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Howdy from sunny Florida

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    Howdy from sunny Florida

    Hi all fellow quilters.

    I am looking for ideas to practice my free motion quilting and ran across this forum, looks like many of you are experienced quilters, just hoping for some encouragement as I practice, practice, practice. I can quilt with my walking foot pretty successfully, but want to master free motion.....

    Looking forward to chatting with all of you.

    Velda Jo

    Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

    Welcome! You should find lots of support here. These days there are so many you tube tutorials to help us with FMQ how tos, but it's always nice to have a group of supporting friends. Looking forward to seeing your practice work. Just remember, we all have to start somewhere.


      Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

      Welcome from Pennsylvania.


        Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

        Welcome from the Basque Country in northern Spain. I am a hand quilter but in this Forum it has had so much support that I have finished two FMQ quilts and I liked it, so I encourage you to continue and show us some of your work


          Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

          Welcome from a fellow Floridian! You have come to the right place for encouragement and support.

          If I ever got it all together, I'd be too tired to do anything with it.


            Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

            Welcome from Colorado. I have been FMQ since 2012. It definitely takes practice. I highly recommend any & all of Angela Walters' books & videos. There are tips on her web site, Quilting is My Therapy. I get ideas from other LA quilters & follow various blogs. One is Tamarack Shack. Many people watch Leah Day's tutorials. YouTube is a great source. Tracey Russell has hundreds of short tutorials (3-5 min.) of many FMQ designs. She's at APQS Ontario, whirlsnswirls quilting. I've used several of her designs in my FMQ. Browse through people's photo albums for ideas.


              Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

              Welcome Velda Jo!

              I'm not the one that does free motion quilting, however, you're in the right place!!! Welcome To Missouri Star Quilt Company's Forum!
              I'm sure there's several people here on MSQC's forum that will have some wonderful advice to help you!
              THE VERY LAST LINK posted below is from Man Sewing's Rob Appell who does Free Motion Quilting FMQ....Hope this helps!

              Please note that MSQC has a Daily Deal and this is today's Daily Deal:
              Each Friday, MSQC's own Jenny Doan has a video of a NEW Tutorial for everyone! Most of the time it's a new Quilt to show all of us how to do, sometimes it's a sewing project!! Whatever the tutorial of the week, you're bound to love and enjoy the way Jenny shows you how to do the latest tutorial!!!
              Here's this past Friday's (02-21-20) Tutorial:
              (This is a new ONCE A MONTH....Triple Play Week!!)
              On Tuesdays each week Misty Doan, Jenny & Ron's son Jake's wife, has a tutorial to share with us too!
              Here's Misty's Tuesday Tutorial to enjoy :
              Also on MSQC there's Quilt Snips! These are quick little "snips" of how to do a Quilt Block the "easy" way!! There's several of these
              "Quilt Snips" :
              ************************************************** **

    's a Video from Rob Appell who posts Man Sewing AWESOME TUTORIALS on MSQC's website!!!
              This tutorial below is all about Free Motion Quilting.....Hope this helps you!
              Man Sewing Tutorial :

              ************************************************** *************
              Welcome to the forum!!!

              Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

              "I miss the me I was when you were here"


                Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

                Another welcome from NE Florida!

                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                ― Maya Angelou


                  Re: Howdy from sunny Florida

                  Welcome from Wisconsin! I am a hq too and have never FMQ, I am sure it would be a hot mess if I did! But you came to the right place, lots of machine quilters to help you find your way. Show us what you are working on.