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Newbie from Florida ;o}

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    Newbie from Florida ;o}

    -- Hi everyone, . . I found this site by accident -- sure am glad I had an head on collision .. L*~

    I'm working on my very 1st rag quilt *YAY ME*~ . .

    can anyone point to me to section of the site that would show me how to put a finishing
    border/binding on a rag quilt?

    2015 is here
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    Re: Newbie from Florida ;o}

    I don't see any tutorials on a rag quilt but I know they've talked about doing one, for now I would tell you that the way I've always seen Jenny do them is just stitching around the edge of the entire quilt leaving the same seam allowance as you did on the rest of the blocks (if you have a 1" seam allowance for fringe throughout the quilt leave a 1" seam allowance along the edge) and fringing it just like the rest.
    This is what she does on a basic rag quilt if your going the route of bopeep from the forums check out her quilt it has borders added and I don't know if she fringed the edge or if it is bound but if you're looking for something more dramatic you might ask over there.

    The fringe is cute though, it's easy and creates a uniform look for a fun quilt!

    By the way, welcome and enjoy!
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