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What have we done!?

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    What have we done!?

    From user Toggpine here on the forums, she sent me a PM as follows -

    I am sure the ladies of MSQC really have you busy working on the many
    fantastic things you do behind the scenes to keep the sight up and running.
    I just have a quick question, & a request that will probably involve more
    work for you.

    Is there anyway that you can open a section where new members can post
    their intro info? It would be great for us to be able to find them all in
    one location, instead of in the General Discussion forum."
    Well, we think that's a great idea, so here we go!!

    Thanks for the idea Toggpine, send them along as you can!


    Re: What have we done!?

    I so agree!!! I've been thinking this but always forget to ask! Great suggestion toggpine!
    To stitch or not to stitch... There is no question.


      Re: What have we done!?

      Thanks bill!