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Happy Tuesday to you

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    Happy Tuesday to you

    Happy Tuesday folksies!

    Today is the day that Mom gets her first cataract off. Leaving here in a few minutes and will be gone all day. I have a book and some hand work to carry with me.

    Yesterday I did get a lot accomplished but gosh, this old gray mare just ain't what she used to be. I like to work outside before the sun is really on the rise because I just can't take too much sun or heat. I have a garden area I am trying to create in the back so that requires a lot of digging out and etc. I am still pooped! I took lots of small breaks, lots of water and finally stopped for the day outside about 10 a.m. Went inside, mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms. Then I crashed for the rest of the morning. I did make a few blocks so I could QAYG today. Then Sis carried over some chicken and we grilled out when hubs came home from work. Full day, good day, just still give out from it. The garden area will be a nice addition to that part of the back forty when it's done.

    Off to get a coffee refill. Prayers for all who need them, hugs for those who need comfort or affection, smiles for everyone because it just makes you feel so durn good to SMILE!
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Happy Tuesday to you

    Good morning Blondie. Good luck today with your Mom. Give her my best.

    I heard from a cousin in England who is suffering from bone cancer. I would appreciate all your prayers for a good outcome. I don't know a lot of details but thanks in advance.

    Yesterday was another useless day. I had company most of the morning. I did get a little cleaning done. Then I had another visitor in the afternoon. When am I supposed to get any sewing done? After supper, as I was getting ready to sew, got a phone call. I sewed one strip. That's it.

    Today I have planned to go for blood work for my thyroid. And while I am in town, I will take the broken windows and screens to get repaired. Perhaps this afternoon, I may have time to sew. Who knows.

    Tomorrow morning I have to take my SIL for a doctor's appt. Thursday night I am going to an auction sale. Friday I am going to Kingston. Saturday I AM HIDING from everyone. LOL!!

    That is what my week is shaping up to be.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Happy Tuesday to you

      Good day to all. I still can't believe I am up this early. Let me re assure you it is out of pure necessity. This is at least 4 hrs before my regular get up time. But have to go to DD's this morning to get my girls on the bus, get vehicle inspected, and work on another quilt for Bethany. Finished my other top yesterday. Made it a littler bigger, so an older child can use it. My finish it today, but more likely later. Prayers and Blessings to all that need them. Wishing everyone a wonderful day to everyone, filled with smiles and fabric.
      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



        Re: Happy Tuesday to you

        Good Morning All

        Good luck with your Mom today. I will say a prayer for her.

        Had to move the kittens yesterday. The front room addition where I had them doesn't have air-conditioning and it was 104*F outside yesterday which means this front room was hotter than that! so I made a spot for them in the bedroom where there is air-conditioning and they seem much happier. They are getting very active.

        I think I may need to try and set up a table in the bedroom for me to sew on. I can't sew out here when it is over 100*. That is the problem with such a small place. I have no extra room. The area that was the living room is now the bedroom so I can go from the bed to the kitchen in a couple steps...LOL What was the bedroom is now just DH's storage room plus our closet space.
        I had to move the bedroom out to the living room because the heat from the wood stove in the winter didn't reach back there.

        Anyway... just trying to stay cool today and maybe sew a bit before it gets too hot.

        Hugs and prayers.
        MSQC: Where Strangers become Friends and Friends become Family!

        "The soul would have no rainbows, if the eyes had no tears."native American wisdom



          Re: Happy Tuesday to you

          Morning All, my Mom had the caterac surgery. it went well for her. i did her eye drops. the dr shehadgave us a check sheet and that was great. so she knew she had her drop if like an hour later.."did i get my scheduled drop?" made it nice for me as well. i hope they do the same for you guys.

          I get too work today. i have a 4 hour shift. should go good. 10 to 2. then tomorrow i go to the dr. myself..
          all the best


            Re: Happy Tuesday to you

            Just so proud to be here!

            So much excitement on the forum this morning. I can't even begin to list all the goodies I have seen, the wonderful stories I have read, the laughter that has been shared. I don't get to work today though. I am playing all day long as we head to Kansas City to spend most of the day with my brother, SIL, sister, BIL and, naturally, my DH. We always have way too short a visit but we do get to laugh and catch up on everything. Sis and I had lunch with Mom on Sunday and I was shocked as to how much she has 'gone downhill'. I kick myself because I keep thinking that the best thing for her would be if the Good Lord crept in one night and took her home while she was sleeping. She fell asleep at lunch and put her head and face right into a bowl of melting ice cream. No one laughed. So sad. I don't want to live to be in my 90's if it is going to be like this.

            Enough maudlin for me (NOT the second definition this early in the day). My day yesterday was commandeered by others. Al decided it was time to mow - I agreed although I had stacks of laundry waiting. Mowing done and Michelle (at 10 she's wanting to earn spending money) called and said she was free and could work with me in the afternoon. We spent a couple hours in my storage room and I am totally amazed at what we managed to accomplish. She is a great little worker and could have gone on and on but we managed (at my urging - because I was totally pooped) to get in a rest and right about the time we were going to continue the phone rang with an urgent call to get Michelle home right away. Her caterpillar/chrysalis was emerging. Thought that was quick so we hurried over. Sure enough - 'GEORGE' was coming out of his case and he emerged as a gorgeous black swallow-tail butterfly. It took about three hours before his wings and lungs were ready to take him aloft and he flew out of sight. While we were watching Michelle kept whispering to herself, "I'll find another caterpillar," "I'll find another caterpillar," "I'll find another caterpillar."

            We also got to witness our little Agnes taking her first steps - at 13 1/2 months she's the late bloomer in our family. My daughter walked at 8 1/2 months and started talking at 9 months . . . she hasn't shut up since.

            Okay, enough of this stuff. I have things to do, people to see, places to go. I have enjoyed my early morning visit and want everyone to know that I'm sending up those prayers, giving out hugs, trying hard to control my inner beauty! What a mess I am.

            Love you all!!
            Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
            it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

            "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


              Re: Happy Tuesday to you

              Blondie prayers being said that things go well with your mom. Sandy prayers going out that you and your family have safe travels and a wonderful visit today.

              Prayers going out to any one else who needs them and even to those who don't. May everyone have a safe day. The weather is suppose to be a little cooler today with the storms in Florida. There is a small breeze today. Guess I had better get off of here since I am at work and today is payroll day. I told my office manager I was going to put payroll off for another week and she wasn't nice in her words. Trust me with DH not working full time steady since March I need every penny I can get.

              Have a great day everyone.


                Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                Blondie prayers for your mom and hugs for you hope everything goes well today. Monique hope and prayers for your cousin for a great outcome. Sandy now that Agnes is walking you will need to grab your running shoes.

                Today marks 42 years with my wonderful DH ! It sure does not seem like that long ago. Where does the time go!

                Prayers are going out to all of you in need of them. Have a great day everyone.
                Bernice :icon_wave:


                  Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                  Happy Anniversary Bernice.
                  MSQC: Where Strangers become Friends and Friends become Family!

                  "The soul would have no rainbows, if the eyes had no tears."native American wisdom



                    Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                    Happy Tuesday everyone...sounds like everyone had a busy day yesterday and another planned for today...Blondie, prayers for your Mom...and prayers for all others that need them...last night I finished the 3 Dudes quilt and today I plan on getting more things finished and some more a blessed day!!!

                    Sewing Mends The Soul ~ Author Unknown


                      Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                      Good Morning All, Back to work this morning after being off all day yesterday to take DH to Baton Rouge for Dr's appt. Will have to leave again early today for my own DR's appt. Would cancel it but seeing how I have not been in over 5 years guess I better go. Then taking Sat off for my anniversary just not use to missing this much work in one week. But I think as I have been working six days a week for the last five years it should not be a problem. Looking forward to Sat. if DH is up to it we are headed down to New Orleans for the day. We are planning are starting the day off with coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde, then the Audubon Aquarium and finish with a crusie on the Steamboat Natchez. It has been so long since we have done and gone anything fun that I can hardly wait.

                      Blondie will be keeping you and your mother in my prayers to day and all the others that are in need of prayers. Happy anniversary Bernice wishing you many more. Hope everyone has a great day.


                        Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                        Hi everyone,

                        A bit of a sad day for me. I am sick. DD next door went to bed last night not feeling well and I woke up with the same thing this morning. I had to cancel a get-together with a quilting friend. So I am going to lay low a bit today and see if that helps. I'll be lurking around here to cheer me up. I'll browse through the galleries and feast my eyes on some gorgeous quilts. That will make me feel better I'm sure.

                        Hope you all have a great day. Prayers for you all and congratulations to Bernice and her husband! What a great, great occasion to celebrate.

                        “Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” - Victor Hugo


                          Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                          Happy Anniversary, 1970 was a good year to marry.
                          I was lucky enough to win the opportunity quilt from our recent symposium and got a call from the husband of the girl that put it together. He wanted to buy it since she loved it so as did he. Of course I sold it to him, for a very reasonable price and delivered it this morning. I hope the surprise thrills her. I know I am happy with the money, it will cover the Visa for all the fabric I bought on our recent trip.


                            Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                            Hi everyone~~~
                            just popping in quick. Katie has mono and I am on MOM-DUTY! I am grateful that she is here and not 1300 miles away. Not sleeping, trying to eat, throat looks like 18 freight trains ran through her, can't work - this is just the beginning of the boredom I am sure. No sports for at least 8 weeks, you should have seen her spirit get crushed when she heard that! We do go tomorrow for an MRI on her knee from the cow injury at work 2 weeks ago. She did talk to the mri people and they said if she is feeling up to it, she could come in. I think they will pay her for time off for about 2 weeks from that, but I don't think she'll see any income from this mono thing from them - I would not expect that anyways.

                            Guess I'll try to do my little photo project on my own - so if you hear words that aren't very nice, they are probably coming from somewhere around here. I will try to remember to make this a fun project.

                            Hugs and prayers for those feeling icky, safe travels for those out and about, and know I'll pop in when I can.


                            What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                              Re: Happy Tuesday to you

                              Good morning ladies!

                              I was suprised to pop on here this morning and see the new website layout! Love it!

                              Had a busy day yesterday and I think im going to take today a little bit slower. It was HOT here again yesterday but this morning it is so lovely outside! It is only 79 degrees at noon! And the wind is blowing and it is just oh so nice out here on my parents screened in porch! I have been working on school work. School is really kicking my butt. That seems to be all I am doing is school work. One class will be over with next Friday! No work on my machine still when I talked to them friday there was still 4 in front of mine. Said hopefully this week they would get to it.

                              Blondie - hope all goes well with your mom! Sounds like you had a very productive Monday.

                              Monique - prayers going up for your cousin & family. One strip is better than none! Hope all is well with your bloodwork. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you!

                              Marilyn - sounds like an early and busy day! Hope all goes well!

                              Donna - stay cool! We have pleasent temps today but heating back up later in the week and weekend.

                              Gina - have a good day!!!

                              Sandy - so sorry to hear your mom is not doing well. My DH is down visiting his parents for the next several weeks and he spoke with the hospice nurse yesterday. She said his dad has 6 months to a year. She said 6 months is more realistic. It is so hard to watch them go through the remainder of their days this way. It is not bad of you to think that you do not want to see her suffer it is a natural reaction. Treasure the days you have left together. I bet that was cool to see the butterfly come to life! Congrats to little Agnes! The first of many steps to come! good luck keeping up with her!

                              Lynne - Hope you have a blessed day!!!

                              Bernice - Happy Anniversary!!!!

                              Carol - Can't wait to see what you are working on.

                              Lonna - Wow! Saturday sounds awesome! Happy Anniversary a little early and enjoy your day! Don't worry about work!

                              Cyndi - Hope you feel better!

                              Clarie - that was a nice thing to do! Was very sweet of him as well, bet he got a lot of brownie points!

                              Trish - hope DD feels better, good luck with photo project!

                              Guess I better get myself back to work. I need to clean a little on the house, have some lunch and do more schoolwork. Oh did I mention i have schoolwork!!!!

                              Have a blessed day everyone!!!!!