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    Wow, thank you so much, redcaboose. Much appreciated. I'm not entirely new to MSQC, just to the forum. I've been watching the videos and buying fabric and accessories and such from MSQC for quite some time. But there is a lot of good and new info in your post still, so thank you again.

    I do have a question, but I am not sure where on the forum to ask it so perhaps you can direct me either to the right location to ask it (or the right location that answers it, haha). I just bought an older Baby Lock machine but it is missing some things and I don't know where to buy them online (and can't buy them in store since all the stores are closed)... so do you know where I can find bobbins (L-class, I believe they are called? those metal ones with the slot and they are skinnier than the norm) and where I can find those spool cone holder thingies that go inside thread cones to make them fit on the regular spool holders? I also need a couple of presser feet and would like the knee lift lever as well, but I would settle for finding the right bobbins and spool cone holder thingies for now if the other stuff is harder to locate. The kicker is that it is has to be a site that delivers to Canada; I've already been through the frustration of thinking I found what I was looking for, ordering everything with giddy glee, and then getting to the checkout only to find that they don't ship to Canada - grrr. [[Of course, I checked the MSQC site first, but it appears that it does not sell these types of items; I was actually a little surprised that they don't sell bobbins and cones, but not surprised that they don't sell the other parts/accessories]]

    Anyway, if you could possibly direct me to the right place to ask a question of this sort, that would be great. Sorry for the length of my post; I get carried away sometimes, funny that it only happens when I'm thinking about fabric and quilting and sewing and such, though. :-)


      Jazzmyn.....Have you tried Amazon? Here's a link. I don't have a Baby Lock (I have a Husqvarna/Viking Designer SE).....
      I'm sure you could find them at Amazon most likely. I've order things from them since the Pandemic.....Amazon delivers to Canada. If you would like to msg me perhaps a friend of mine that works in a local Sewing Machine/Quilt Shop that sells Baby Locks might know??

      Did you contact Baby Lock Directly? (This is a site I found....the actual Baby Lock site. Hope this helps.

      IF neither one of these links help.....I'd try going to YouTube. Maybe someone has a YouTube channel that has the same Baby Lock machine you do.
      Lastly, you might check to see if there's a Baby Lock Dealer in your area or near you.

      Perhaps someone here on MSQC might be able to help you as well. Hope so!
      Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

      "I miss the me I was when you were here"


        Hi, I'm new on the forum, but have been quilting for almost 10 years. It's been a lot of learning and discovery - what styles and fabrics I like, but also appreciating what others do. And I'm still learning new things! Good for the mind. 😉 I've also discovered that I love to hand quilt! It's so relaxing and rewarding! My Mom & I went to Jenny on the Road in Ocala, FL last month and got to meet Jenny & Misty! What a treat! We had such a good time! I look forward to one day when we can visit MSQC in Hamilton! Thanks for this forum and I look forward to meeting new friends and learning some more! And maybe sharing some things I know! Thanks for having me!
        Ann 😁


          Welcome to the forum, Ann. There are lots of friendly people here. Don't be a stranger!


            Hello everyone. I'm new here and back to being a newbie at quilting. What does that mean? Years ago I took a quilt class and for a couple of years I put many tops together. I never did get a complete quilt done. Well maybe one, I think. We moved. The machine died. The kids were super busy. No more quilting. Lots of knitting though. However, being on a stay at home order made me start to wish for a machine again. My husband went online and bought me a new one and I have ordered enough fabric from missouri star quilt to make a quilt top for my daughter and my son as well as a few masks. Next order will be for the backing and borders. Yes, this time I'm determined to do the whole process. Here's to being a newbie. Cheers!


              welcome to the forum from the UK how very exciting a new machine😁 look forward to your progress👍


                Hi, everybody! I am writing from southeast Kansas, just on the edge of the Ozarks. I have sewn garments for years and I took my first quilting class in Oswego, IL in the early 80's. I made a strip quilted jacket. I really didn't get into quilting much until a couple of years ago after my kids all left home and I have a little more time for me. I have learned a LOT from Jenny's tutorials. Thank you so much! They also introduced me to a lot of tools that were new to me. I have a very supportive husband and he believes everyone needs good tools, so I have really increased my tool stash along with my fabric stash! If a week goes by without a box from MSQC in our mailbox, he wants to know what happened! I attended a class at MSQC last fall on the Binding Tool Star that was a birthday gift from him.
                While this current Covid-19 event certainly has its challenges, staying home has afforded me the extra time for quilting which I have enjoyed tremendously. I have also been able to make several masks for the food service ladies in the school district for which I work.
                I am in a fairly rural area and we do not have a local quilt guild, so I am looking forward to this forum.
                Currently, I am planning a quilt that uses computer printed images. I would appreciate input from others that have incorporated them.
                I need information regarding what materials/methods to insure the most colorfast results since I want this quilt to be washable without losing the images. I have been studying methods using purchased printable fabric sheets as well as preparing my own sheets. Which method gives the most lasting results?
                Thank you all. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


                  I'm semi new here too, so welcome!! Hope you can find someone to help you out!!
                  😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



                    Excited to be a part of this forum! I've been quilting for 4 years but not very often. I still consider myself a beginner. I've retired recently and I now go with my husband (RV) to wherever the current jobs are. It's been challenging to go from my sewing to a RV. I'm learning to adapt! While being quarantined I've decided to "unlearn" some bad quilting habits, so I've been viewing, reading and taking notes from several great sources. I hope to start posting some of my projects from MSQC tutorial pages. Thanks! From Southeast Texas.....


                      Welcome From Sunny Florida, Lawana, Saged Crone and KDGiegh, this is truly a fun place to be!

                      Lawana why don't you put your question under the tab Quilting Question. You might get more of a response there. As you can tell, this thread has been up and running since 2009 and I just figured out how to filter down to just the last week's posts.

                      Welcome again.

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                      ― Maya Angelou


                        Hi, I'm glad to meet you all