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    Allow me to introduce myself.... name is Mary and I'm a quilt-a-holic. I live in Kansas City, KS and my sister (Indiana) recommended this site...and I've been lurking since!
    I'm a SAHM, wife and grandmother after spending an eternity working in long term health care. (Politically correct way of saying I was a nurse in nursing homes for close to 20 years.)
    Besides quilting, I have a love of miniature horses and am lucky enough to be owned by 3 of the most spoiled and sassiest fillies you'll ever meet. (I'm trying to figure out how to make them quilted blankets that they can wear in the
    I'm a fairly new quilter...less than a year...and really enjoy experimenting with fat quarters. I've completed several quilt tops that need to be quilted. My most recent top has been for my 15 year old trumpet/baritone playing son, done in black/white music themed fabrics with touches of gold (school colors). I'm looking for a custom quilter that can quilt it using musical notes (Any and all recommendations welcome!)
    I've joined a BOM club and am slowly learning the triangle techniques, and will be starting a Thimbleberries club next month. I've also learned a great deal watching MSQC videos on Youtube and gained a lot of confidence in myself now that I see how easy quilting can be!

    My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and my answer was...."I want to go to the MSQC this spring after the snow has melted" So, Christmas morning, he presented me with a homemade coupon, of sorts for a day trip!! (The pinking sheers were an extra plus!!) His brothers called him "cheap"...I think its the best present I have ever received!!

    Looking forward to spending even more time reading all I can read, and sewing all that I can sew!!

    (BTW...I dont have a sewing room of my own, but hubby was kind enough to give me a closet. LOL Its a double door closet with shelves lined up on both sides, and a desk that runs the entire width of the space. I have storage space for my ever growing stash/notions both on the shelves and under the desk, my sewing machine fits in there perfectly, and when I'm not sewing, I can just push the chair in and close the doors. I have peg board along the back wall for my scissors, rulers, rotary cutters, etc. I do, however, use the dining room table for cutting, but my matts hang in the closet when not in use. Some day I will have a real sewing room, but not until all the kids have moved out, or I win the lottery!)
    As ye sew, so shall ye rip.

    Re: Allow me to introduce myself....

    Wow.. and welcome. Your sewing room sounds delightful .. it's certainly better designed and organized than some of us have! My dining room is sort of a family room that I took over a good share of it's my house, what can I say? How big are your filllies? O should I ask - how small?
    Your husband is a dear giving you that coupon ..make sure we all hear about it when you use it.
    And show pictures.. I am the unofficial reminder .. show pictures. We LOVE pictures..
    your sister was right to send you here.. lots of nice people and many intersting topics .. read them all!!!
    If you can't see it riding by on a fast horse - it ain't there.


      Re: Allow me to introduce myself....

      Welcome !! What a sweet listener you have for a hubby...wish mine would listen that well!! I have only been quilting less than a year also....this site is great for tutorials and everyone is very helpful with tips and tricks.

      Can't wait to see what projects you are working on!