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Hurray, it's Friday

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    Hurray, it's Friday

    Happy Friday, Folksies

    I am looking forward to this weekend. That storm that is heading for the east coast may not hit us with the best shot, but wind and rain will be felt I am told. Soooo, I need to make sure that the leaves are out of the gutter again - love fall, love the leaves - don't even mind raking, it just gets harder and harder to get on a ladder and make sure the leaves are out. If not, drip drip drip in my kitchen. Sigh. Don't suggest gutter guards. We've had some, must have gotten the wrong type, lol.

    So, this weekend will be doing more outside clean up and possibly repotting some of the plants to bring back inside for the next few months. I notice that my Christmas cactus is starting to bloom. What in the heckfire shoot is up with that? I had almost thrown it out as it looked as if it were doing it's swan dive. I repotted it this spring and set in under the big oak. Voila.

    Okies, everyone. Smile. It's the weekend.
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    Re: Hurray, it's Friday

    Morning Blondie. Funny, my Christmas cactus is putting out blossoms too. A little early I think. We are also in the path of Sandy. Gosh, New England had a hurricane last year so we really don't need another one this soon. It won't be until next week so there is time for it to shift its path.

    Today I take my 2 little black kitties in to be "fixed". Real soon in fact. I had a HUGE sticker shock to the cost--it's been at least 20 years since the last time we had that done on a cat. $300 per cat! Oh my! But, really, I love them so much they're worth it.

    Hopefully today I'll find some time to play with my new sewing machine. I've managed to make one pillow so far with it and LOVE the way it sews.

    Happy weekend to you all!
    When life throws you scraps, make a quilt! :icon_bigsmile:


      Re: Hurray, it's Friday

      Good morning! Blondie, I have mesh screen over my gutters now and I hope it works like it's supposed to. I've never been able to get Christmas cactus to bloom. Y'all must have big green thumbs!

      TGIF and have a wonderful day!
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        Re: Hurray, it's Friday

        Happy Friday everyone!
        Christmas catcus. Mom's always bloomed in January - her birthday and when she passed away. It got so huge on Dad's patio that he couldn't keep it anymore so I took a piece of it and the last of it is sitting on my kitchen floor. I think after 8 years it is done. Sad.

        We are to get some of the hurricane stuff too. Finished up putting the summer things away for the winter just the other day so I suppose we are ready as we can be. Just hoping no snow comes with the drop in temps.

        Well, off to school for the day. I am ready to sit and sew sometime this weekend. I have some free motion meandering to do on a friends quilt. Must get that done.

        Have a great day! Hugs,

        What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


          Re: Hurray, it's Friday

          Hey Blondie.........I have a spring time azalea blooming at my house right now........never had much luck with a Christmas cactus though. I need to try and finish a baby quilt today......not sure if that's going to happen. Houston quilt show is getting close now.........woohooo..................Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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            Re: Hurray, it's Friday

            Good Morning,

            Yesterday I worked on my embroidery files all day and have them in order by categories now. I also got in a shipment of embroidery thread and have to figure out where to put it....all 166 spools of it. I guess I need to shop for some more thread racks. If you want terrific deals on embroidery thread visit

            DH just left for work and will be coming home a few hours early to get some things done around here. My back has been bad since yesterday so I need to get on the heating pad for a few minutes and take some Aleve.

            I wish everyone a great Friday! Hugs, Barb

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Re: Hurray, it's Friday

              It has been a very long time since I have posted on here. But from time to time I would drop in to see what all of you were doing.

              Blondie, I want to comment on your Christmas cactus. I live in central Louisiana in a place called Big Cane. I have a Christmas cactus that my brother-in-law gave me about 5 years ago. It was in the last"throws" (sp?) of living. I was able to nurse it back to a healthy state and it now blooms every year. I thought with this last hot and dry summer (and some of my neglectful watering) I had lost it.

              But alas, like yours, one day when I looked at it, it had buds on every branch of it. I will be more watchful of it now and try to do the right thing so it will continue to full bloom. So apparently, it does not matter what area of the USA you live, they continue to grow and bloom for us. Good luck with yours.



                Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                Blondie, I call both my Christmas Cactus the Thanksgiving cactus cause they're full of buds this time every year and is in full bloom for Thanksgiving and look beautiful. Bythe time Christmas arrives the flowers are fading.

                Going to the quilt store today to pick up some embroidery thread. I'm embroidering some towels for the fall and need to find 2 colors I don't have. Who knows what other goodies will catch my eye while I'm there
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                  Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                  .....and we have snow!!!! I am going to bed now!


                    Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                    We better get out on the deck to stack the chairs and put the potted plants up close to the house in case of high winds and rain. Pots are succulents, rosemary and annuals and look really nice as we haven't had a heavy frost yet but once they are put up close to the house inbetween the backyard foundations shurbs they'll stay there until next Spring.

                    Feels strange not to have anything on our calendar for the weekend, maybe I'll get some quilting done at last. May in Jersey


                      Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                      Good Morning, Quilty Friends . . . BARELY above freezing here. Brrrrrrrr. Before anything else I do have to put in MY personal disclaimer: I, Sandy, am personally NOT responsible for any violent weather that you experience.

                      Yesterday fell by the wayside - a couple trips out and then a l--o--n--g nap. The most excitement of the day was getting a call from a cousin who stopped by with her DH and an old sheet. Pinned on the sheet are at least a dozen or more hand-stitched Sun Bonnet blocks. I haven't unwrapped it as yet . . . anticipation. We do know that these blocks were hand-pieced by our Great-Aunt Annie, our grandmother's sister. I'm anxious to see what I can do to complete the quilt and get it back to Aunt Hannah - Mom's remaining sister. I'll take some pictures later and share the process.

                      Agenda today? ANOTHER Halloween costume - the 'Cereal Killer' costume-girl has given up hopes of finding a cereal box large enough to climb into - so her next choice was "Athena". Another 'almost' toga-like costume. Shouldn't take me long and then who knows. I personally think it is a much better choice as I cringed when I heard the first choice.

                      Several weeks ago I made a comment about the Green Tea and Beans quilt that someone posted, saying I would design something similar, so I have started work on that in my spare time. I am quite pleased with how it is coming along. Stay tuned. Oh, and start gathering your scraps together. Right now I am thinking that the color choices and patterns should be up to you. In my mind's eye I can see the quilt finished in batiks, in calico, in stripes and polka-dots, in scrappy style, in modern-day prints, in vintage . . . the latter being what I will probably use. There will be MANY various sized blocks - but the background fabric should be fairly uniform - and I suggest several patterns of white-on-white, or grey on tea-stain, tiny patterns with mini-designs, some with 'writing' on them . . . newsprint type . . . have fun planning, because so far I am having a BLAST.

                      Everyone have a quiet, fun day and get ready for the weekend. I truly pray for your safety if you are along the Eastern coast of the US of A.
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                      it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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                        Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                        Morning all!
                        This storm thing is rather disconcerting. The media is using the word 'unprecedented'...
                        The kids gave us a generator last Christmas, after a 5 day power outage (Irene). Quite cute, really. They were SO concerned. 'Come stay with us', 'How will you ever manage?'...
                        I know how to camp. I'm from NW Pennslyvania, afterall! We're not sissies! I baked a whole ham on the grill and scalloped potatoes. Pork roast with glazed potatoes, etc. We ate very well. (Thank God, I didn't have a freezer full of meat...)
                        After that experience, I think I could bake a cake on the grill!
                        I have a natural spring less then a mile from my house, so I hauled water every morning. Pioneer type living. It was actually kind of fun! Did my dishes in a cooler, used my watering can for the rinse. We showered at my daughter's, and got the toilet thing down....
                        But that was late August, and it is nearly November. It is colder, now.
                        Good news, the generator is ready to go. As is the kerosene heater. (I so wanted to install a pot-bellied stove in my dining room after last year, so maybe I'll be able to persuade DH this year.) Batteries are plentiful, as is lamp oil.
                        I just hope the water table doesn't rise to the point where my sewing room and our family room is in jeopardy again. We're tiring of the drill, and the work involved. Never had a problem the first fifteen years here, but the last eight have been pretty rough.
                        Don't believe in climate change theories? I beg to differ...
                        No worries, peeps. We're pretty scrappy and accustomed to the drill. Sure hopes Sandy veers out, though!
                        BTW, my vacation time starts Sunday morning!
                        How lucky am I!?
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                        I really need to get off the exclamation point.
                        It may give people the idea that I'm bright and cheerful all the time....


                          Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                          Good morning, everyone! What is up with these Christmas cacti? I have several that are all ready to bloom. They belonged to my cousin who died Nov. 4th of 2008. He was developmentally delayed so I was his quardian. He was great with plants! I just know that when they bloom he is telling me "don't forget me". Even though he could be really difficult at times, I do miss the ole coot.
                          Thank you for mentioning yours, Blondie! It's amazing how many quilters have them.

                          Barb, hope your back feels better. Martha....good luck with the kitties. Blondie, take care when you climb! May...quilt, quilt, quilt!

                          I'm meeting a friend for lunch and hopefully will get a chance to visit the local fabric store.


                            Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                            Good Morning all. cold penquin.jpg it was a little bit on the 'DANG IT'S COLD' side of things when I woke up this morning. I had a fire going before I went to bed last night, but someone, who shall remain nameless, a.k.a. DH didn't bank it up before he came to bed so I had to start all over this morning with another fire. It takes so much more time to get the house warm that way.

                            $300 per cat to have it fixed? Man I am glad I live here in the boonies. I found a vet that fixes Cats or Dogs...$25. for males and $50 for females. At least that is what it was when we had TarButt fixed. I need to call him and see if he is still working (he was getting up there) and if the prices are still the same. I need to get the last 3 kittens in to be fixed.

                            DH leaves today for another Gun Show weekend. I hope it is as good as the last one. So I will not have the computer and if it is going to be cold out I won't be doing anything outside. I can stay in by the fire and SEW SEW SEW! I got my cowboy quilt sandwiched yesterday and the quilting designs I want to do drawn on so I am ready to go as soon as I get DH packed up and out of my hair!
                            Had a Pomegranate last night for the first time in my life. DH had bought one to try. I had to Google the best way to eat a pomegranate because I knew they were not just a cut it open and go kind of fruit. It was really pretty good. I even saved some to put on a salad for my dinner tonight.
                            Hugs and prayers to all.
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                              Re: Hurray, it's Friday

                              So, was I supposed to put my cactus outside? HMMM!
                              Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. She is 38. How much things have changed since that Friday night I counted contractions while waiting for my then husband to finish watching Police Woman with Angie Dickenson!!!!
                              Heading to a friend's house for a weekend of quilting.
                              Love and hugs to everyone. Have a great weekend
                              I pray when risen from the dead before the Lord I stand; perhaps a crown upon my head, but with a needle in my hand.