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I was here before but couldn't remember my i'm new again

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    I was here before but couldn't remember my i'm new again

    Well it's been over a year or 2 since i was last in the forums...I kind of just fazed out as I kinda wandered off quilting into my other many crafts. I have a very short attention span so I tend to rotate and try new things, but I always come back to the same 4 crafts...quilting, sewing, crochet, and cross stitch...despite know 12 forms of crafts and wanting to learn to knit.

    I have recently decided to try traditional quilting again. I am piecing together a's an over size queen...i've only made 1 traditional quilt and it was lap size!!!!!! I am using the Dreamcatcher Batik Fat Quarter Bundles I got from MSQC.....I've actually spent quite a big shopping since the 4th on fabric..LOL...

    I am calling it The Dreamcatcher Wedding Quilt. It's for a friend who just got married.

    I am using my mom's old Pfaff to sew with now. I was using a refurbed brother and it was great for rag quilts but not much else. My lines and stuff were horrible on it cause the pedal was so loose. Mom's Pfaff's pedal is nice and stick and don't kill my arthritis in my ankles. She got the Big Pfaff Creative Sensation with the embroidery hook up, so i inherited the old Classic Quilt Style Pfaff. My stitching is night straight and worth for sale.

    ok now onto the pertinent stuff now that I have rambled on....

    I am 30.5 years old with my 31st birthday coming in July. I have 2 crazy mouthy little dogs, my baby girl just had dental surgery today and lost her 6 bottom front between the canines...poor little Dixie. Mason her older brother by a month and 2 weeks was pouting all day looking for *his* girl. Mason is a male Italian Greyhound...looks like a Whippet...and Dixie is a female Rat Terrier. They are both almost 11. Mason in Aug and baby girl in Sept. So dental surgery at her age made me very worried all day.

    I am a webmaster by hobby and I hold an Associate in Visual Communication which is a fancy word for web design. I laxed in the past 10 years except when I was getting my degree, but I have recently rekindled my love of building sites. I created this website..every line of it for me and my mom's shop at Welcome to Rain's Krafty Korner Business Information Hub: Home . I am also building us a simple eShoppe stand alone website just cause I can and have an unlimited server account.

    I hold a BSIT in Software Engineering and I am getting my Master's in the same subject. I plan on completing school once I have a PhD in IT. My AA and BSIT were gained from University of Phoenix and after having enough of the learning team culture, i switched to Walden University for my Masters and my eventual PhD.

    I am currently disabled, but the point of school is to get an education so my only options for work are not either Fast Food Or Waitressing. I want to be a programmer. So since SSI unless you are lucky as sin, will not provide a roof over my head plus for my 2 pups. I currently live with my parents. We have our moments, but for the most part it's pretty normal of 2 parents having an adult child at home.

    Me and my mom have a craft shop together. It's called Rain's Krafty Korner. I run it and all that stuff and make most the product due to my short attention span.

    I am a major Star Wars and Lord of the Ring fangirl. I read Dragonriders of Pern and The Star Wars Novel up till New Jedi Order.. It just got plain weird starting with the New jedi Order Books and beyond.

    I love Bones, WWE, Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human TV Shows. I am kinda technology adverse to a point....Case in point I do not have a Smart Phone or a Tablet. I just have my Laptop and a very smart business calculator. Even tho I am all over Social media I am still ambivalent about it. I mostly use it for promoting my business and for chatting with my online friends.

    It kind of odd considering I am a technology student. I am also a designer. I design these odd looking pin cushions called Biscornu's...French word for irregular. I design the cross stitch design and model stitch them. I sell the models and I sell the patterns on my zibbet shop and on craftsy.

    well I think that is everything and more about me that anyone would want.
    Very crafty with a dose of crazy thrown in for good measure