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    Here comes Friday

    Happy Friday, Folksies!

    Thank you all for sharing my excitement about next week and meeting my baby Nora. I will be taking lots of pics. I was im'ing with my son last night and I am SO happy to report that there is no Tofurkey on the menu!
    They have an honest to goodness turkey. Oh yeah! My son has been a vegan since his grad studies days. My DIL prefers that lifestyle but will eat what is put in front of her. Good girl, raised correctly. I always try to make interesting food for them. I mean, heckfire shoot! I grew up eating vegetable dinners most of the week in my youth. Problem is, they don't like tthose type of veggie dinners. Any Southerner knows we cook our veggie dinners into mush (not really) and bacon drippings are our fav seasoning. Corn bread is necessary staple.
    I think when they were pregnant, some cravings kicked in. hahahah. When the kids were visiting in March before baby came in April, she was eating everything in sight. And I mean everything. She never gained alot of weight, so thankfully she didn't have a lot to lose afterwards. Good Son Paul was requesting some of my recipes last night and asked me to bring some of my frosted brownies. I have to dig that recipe out. It is a really good one.
    Now who was it saying that there was gonna be weather next week? I am putting the kabash on anything that is heading that way if that's true. Ain't gonna be letting anything rain on my parade. It is freezing cold here this morning again. I am speaking of 20's. brrrr

    Off to read. Blessings to each of my dear ones here. Prayers and hugs as well.

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    Re: Here comes Friday

    Good mornng Blondie. I love turkey and had some last night. There will not be any bad weather for you next week, because I prayed for it to be nice just for you.

    I took my MIL to the church bazaar yesterday. I bought a few things, one to include in my SS package which will get mailed out next week. I just need to get a bigger box and quit putting stuff in. My job at the dinner last night was to serve the Christmas pudding. Yum yum. I stayed until the end and helped with the clean up and I did get to bring some food home too. More turkey today. Yum yum.

    Greg called last night and informed me that he might be coming at Christmas with TWO dogs!! Oh my. Jersey is a bull mastiff/great dane and the other is a lab. Holy toledo! And if Phil & Jodi bring theirs, a pomeranian/pug, I might have a breakdown. What am I going to do?

    Today I will finish up the card holder and then I will post pictures.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Here comes Friday

      Good Morning Blondie & Monique,

      It's a freezy morning here, too! DH is getting ready for work and Miss Molly is waiting for her breakfast. Patience is one of her virtues!

      I've been playing with my machine embroidery. I find it fascinating and the results are always so nice.

      We will work in Cuba tomorrow. We took last weekend off because DH was hunting and I was too tired to go it alone. DH said he wants to put the Christmas tree up next week....he has holiday spirit already (bless his heart!).

      I wish everyone a good Friday....will check in later. Hugs, Barb

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Here comes Friday

        Good morning...It's a BRRRR! morning here too. Nothing exciting going on here. I need to go to Wal-mart and look for flannel work shirts for DH this afternoon. He wants the shirts to have two pockets and those are hard to find. I may have to get several that are alike and an extra shirt to make pockets for the rest.
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          Re: Here comes Friday

          Morning all! Cold here today, too. But it is that time of year, so why should we be surprised? Thank you all for your prayers and concerns yesterday about my daughter. She is fine. He car was totaled and the police probably won't spend too much energy looking for the person who hit her since there was no one hurt/killed. That is frustrating, especially when that makes the financial burden fall on her. A replacement car "fell" into her lap instantly. God is good! The body shop she took her car to just happened to have an old Volvo that she bought for $1200 (that wiped out her savings). The body shop comes very highly recommended by some friends who use them, so she is trusting the car will run for at least a year. I have my doubts, but we'll see....I hope to be very wrong!

          Today I take 2 kitties for their booster shots. Don't look forward to the car ride. Snowflake howls like crazy.

          Have a great weekend everyone.
          When life throws you scraps, make a quilt! :icon_bigsmile:


            Re: Here comes Friday

            Good Morning all,

            Not much going on here this morning. Need to get my tail off this couch and ready for work but I can take a few mins to wish all my friends a wonderful day. Only a few more days of work and then a few days off for a much needed chance to recharge. All day today half day tomorrow, off Sun work Mon off Tues ( as Wayne has a minor surgery to remove a port), work wes, then off for four days oh so looking forward to it.

            Have a great day all !


              Re: Here comes Friday

              Just a quick good morning as we're leaving in a few mintues to visit grandkids Josi & Ben in MA. Josi is in her high school play and we try to get up there for all the kids activities. It's about a 5 hr trip but with our potty and coffee stops it takes us almost 7 and then we hit the traffic around Boston. Hope it's just a false report about bad weather as DS#3 will be flying in from CA to spend Thanksgiving with us. We have a real turkey even when DS#3 was a vegetarian during his grad days, he got tired of skipping meat realy quick.

              Happy to hear Martha's DD is OK after the car accident.
              Myrna my DIL had to have 2 pockets in his shirts for his several pairs of glasses and pens. DH is just like his dad about glasses, not the pockets. They don't wear glasses, they just carry pairs of them for reading or driving. Men, go figure! May in Jersey
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                Re: Here comes Friday

                Hello Blondie, you must be biting at the bit waiting to see your new grandchild, I know the feeling well, we became first time grandparents for the first time last year but luckily my son and wife only live half an hour away. My daughter (34) and her partner are both strict vegan and have been since mid-teens. My younger daughter (24) is vegetarian. My son (32) is a down and out carnivore! At Christmas it's usually meat for the carnivores and nut roast for the vegan/veggies. It takes some planning especially at Christmas when they all come home for a few days, but I love it! I don't know what corn bread is but I love bread dipped into bacon fat, as did my dad, a little of what you fancy does you good. I think when you're pregnant you tend to crave what your body needs for the growing baby, I know with my last I couldn't resist dipping my finger in the ashes in the grate and just licking it (when no-one was there), disgusting I know but apparently there's potassium in it so that was my excuse! I hope you have a wonderful time with your new grandaughter.


                  Re: Here comes Friday

                  Hi everyone! There's frost on the pumpkin here in Missouri also! Mr. Hawk is sitting atop the church roof across my back yard, waiting for his Thanksgiving meal to fly by! It's very strange, we live in suburbia, but the red tailed hawks have invaded our neighborhoods, I've seen more hawks here in my neighborhood right outside the big city than I saw when I lived in rural Missouri. It's kind of fun to watch them. They are out in the open here, not in the woods, so you can see their moves, raising their young, and watch them hunt. Sometimes, that's not too appetizing to watch!

                  Cleaning day today, I'm going to do Barb's blitz cleaning, but I don't think 10 minutes in each room will do the trick, since the cleaning chores have been neglected for quite some time. I'll start in the room where the guests are going to stay, once that is tidy, I'll move on to more despicable messes!

                  Hope you all have a great day!
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                    Re: Here comes Friday

                    Oh, Blondie, I HOPE all of you and your prayers and foot stomping hold off that Nor'easter for sure...they can't take much more of the wet/cold till they all get cleaned up! Plus, DD is driving her brand new car to Tom's River and I don't want her to have any problems either!
                    I am negotiating with dsd and others to fit in a little Layla visit Sunday night because I have to work all the weekends they need babysitting!...Fingers crossed, I have Mon and Tues off before heading into the Thanksgiving week madness and will be working Wed thru the following Sun....

                    I have been good though, with my ToDo list...doing something on it OTHER than check email and do dishes....
                    Take care, happy Friday for those who celebrate.

                    (I'm sarcastic. Breathe deeply, then laugh...)

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                      Re: Here comes Friday

                      Good Morning to all. Just got the fire restarted in the wood stove and the coffee is on, so everything should be peachy in a few minutes!
                      Got the deer meat all cut up and ready to go so will be canning meat all day today..yippee
                      Tomorrow we definitely need to go to the neighbor's barn and get some hay for our hay tent. I am down to about 5 bales for the horse(Pete) and mule (Katie). And they sure let me know when they want a bale. Katie will start her Hee-Hawing and Pete will whinny right along with her. I just need to warm my old bones a bit before I venture out to feed them.

                      Sandy was laughing, thinking of me in a tree stand, I did respond to that but if you didn't catch it. I don't do tree stands, I can hardly stand on a ladder ....LOL.. we have a nice ground blind with a chair inside that I will use to hunt from. I am hoping to get out there tomorrow sometime..just depends on when we go get hay.

                      Have a wonderful day.
                      Hugs and prayers to all.
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                        Re: Here comes Friday

                        Good morning everyone............praying that all of you who are traveling for Thanksgiving will have good weather. Snow and ice are never an issue here. Well maybe a flake or two every 10 years are so. Got to get an email last night....that 40 boxes of books showed up to be sorted for Spring book sale. Need to go help with that and then hope to layer MIL's quilt. Take care.
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                          Re: Here comes Friday

                          Good Morning everyone. I have the day off from work today and was supposed to be spending it getting everything ready for the big family feast next week. Well, Hurricane Sandy took care of that nicely and put the kitchen reno behind by 2 weeks. sigh I must say, the contractors are trying to get as much done as possible and they are still shooting for being finished by Wednesday. Just not sure if I will be able to actually do the family dinner here. We do have a Plan B set up though which will involve transporting all food to Brooklyn and cooking there. My sister is going to be doing the baking and I may go over there on Tuesday and help (she is actually at her bf's in Queens which is only 20 minutes away from me). Ds's and cousins and sister are just waiting to see which way to go. As my #1 son said last night "Mom, it doesn't matter where it is, as long as we are together."

                          So, instead of working in the kitchen today, I will be working on a couple of quilts. After I meet my brother and sister-in-law for brunch that is. They are up here visiting for a few days from Georgia. We have had dinner with them the last couple of nights and they will be heading to Jersey today to visit with her parents for another day (they had visited with them for a few days at the start of their visit too) and then they are flying home tomorrow.

                          The craft fair that my neighbor and I were supposed to do on Sunday is not happening. We will see if we can find another one in the area but both of us lost a lot of crafting time with the power being down for 2 weeks. (I told dh that if I had a treadle machine I could have kept on sewing ) My neighbor makes clay items and so with no oven, he couldn't get things finished either. We were worried because neither of us had the stock that we wanted to have going into the show so I guess it's ok that it was cancelled.

                          Blondie, I can imagine how excited you must be to see little Nora. I will be praying for good weather for you and also for all of those who will either be traveling or have family traveling to them.

                          Have a wonderful fall day everyone. I am actually enjoying the crisp weather.

                          Ginny B
                          Ginny B



                            Re: Here comes Friday

                            Good morning all.
                            Dodged another deer again on the way home from work...
                            Then an epiphany moment! How about we put the deer in orange vests, instead of the hunters?
                            I think it's a win-win. I'll SEE them along side the road easily, and will no longer drive like a freakishly old lady. And we'll let the hunters do the rest! WOOHOO!
                            Have a GREAT day, and be safe out there!
                            I really need to get off the exclamation point.
                            It may give people the idea that I'm bright and cheerful all the time....


                              Re: Here comes Friday

                              Good Morning! Getting a late start today. Seems everyone in my house is doing the same. DD slept in (I had to wake her) DGD slept in....had to rattler her cage 3 times, and I'm just getting going on what normally would have been done an hour ago. Must be the weather!
                              I need to make two cheesecakes today for my Son's housewarming party. He's having a "Speakeasy" party....costumes and all. I will be going as myself. Not too sure how I'd look in the styles of the day. He is having my DGD work the door, it's a secured building and there will be a password to get in. It should be fun and a chance to love on my boy! Can't wait! I'm trying to finish up a quilt today I want to take as a housewarming gift too. My "to do" list is growing, no wonder I'm having a hard time getting going!

                              Frosty and cold today, I'll have to scrape ice when I take my DGD to school! SO not ready for this part of the season!!

                              Hugs and prayers to all who want/need! ****HUGS****

                              Quilters make great comforters.

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