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It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

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    It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

    Happy Monday morning to one and all - And to those here who have served our nation and have family who has or is currently in the Armed Forces - God Bless you for your service. Thank you for the sacrifices made, the honor with which you serve - Thank you. God keep you and yours safe.

    Today we will go with Mom to visit Daddy's grave. He was such a proud patriot. We used to listen to his stories of WWII and God bless him, he always made it sound like he was having a ball. He met so many interesting people - mostly ladies, hmmm - oh well, he was a good looking fella and still a baby himself! His desire was to always go back to see the European countries that he saw during that time. Daddy, like so many many father's and grandfather's on this forum - husband's too - felt such a strong tie to these nations. Images of the war haunted him the rest of his life. God Bless all our Vets.

    Yesterday was a pleasant enough day. Hubs got out the outside lights. And Jean - it isn't a huge display at all. LOL. However, we are the only one on the road who puts out any lights, so, it's a big deal for him. He still needs to finish the lights and then all the other stuff he does. That leaves me to cleaning inside. I have decided that after Christmas I am going to paint my kitchen. It sure needs it. I am ready for a bit of a change. I have some ideas in my head. Just have to look at paint chips.

    Have a wonderful day my friends! Hug a Vet - betcha you know one - prayers for all my MSQC family here,
    SMILE! And smile some more. Your smile starts a chain event! Ever notice that when you smile at a stranger, they smile back? it's like yawning. It's contagious. It doesn't take much practice to smile, It uses less muscles than a frown or grimace. It creates interesting lines on your face (at least on mine) So go ahead and SMILE!
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

    Morning Blondie, have been waiting for you to post...Steve got in late yesterday but had to make a delivery early this morning so have been up since 4 a.m. We went to bed early so I have had enough sleep; have checked out all the new posts and read some more on others I have been following....We gave Sassy her first official bath last night...she is traumatized! Didn't like it one bit...also trimmed some hair..( what we could) so she looks funny...Steve has decided it is worth the cost of sending her to a groomer...last night did him in....tried to tell him but he had to see for himself! Sometimes it doesn't pay to try and save the cost of a groomer! LOL Anyway she smells good again and her fur is sooooo soft! Other than that not a whole lot going on in my world...have to go to work at noon today....and I agree; if you can hug a vet today!
    Sandy, sending cyber hugs your way.....and Steve got a big hug today...he put in 16 years regular duty and 8 more with the Reserves or Guard...can never remember which one! Everyone smile...peeps will wonder what you are up to!


      Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

      Good morning...It's a blustery, rainy day here. Blondie, I salute your dad and mine today along with all the other veterans and active duty troops for fighting for our country's freedom.

      Have y'all noticed all the "pre-Black Friday" sale ads? I guess I'm not very adventurous because I don't shop on Black Friday unless it's online.
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        Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

        Good morning....

        Thank you to all the vets and all the active duty military. God bless you and keep you safe.

        I worked on my sewing room all I'm down to putting stuff away that I've sorted. I'm leaving my cutting for last because if I get that cleaned off I will stop my cleaning and organizing and start working on something.

        I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving - I will have 4 days off and I need it. I don't cook much anymore but I do make the holiday dinners. I'm thinking I might do some Christmas baking and candy making this year, I don't think I really made much of anything last year.

        Well I better get to work. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Prayers and hugs to all that want them
        Shirley aka buckeyequilter
        I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


          Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

          Good Morning Blondie, Saluting our past and present Armed Forces----thank you all for protecting our country!!!
          It is a dreary day here---this past weekend was warm and sunny---probably the last for a while...
          Our last craft show was this weekend....It was so much fun and very profitable...I always look forward to them every year and now I am going to try to clean my house and get ready for the holidays...
          I have my items all wrapped for the Secret Santa Exchange...I'm am so excited for this...hope to get it mailed today or tomorrow...also have a box to mail to Ruby for the children...
          Hugs and blessings to all !!

          Sewing Mends The Soul ~ Author Unknown


            Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

            Hi folks! We got our first real taste of winter weather today, it's clear and cold out! Lots of rain yesterday, which is marching eastward.

            Rainy days just knock me out and all I want to do is nap. I worked on my chevron quilt yesterday before church, and a little bit afterward, but as soon as the rain started, my eyelids drooped. Can't say I got anything done after that. But then I woke up at 3:30 this morning, all fired up and ready to put my borders on the quilt. Since the edges are all bias, I had to be careful not to stretch it. It is fairly square, but has a few bumps along the way. I need to use my coupon for 30% off 1 piece of fabric at this store that has a good selection of wide quilt backings, then get it on the frame and quilt it. Want to get it do e for the weekend to put it on the guest bed for my sis and hubs who are staying with me next week. That means I also have to clean! Yikes!

            Hope you all have a good day!


              Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

              Thank you to all the Vets and their families who put up with the separations. My Dad was in WWII and last night on the way to get into the car to go eat dinner, a fella who was walking his dogs saw a military patch on Dads jacket. He stood there and thanked him for his service. That was so nice. Let's see, an Uncle, my Grandfather, my husband, husbands 2 brothers and 1 sister and me, and now Odie. All served, all in different branches, different wars and experiences, and capacities - all who spent time away from family.
              TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! It's a big one - 55. The plan is always to take off work - forever, I have not worked on my birthday. I woke up with a doozie of a head cold but am still moving forward with the plan. Heading down to the Lancaster area to check out a fabric store and a Re-Uze It store. Then I'll either head home or pop in to Dads to see how he is feeling cause it sounded like he was getting a cold too. Normally I spend time with my best friend or sisters on this day but it didn't work out today.
              Well you all have a big old smile on today, I will.

              What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                Good morning all. Had a very busy and fun weekend. Our friend that owns the property across the road brought a buddy from Branson and camped for the weekend. Our friend got a nice 8 point buck and DH got a nice 7 point buck opening day. We had fun sitting around the campfire Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday the buddy from Branson and our friend pulled out their guitars and did a little bit of picking and singing for us. Mike (Branson guy) plays now and then at places in Branson.
                Looks like I will be processing and canning deer meat this week. I still haven't gone out hunting but I will before the week is over.
                The guys wives came on Saturday for a short time also.
                Yesterday was a very windy and rainy day here, but we managed to get the guys camp broke down and get them on their way before the bad weather hit.

                I am going to start working on my black and white UFO this week (when I am not hunting or processing meat.)

                Have a great weekend. Hugs and prayers to all.
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                  Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                  Good morning everyone..........hope I get more done today than yesterday. Sinus pressure had me dragging and sleepy all day. lilmouse having your little dog groomed might just be worth it.....I know it is for my parents & their 125 lb golden retriever. He's as laid back as he can be and loves the water but the longer you try to dry him the more he wants to play by biting at the towel.

                  Happy birthday to Quilting Trish....hope you have a good one! Groceries, get rotary blades and book sorting is on my list today. Need to make label for baby quilt and mail it too.

                  Hope everyone has a good day!
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                    Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                    HAPPY BDAY TRISH, Glad you took the day off from work but sorry that you have a cold.

                    Will have to wait to hug a Vet as DH left early this morning for school. He was in the Marines in Japan towards the end of the Korean War. Our first son Bob was born while DH was in Japan, actually under water in a sub ready for the invasion of China that never came. 2nd son was born about 2 years later but by then DH was stationed in NC. No big military background in our families except for Gene's brother who was a Marine LT. during Viet Nam and was wounded twice. Oldest sons, Bob and Pat, had to sign up for the draft and had numbers for call up but they never were called.

                    Cooking, cleaning and sewing are today's list of Things To Do so I better get moving and begin doing them. May in Jersey
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                      Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                      Thanks from this VET and this VET's hubby. Thanks to our TRISH!! Thanks to everyone who has been part of the service, either active, reserve, guard, retired, just served minimal time, stayed home and held down the 'fort' while a loved one was serving, spent time on the battlefront and suffered nightmares and relived the atrocities . . . they all deserve our prayers and thanks for service. And thanks to those who were left behind to raise a family, to birth sons and daughters, to carry on the brave front.

                      Not sure what I'm going to do today. Just getting hyped up so far. My right palm is itching like crazy and I'm wondering if there is a lottery drawing today - and why don't I have a winning ticket?

                      We have had the bad weather here - no snow as it somehow bypassed us - but there are huge patches of ice left from the freezing temps and residual puddles from the rain we had yesterday morning. Still cold, cold, cold. All is bundled up with several layers and he can't understand why I still have shorts and a t-shirt on.

                      To everyone out there - may the sunshine always warm your heart and may those cloudy and dreary days fade away leaving you feeling fresh and renewed. May those with aches and pains and ill health be soothed and healed, and may those who have been through the recent disaster find peace and renewal. May you all take Blondie's advice and SMILE no matter what. Rejoice! We all woke up today.
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                      it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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                        Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                        Happy Veteran's Day to all meeting the criteria. Several men in my family do so I was brought up to understand the significance of this day. We appreciate your service. And that means you, too, Sandy N!

                        Happy Birthday, Trish. You are just a 'youngster'!!!

                        Am recovering from the Craft Fair held on Sat. that I've been overwhelmed with for a few weeks. Maybe now back to a more normal. It was very successful so all worth the time and energy that went into it. Even the CEO and his wife came to shop! That shows a buy-in from the hospital, too. We were pleased seeing the attendance of other hospital employees as well.

                        Have a wonderful day, everyone. Again, thank you to all the Vets. The country is proud of you.


                          Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                          Huge thank you's and tons of repect for all the brave men and women trying to keep us safe... yes, sometimes with little help, but always there for us.. God watch over them..
                          Blondie,,, LOVE your new avatar,,, (maybe, not now that i'm looking at it,,, you seem to get younger looking and i'm struggling to keep that "fresh face" lately...LOL)
                          I love your "zest for life"... the smile is my "calling card" as well,,, it's true,,, amazing the response you can get with a smile.. starts things off on a positive note... I've a repuation around here for being "friendly" and happy,,, i'm hoping to take that to my grave!!!
                          I've begun my Christmas mailing ornaments, and am determined to get them out... will post some pics of the process in my album... yet another surgery this year,,, but i've done this since 1993 and i think age 65 is just too early to give up..
                          Hope they come out ok, this year, but i've decided to go forward and let the chips fall... last year i made 100 and had lots left over, so hoping this year to make 75 or 80... not much you can do with an ornament with the year on it.."after the fact"....LOL
                          Hugs to all... Babs
                          "Each day well-lived and Happy;
                          that's all there is to Life!"


                            Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                            My Dad was in WWII and the Korean War (technically it was considered a conflict because war was never actually declared) in the US Marine Corps. My late husband, Michael, was retired Army after serving 21 years. To everyone active, retired or the families, may God bless and keep you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for protecting our freedom!

                            Scottie Mom Barb


                              Re: It's the second Monday in November - Happy Veterans Day America

                              Good Morning!
                              We join the chorus of people who proudly thank & support our veterans! Grandfathers, uncles, my father, & my step-dad all served.

                              I have been cooking & cleaning all weekend. The barn is clean. The main bathroom was clean, until the step-son got home. The household laundry is all caught up (for a day anyway). A couple of goat girls have been bred for April babies. Two batches of banana bread are done. The kitchen is cleaner, since I was deep cleaning the countertop, and the items on it, between batches of stuff in the oven. I even tried a batch of cranberry oatmeal cookies.
                              I forgot I have to let the dough rest when I use the old-fashioned oats instead of the quick-cooking ones. So half of that batch looks like lumpy lace cookies. Hopefully with an overnight rest the oats will have absorbed the extra moisture and hold together better when baking!
                              I have a load of sheets to finish folding. Our bathroom needs some attention. My sister gave me a recipe for a soap scum remover. Our glass shower doors are always a pain to clean, so I am going to try it. A 1/4 cup of blue Dawn dishsoap to 2 cups of warmed white vinegar. You mix it and spray it on the surface. Wait 30 to 60 minutes and wipe/lightly scrub clean. I'll let you know how it goes.
                              I should also vacuum because that is a normal Monday chore, but since the house if full of the whole family that has the day off, I will wait until tomorrow for that. I may also spend most of the day out in the clean barn with the goats, for the very same reason!
                              I hope you all have a great day!
                              Hugs, Cathy
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                              because those who mind don't matter,
                              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss