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New? Read me first :)

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    New? Read me first :)

    Welcome to the Missouri Star Quilt Company Community Forum (we should definitely turn that into an acronym)

    Enjoy your stay, if your new, toss up a new topic and let us know who you are, we'll love to make a new friend.

    Also, in regards to email, i've been working on getting emails from the site to go to your inbox and not flagged as spam, but for the time being, add [email protected] to your safe senders list and you should be all set.


    Re: New? Read me first

    Hello There!

    I was with the group that dropped by on Sat - we were at a Quilt Retreat over at Cameron.

    I really enjoyed meeting you all -
    I bought the Portobello charm pack & made a table topper yesterday - love it!!!

    I have you bookmarked and look forward to doing more business with you.

    Take care & hope the foot/leg heals well and soon!

    Lisa Volden
    Kansas City, MO


      Re: New? Read me first

      Lisa!! I am so glad you joined us here!! It was so great to meet you. We would love to see some pics of the project you made with your new charm pack!!! We LOVE to see pictures!!
      Have a great day!


        Re: New? Read me first

        Hi Eveyone,
        My names Diane and I live in Ohio. I love to sew and machine embroidery. I have never quilted anything but I'm seriously thinking of taking a quilting class in the fall. I thought it would be a good idea to look around at some of the quilting sites. I saw a very interesting video on youtube from your store so here I am I think I would like to try some free motion quilting. I'm going to be making a sweatshirt jacket soon and I think it might be a good way to connect the 2 layers together.
        Nice to meet you.


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          Hi Diane, my name is Vikki. What part of Ohio? I'm a buckeye too, Columbus area. I love sweatshirts and this past fall tried remaking a couple, would love to hear your ideas on them. I have started free motion quilting and love it.

        Re: New? Read me first

        Thanks for joining us Diane!


          Re: New? Read me first

          Hi everyone, I just found you yesterday and joined. First thing I did this morning was check out the daily deal and order.
          I am a renewed quilter, haven't done any since the 1980's when I took lessons from my sister(Linda Brannock) , I do alot of rughooking, we have a wonderful wool store here in Warsaw. I am learning to knit also.
          I have a blog Our church has a new quilt ministry, so I thought it was time to get to it again.
          I look forward to meeting you and someday coming to your store. I have a granddaughter that lives in Cameron so I could get two things done at once.

          thank you for having me


            Re: New? Read me first


            Thanks so much for joining! We would love to meet you "for real" if you're ever in the area. Good luck with all your renewed quilting adventures!


              Re: New? Read me first

              Katie it is so great to have you here! Your quilt ministry sounds wonderful. We are also getting excited about doing quilts for kids....It is just such a great thing when you can combine something you love doing with helping others!! We are lucky.

              Anyway, we would absolutely love to have you in the shop someday!! Maybe you could teach us a thing about rughooking...that would be awesome!


                Re: New? Read me first

                Hello friends,
                Wow this is a bit scary being a first. I love reading the girls blogs so thought this was the next step.
                I am from New Zealand, that little country right down the bottom of the globe, and like all of you have an addiction-quilting and stitching.
                Its the most wonderful type of relaxation technique I know and the people who quilt are amazing. Through the quilting world and blogs I have had the greatest privilege to meet so many wonderful people, like minded souls, and amazingly talented women and men.
                I envy those of you who live in the U.S A and have such easy access to the most wonderful selections of fabrics and notions and embellishments and all at such wonderful prices. By the time these things arrive in our little old country they are so expensive but I happily admit that that fact has never stopped those os us who hold the passion close to our hearts. Its that good old thing called th exchange rate and what will be will be.
                Also because we are so little we of course don't have the amount of Patchwork and Quilting shops that you have. Our lovely shop owners try their very best and we are lucky to have them, its just that we see what is available throughout the world and dream.........
                I also have a blog if anyone would like to visit please do-

                Thanks for having me.
                Deb (New Zealand)


                  Re: New? Read me first

                  So nice to meet you Deb. Glad you are here. It will be lovely getting to know you better. Don't be shy around these forums......we'd love to chit chat. Have a good weekend!


                    Re: New? Read me first

                    Great to meet you Deb!! Your blog looks great and I loved the post about your mom...very sweet. Glad you found us and I hope that you make yourself at home like I have!! We are all a little batty when it comes to fabric....but what quilter worth her thread wouldn't be? I've only been quilting a short time..but have grown to really enjoy it and I love the deals that they have here at MSQC.


                      Re: New? Read me first

                      Hi Deb! Hillary here! I tried to post earlier and my computer wouldn't let me! So glad you're here We love new friends! Thanks for the link I'm looking forward to enjoying your blog!
                      To stitch or not to stitch... There is no question.


                        Re: New? Read me first

                        Ow ladies thanks for making me feel so welcome, I really appreciate it.


                          Re: New? Read me first


                          I am new to sewing and quilting. I am excited to embark in this journey. I am from NC. Just learning at this time but cannot wait to get started on projects. Looking forward to all the pretty fabrics as well.



                            Re: New? Read me first

                            Glad to meet you momtomms. You are gonna love quilting. It is one of those can't get enough of!! Check out the tutorials section for some tips and tricks....and feel free to ask questions and hang out. We love to help!!