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    new to everything sewing!

    Hi, everyone!
    Just want to let you know I have just joined this forum. I am a newbie at sewing and have not yet actually quilted a piece yet, trying to figure out the machine quilting on a regular home sewing machine...I shall persevere!!

    Re: new to everything sewing!

    Welcome from TX. Word of advice, don't compare your results to that of others. Everything takes time to master. There are many tutorials out there on your tube that you will find very helpful, as well as the knowledge of so many on this forum. Enjoy the process.


      Re: new to everything sewing!

      You have the right attitude for success, and know we'll be here cheering you on every step of the way. Welcome to IMO the friendliest most helpful forum in the quilting world.


        Re: new to everything sewing!

        Welcome from Northeast Ohio!

        Welcome 14.jpg


          Re: new to everything sewing!

          Welcome from FL, we were all newbies at some point. It's the practice that will show your growth. Enjoy the journey.
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Re: new to everything sewing!

            Yay, we love new people! Welcome to the Forum from Wisconsin! If you need help just holler!


              Re: new to everything sewing!

              Hello and welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledgeable here. Enjoy the journey.

              💫 Star lover


                Re: new to everything sewing!

                Welcome to MSQC Forum!!

                If you are new to sewing AND to quilting, I would suggest that you start with something simple. Our MSQC Jenny Doan who does most of the weekly videos ( Jenny makes a new video (usually a new quilt video...but sometimes she will show us a new sewing project too!) Each Friday...MSQC's Jenny Doan will post a new video tutorial for us! You can sign up to receive an email letting you know that the newest TUTORIAL has arrived on the MSQC Website...OR you can sign in to YouTube and type in MSQC Tutorials. OF course you can also click on the email that MSQC will send to you (if you sign up that way) a notice of the newest tutorial!!

                Here's MSQC YouTube Channel :
                (They have tutorials dating back to 2009!! )

                This week's newest Tutorial is :

                Here's last week's Tutorial :

                ************************************************** *************
                MSQC also has short video Tutorials called "Quilt Snips"
                These are simple short videos to teach you how to make certain quilt squares pretty easily!
                There's 116 "Quilt Snips"
                These tutorials can be found on MSQC's website...OR YouTube /MSQC Quilt Snips
                Here's MSQC Quilt Snips :
                ************************************************** ************************************

                Here's a little advice. To start sewing I will give you the advice my MIL gave me. She is 93 yrs young and an expert seamstress!! She actually taught me how to sew over the telephone when my DH was going to college in IL (we live in Michigan).
                My MIL told me to get what was at the time a simple Simplicity Pattern selection(s) called JIFFY PATTERNS. Simplicity has been re-introducing the JIFFY Patterns for the last few years.
                Start out with a JIFFY Pattern that has 2-3 pcs. When you get comfortable making that first pattern, go get another JIFFY PATTERN and add another piece to your pattern!! (I started with a pair of pajama pants for my 3 yr old son.)

                Not only can you find BRAND-NEW Simplicity Patterns (I purchase new Patterns at Jo-Ann Fabrics when they have the Simplicity Patterns on Sale (I never pay full-price for ANY Pattern! Jo-Ann Fabrics has the following patterns (Simplicity,McCalls,Butterick) brands a couple of times per month in the city I reside in. Last time I purchase Simplicity Patterns I think I purchased them for 3/$5.00 ($1.67 each)
                ************************************************** **************************************
                Also, you can find Vintage Patterns on Ebay, Etsy, and other online stores. I love purchasing Vintage sewing patterns!!
                ************************************************** ********************************************
                Okay.....GETTING Back to MSQC, here's a few really simple things to start you on your quilting voyage!!
                When I joined MSQC the first thing I made was tote bags from a wonderful tutorial from MSQC!! These are make great gifts and are made with 5" squares (or commonly called "Charm Packs". You can purchase a Charm Pack (with 42 5" squares

                Here's the tutorial for the Tote Bags :

                Here's a simple Table Runner :
                Quick & Easy Table Runner :
                In the Pioneer Times (Laura Ingalls Wilder) little girls were first taught to sew what is called a Nine-Patch Quilt. This is an easy quilt to start with : MSQC has several variations of the Nine Patch for you as you become more comfortable with quilting. Many of MSQC's Tutorials can be made by a beginner due to the fact that Jenny is so great as far as how she explains things to you in the YouTube tutorials (found on MSQC's website AND YouTube)
                So, here's some great tutorials on how to make a Nine (9) Patch Quilt. :
                This is called "Make A Baby Quilt Part 1"
                Video No#1 :
                "Make A Baby Quilt Part 2"
                "Make A Baby Quilt Part 3"
                "Make A Baby Quilt Part 4
                Here's a Binding Tool. Jenny also has tutorials on how to bind quilts :

                ************************************************** *************
                There's a lot of simple easy quilts to make that you will find within the Tutorial list on MSQC's website.
                Also here's a couple of other awesome tutorials that you might want to watch. This first one is how to make a pillowcase:
                ************************************************** *************
                Lastly here's a couple of table runners that you might want to try later. Of course these aren't too difficult and you might want to try one of these when you have made a few things.

                Here's a PUMPKIN Table Runner for Halloween :
                (Be sure to pay attention to the end of the video to learn how to make a Christmas Holiday Table Runner with the Half-Hexi Template.

                These are a few ideas to get you started!!
                This is a wonderful forum to learn from. So many wonderful people willing to answer your questions that you might have, so don't hesitate to ask a question if you need to!!!

                OF course I'm sure that there's more ideas that others might like to share with you as you start your journey with Quilting and Sewing!!

                Last but not least.....WELCOME to Missouri Star Quilt Company's Forum. This is an amazing place to meet others who love quilting and sewing!!
                Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

                "I miss the me I was when you were here"


                  Re: new to everything sewing!

                  You have found the right place for a beginner. Welcome to the forum from Missouri!

                  Scottie Mom Barb


                    Re: new to everything sewing!

                    Welcome to the forum from Canada's capital. Oh I know that once you've jumped into sewing and quilting, you will have found a forever love, hobby and addiction.

                    Enjoy the journey. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                      Re: new to everything sewing!

                      Redcaboose has offered some really excellent starting points for you. I've been teaching my 9 year old DG to sew, and we started with pajama pants.

                      Welcome from Minnesota!