent been able to get on since last night..... Ughhh Im addicted....( This cannot be good ) lol
                        Blondie you are a never ending bundle of fun and energy...Hope all goes well with the visit...
                        Lola --Thank you I did get the recipe...I am done with Apples for now ...everyone loved the Applesauce Cake which is great It's just now I dont have any left for gifts another thing to add to my list before I start pumpkin everything ....Nothing says fall like pumpkins...except maybe cider and donuts...and frost mmmm
                        Argggghh now rodney needs me ...I will try to log back on ..
                        I didnt get to finish reading posts...except Katie having surgery ...speedy recovery and calm night for rest for her and you
                        be back later if i can Im sorry I didnt get to read everything...but glad i can get on the site...
                        One Moment at a time