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    Re: Christmas Day

    We usually only have my daughter and her husband on Christmas Day, but Roger's kids start driving from Atlanta on Christmas Day and arrive the next day. We then have a house full for a week.
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      Re: Christmas Day

      Just yesterday my DIL told me we would be 7 for Christmas Dinner this year. DS#3, DDIL, DGD Catherine, DH and I as usual and joining us this year is DGD's boyfriend and his Mom. Hmm, think things are getting really serious between the young couple. DGD met her boyfriend's dad in June when we all were in Las Vegas for her sister's wedding. DGD will be hosting Christmas Lunch/Dinner, she has been doing it ever since she moved into her condo 3 years ago. Too early to know what the menu will be but DDIL and I always bring something for the dinner. May in Jersey
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        Re: Christmas Day

        Lets see. Christmas Eve 3 to 5 here at our home with no huge fuss. (Girlfriend factor: will he bring her here, or go to her parent's place???)
        We used to have a big get-together @ Mom's with the extended step-family, but that got too crazy since one family would have to fly out that evening to be home for Christmas AM with her family. Now we get together with them later in the week.
        Christmas Morning we go to Mom's for brunch with the immediate family. That will be at least 7 possibly 9 (GF factor).
        Depending on who slept in, we'll head home for our own presents under the tree and a laid back supper, again 3 to 5 for that. If Em stays true to form, presents will have to wait until we get home because she will be barely out of bed in time to get to Nana's! I'll have either a ham or turkey for our supper. Eric may smoke a turkey again this year. That turned out yummy last year.

        Hubby isn't huge on the Christmas thing. He feels it's way too commercial, and he's not very religious. It has been a real struggle, but I am finally getting him to at least listen to Christmas carols again and begin to tolerate decorating for the holidays. Pretty much the rustic stuff with the evergreens and a few lights. He's made some big strides in the last few years since Emily is getting more into the holiday thing. Here is to hope that he continues to grow out of the bah-humbug grinch suit!

        We may pick up a stray neighbor or two for either Christmas Eve or Christmas supper. We have a few whose family is far off and if they don't have other plans they know they are welcome here. We don't usually know until a few days before though.
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