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Hello from Florida

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    Hello from Florida

    First off Happy New Year Everyone!!!! Hope we all have a happy and healthy one.

    My name is Monika and I am looking forward to making quilts again. I had stopped for 10 years because I just didn't have the room or time to sew. I had given away most of my fabrics and my quilting books, but I did manage to keep some of the fabric and a few of the books. Well we just bought a new home and I have my very own sewing room. So I can kick myself now, but just think of all the fun I will have buying more fabric. I am in the middle of arranging everything and going through all the different fabrics I still have. I am looking forward to learning new things also.

    Well, I am off to look at the different forums. Everyone have a great day.


    Re: Hello from Florida

    Welcome!! Glad you found us...

    Having your own room is so can sew...make a mess...and LEAVE IT!! That's my favorite part about having my own area...I can walk away in the middle of a project and come back to it whenever...

    Can't wait to see some of your stuff!!