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Lurker from Wisconsin

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    Lurker from Wisconsin

    Hi everyone - since I was the lucky winner of this weeks question drawing I thought I better quit lurking & say Hi.
    I am a retired nurse/educator who believe it or not was the Registrar of a small comunity college for the last 8 years of my 30 years employed there.

    I live in a rural area of northern Wisconsin; married 40 yrs; 1 married son who lives right down the road (how lucky is that?); 1 little white dog - 13 yo; 1 black lab grand dog - also 13 yo.

    I started quilting when I retired 5 years ago. I meet every Tues with 5 other quilters, the youngest who is 76 and the oldest 85!! Needless to say, I have learned alot from them.

    I love piecing, applique & paperpiecing by machine but don't do much handwork - the arthritis in my fingers won't cooperate with the needle! I love batiks & bright colors although lately I've been drawn to charm packs & jelly rolls, especially the flowered themes by Moda.

    Nice to meet you all & happy to be part of your group. annmarie

    Re: Lurker from Wisconsin

    Welcome Ann Marie!! We are so glad that you are here (and that you won!!) Quilting has become an obsession for me....or at least having all the materials needed for quilting has!!

    Sounds like you have an awesome group for getting together with every week...I haven't found my niche here locally yet..but I do get my daily dose of quilters here at the MSQC......