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Wednsday already? Oct 13

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    Wednsday already? Oct 13

    Good Morning Ladies
    Hubby's getting ready to leave, I am on my second cup of coffee and a pole cat just strolled by underneath our computer window. I imagine that is her fancy way of saying, wake up!

    Going down the hill to the folks to have breakfast with everyone in a few hours. Didn't sleep too well last night, just kept waking up. I have a few orders I need to complete and need to work on those today. I am in the middle of making a witch and santa lamp. Need to get them finished pronto. I always have several projects going on at one time. While my clay/paper mache/paint is drying, I sew. And when I get stuck or bored with sewing rounds, I daydream about sculpting.

    Have a great day, I need to burn a candle and get out the air spray for that stinking stunk! Yuck.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

    Good Morning Blondie & everyone. I hope everyone has a good day today.


      Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

      Hello there early (and late) birds!
      Just popped in to say hi but can't write much.
      Got a court Summons yesterday for eviction at the store! Owner says realtors are handling it but how much longer can this go on???? I went through this all last year at this time too but I am stressed to the max as far as all the staff is concerned. They don't know and owner does not want me to tell them.
      Off to put on a happy face to staff and customers.
      You guys are my santity!! Will chat quilting later!!!
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        Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

        Blondie, yuck yuck yuck on that darn pole cat! We live in the country too and usually have them stroll past quite regularly. It just chokes you when they are that close! I hope you can sneak in a power nap!
        Patticakes, so sorry to hear of your stresses at work. I sure hope things settle down quickly for you!
        Sewsoft, I wish you and everybody a great day as well!
        I am working a bit on my swap blocks--down to my last 8 blocks! I also volunteered to cut 1 1/4 in squares for a friend. They are for her Sunday School class craft. They will be making ornaments with styrofoam balls and the fabric poked in them. I will be cutting these tiny squares in my sleep by the time I get them all cut! I have to work tonight, so will get a break from cutting them, then back to them 1st thing in the morning.


          Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

          Hello everyone. Got up early and started the laundry and cleaned bird cages. In between loads I'm doing my hand quilting. It's starting to look pretty good. The one thing I am having trouble with is the weavers knot. One time I get it right and then I have a hard time doing it again. Practice makes perfect they say. Who are THEY anyway and what do THEY know? Can you tell I'm frustrated? Back to the drawing board. I'm going to master this little bugger if it kills me. Have a good day. Hugs, Jan
          Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


            Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

            Good Afternoon all. Been a busy girl in the kitchen. I found another recipe I adore its from a hundred year old cookbook and most of the pages were missing but for 25 cents at a flee market I could not resist...and so glad I didn't. Its for oatmeal raisin cookies and to be honest they taste more like scones so light and fluffy and you make it one day and let it sit in the fridge over night or up to 3 days. So yesterday I made a double batch and this time used Cranraisins and orange peel cant wait to try them.
            I also got the deal of the day yesterday at the vegetable stand near me. I wanted to make apple butter and the lady said I could get a case of "deer apples" for 6.00 well let me tell you I almost fainted when I got home I expected them to be a mess..Nope ...and they are HONEYCRISPS. Im used to paying 6 for about just 3 of them. So far out of the case and mind you I just started I got about 14 with not even a bruise on them. I've decided to just make applesauce out of all of them and then if I want apple butter I will take a quart and make it out of that. Smells like heaven in here. I also have the dehydrator going and making Apple chips. I slice them so thin and dip in Applejuice...and whola they come out tasting and sounding like a real chip just so better for me..altho between my sisters family and my own I get barely a few out of each batch haha.
            Not much time for quilting right now ...I want to get as much as I can "canned" and dehydrated. My mom always canned and It makes me feel closer to her. I missed her so much yesterday when a woman and her mom were at the fruit stand. The mom kept changing her mind and then picking thru everything for just the right vegetables..The daughter said Mom ...are you almost ready and she said ...almost and touched her daughter hand. Yep I lost it ...The girl at the register was nice tho she asked if i was ok and I said yes ...just allergies and she just smiled. I think at that moment I would of traded everything I have for one more touch!
            Blondie if you dont mind hug your mom for me and hold on a little tighter than normal please...
            Jan Im glad you are doing the hand quilting you will master it ...You can do anything wonder woman
            Patti I'm sorry your going thru all that work hard to find that fine line between the owner and employees ...we are here when you need to vent or just need a reassuring cyber hug. Try to not let the stress of it get to you...Easier said than done Im sure.
            Lola Im sure the kids will love doing the ornaments and how nice of you to volunteer. Im still waving my swapper flag and go you down to 8 girls are amazing.
            Blondie ...forgive my ignorance but what the heck is a pole cat? sounds skeery. I also love your diversity I figured by your site you did prim and just about anything else...such talent!!
            I'm going to log on to your site in a few and just play the music...I so love it and thank you
            Sewsoft...I hope your day is wonderful and creative. Things going ok for you?
            I still need to go thru the posts from yesterday so figure me im getting slower these days.
            Hope everyone else is well and life is beautiful.
            Hugs and love and sorry this is so I have a gift for gabbing or what LOL
            One Moment at a time


              Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

              Hi all!
              It is a chilly, but clear day here in Western WA.
              Laura, I have half-pints of applesauce all put up myself. It is killing me to see the apples just hanging on the trees around here that get left to rot. If I can find the time in the next few weeks, I may stop and ask if I can pick them. I also put up a bunch of huckleberry jelly. I have a couple of zukes that I need to figure out what to do with. I may shred them and freeze them for bread. It would be better if I just made the bread now and froze that, but it only holds for a few months before tasting weird. We are trying to figure out how to stretch our budget here too. I have to be careful, cause they guys will only eat certain things, so no sense wasting time and effort for something they won't touch.
              Patti: I too feel for you. It is hard line to walk between the boss and the employees. Just remember, YOU are not responsible for "fixing" the situation.
              Trish: (I think) How is your daughter doing? Is she feeling well enough to have her knee surgery? My husband had his done about 5 years ago and he has felt so much better afterwards. He even went back to skiing!
              Blondie: We have raccoons and sometimes opossums, but very rarely do we have skunks. We have actually seen more black bears than skunks in the time we have lived here. Although it has pretty much only been the tail end of the bears heading as fast as they could in the other direction! The raccoons on the other hand have been pretty destructive. Thankfully they have to go through the livestock dog to get to the chickens, so we haven't lost any that way.
              Jan: I have a few loads of laundry you can do here if you are in the mood! Just pulling your leg! It is bed linen day, so a few more loads to go! Good luck on your hand work!
              Do you all have days that certain chores get done? Monday is usually vacuum & dust day. I tried on Fridays, but the guys made such a huge mess over the weekend, that I had to do it again on Monday, so I caved in. I'll toss in laundry all week, but usually towels are done Mondays and bed linens on Wednesdays. I haven't figured out why, other than that seems to be when I can catch up to them.
              Well, I am off to get the little one ready for pre-school!
              Have a great day & I'll catch you all later!
              Be who you are and say what you feel
              because those who mind don't matter,
              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13


                I have a wreath that my sister made with the little squares poked into a styrofoam wreath. Her's were pinked so not nearly as easy to produce as straight-sided squares. The kids should have fun with that, see if you can get a picture.



                  Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

                  Hello everyone!!!
                  Just sitting here and wondering what is for dinner. I do not think about it much ahead of time and think of the days when I used to plan dinners about a week in advance. It did save money as I pretty much stuck to the plan.
                  Katie is still coughing from her cold, but we'll see come Friday what's up with that. If the cough is still there, I'll call the surgeon and see what he suggests about Monday's surgery date. Guess we'll go from there. I know they won't do it if there is any congestion hanging around in her lungs. In the meantime, tonight is the powder puff game (senior/junior girls against sophmores/freshmen girls - flag football). She is going, but obviously not playing. The past 2 years she was the quarterback and was the one making the touchdowns so she will be missed playing tonight.
                  I'm still taking out stitches on the baby quilt I'm doing for my girlfriend. Hope to finish that up so I can get back to getting the stitches back in it.

                  Hope you all have a wonderful Autumny day!


                    Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

                    Well Hi everyone! I finally got on before bedtime. It has been a lovely day here,only, I didn't get but two hrs. of sleep last night. Best friend asked me to go with her to a nutrition class and we have to be there at 7o in the morning. So I had to get up at 5 to be at her place at 6 then go to the hospital for the class. I had to stay up and watch the miners be rescued and then couldn't sleep. It really upset me that they sent down three more men instead of just one. I said send them up not down! I can't stand close fits. LOL
                    Laura, can I do the apple chips in the oven ?
                    Hope everything went well with Suzi today. The wedding was today I think. Hope her fall wasn't bad. Blondie, I have decided to move in with you. We could have so much fun doing projects. I'm making lunchbags ,one for each day of the week for my daughter. I'm embrodiering (sp?) the day and a blue bird on them each. That's enough from chatterbox me. See ya later, sweet taters!

                    May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door! God bless the USA!:icon_wave:


                      Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

                      Hi again!
                      Made it through another workday and got alot accomplished. I have a 40 minutes train ride home so I let go of most of my stress during the ride. I need to get some hand sewing that I can do while I am on the train. That would relax me even more!
                      Blondie - Your lamps sound interesting. I am going to have to check your blog and see if there are pics!
                      Lola - Only 8 more blocks to go?? Wooo hooo - you are almost done! I remember years ago making those kind of poke the fabric in ornaments. They were cute!
                      Jan - You sound determined! Keep practicing!!
                      Laura - I just love your posts!! Your cookies sound delish! The deal you got on the Honey Crisps was amazing, they are the best apples. I learned to can from my Mom and Grandma who canned everything. I can still remember my grandma looking at a pile of cherry pits and bad cherries and telling me how there were starving people in the world who would not throw that away. LOL...they sure knew how to use every little bit! Thanks for reminding me of all the nice times I spent in the kitchen with them. Sweet memories!
                      Cathy - I usually do part of my house cleaning the evening before I have a couple days off and the rest the next morning. Unless, of course, I decide to have a glass of wine to celebrate the end of a long week, then I save it all for the next morning!! I am a morning person and get up real early even when I don't have too!
                      Trish - I used to save so much money when I had a family by making a menu and sticking to it. It would help me to remember what to take out for dinner so I wouldn't be running to the grocery store for another $40 worth of groceries!
                      Thanks to everyone for the work encouragement. I know this is supposed to be fun (and it sure is!!) so I promise not to bombard you with my stresses.
                      Well - BF called and wants me to meet him out for some dinner. Think I will take him up on his offer!!
                      Have a wonderful evening!
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                        Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

                        Evening all.
                        Patti you are right ...lets just move in with Blondie and craft and create all day long..and move MSQC right next door to us LOL
                        I think you probally could do Apple Chips in the oven if you turned it down real low to like 150 or 175 and let it cook all night. I will have to do some research for you to see just how.I highly recommend a dehydrator...I dehydrate everything even celery and onions nothing goes bad here lol!! Rodney says I was born in the wrong era I needed to be born in the little house and the praire days....haha little does he know I can't live without a blowdrer lol...You could make yo-yo's on the train I think they are fun
                        Sam how was the rescue I rarely watch t.v. but should of for the history of it and the sheer joy of seeing them come up bet they were a mess tho.
                        Trish I hope she gets over the cough..seems its always something right before surgery and good luck to the girls for the powder puff game we used to have them too ...always a good time
                        I love love your idea for planning meals in advance...would help me here since I stay foggy alot.
                        I did get sleep tho...While peeling apples the fainting thing happened again so i ended up shutting everything down and going to lay damage done other then to my funny bone which is soo not funny now. Will not let this get to me I will just work around it
                        Pat are you? I have seen those wreaths and cringe at the time they must take to do..but very nice
                        Jan my love ...Have a blessed night and good luck on the quilting...sounds like your doing well now
                        Well off to restart the kitchen...for take two...
                        hugs and love
                        One Moment at a time


                          Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

                          Hey Patti

                          Man crazy days at work! You would think that since we have to work that it could at least be stress free! Hope you have a nice and relaxing dinner out!


                            Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

                            Hello again Ladies, Laura the recipe sounds wounderful.. I'd love to try it but months ago I developed a gluten intolerance . I hate it! Some friends took us out over the weekend and did not know ad they took my Dh , 2 dd, myself out to have Pizza. So I had to have salad and smell and crave pizza the whole time I ate salad. Ladies if you don't mind sharing cleaning schedules please do. I have been looking for help in that area for a while now. Laura I'm so sorry your not doing to well today. I know what you mean about your mom. I miss mine too. She got into a big fit with me early this year and told me not to call her again. I'll chat again later


                              Re: Wednsday already? Oct 13

                              Finally a weds. at work that wasn't a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!! Just came down from the sewing room to check up on the news. Laura I love old recipes. Could you share the oatmeal raisin one?
                              PS My husband calls me Mrs Walton sometimes...I love the old vintage stuff esp. the kitchen gadgets. My latest acquisiton was an icecube maker from the 30's.
                              Will keep it short so bigs hugs to everyone and sweet dreams!
                              Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

                              Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna