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    Peach State NEWBIE

    Hi yall

    I live in middle Georgia. I am not a very experienced quilter. I dont own a quilting machine.
    I like to sew quick things, potholders, totes, placemats, table runners, dolls, etc.

    I love RAG quilts in flannel. I use my Duetta 4500 to embroider on them.
    I had a Grace GMQ Pro with a Juki. I did NOT like it. I sold it to a friend who seems to be enjoying it.

    I have chronic back pain and cant stand to do all that quilting. I am considering the sit down long arm......maybe one day. I love to make quilt tops (easy, fast patterns) but have no way to quilt them.

    I am retired from nursing for 20 years almost. Have husband and one son age 16.
    Our dogs are Buster and Shelby. One indoor and one outdoor.

    I dont sew every day. I have to be in the mood.
    Sewing makes me happy though so I need to get back into it.

    Would welcome to meet you!


    Re: Peach State NEWBIE

    Laurie, welcome from Vermont. You'll love all the folks here. They will definately inspire you to get back into sewing! Enjoy.

    I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


      Re: Peach State NEWBIE

      Laurie, I'm sending you a great big welcome from NW Missouri!!
      Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
      it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

      "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


        Re: Peach State NEWBIE

        welcome you will like it here. i am from ga as well


          Re: Peach State NEWBIE

          Welcome from Ky Laurie! You will love it here. This forum will get you back in the swing of sewing in no time. I know what you mean about having back problems.Me and my DH were rear ended about 20 years ago. I wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time ( never leave home without it now) The problems from that wreck didn't rear its ugly head til about 12 years ago when I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter my neck locked up for about 4 days. I was told after my daughter was born(had a CT scan) that it was probably caused by the wreck. It has been down hill every since.I cannot take any kind of serious pain med because it makes me deathly ill so I rely on Ibuprofen. So far it has kept me up and ambulatory ha ha . Enjoy your time here. I am hooked for sure.


            Re: Peach State NEWBIE

            Hello from Australia, Laurie. You will receive plenty of encouragement here to get you back into quilting. Did you see the video posted by Sharon in the Quilting Questions, I need to now sandwich my quilt thread? So easy on problem backs and also old ones like mine. I will be trying it out in the very near future.

            Mary B.


              Re: Peach State NEWBIE

              Hello Laurie,

              welcome from Germany! Like you I can only sew when I´m in the mood for it. I´ve been working on two bedcovers for the children of my friends. I´m almost ashamed to say (tipe) it, but I finished one, and I´m still working on the second (for nearly a year). I just can´t force myself to finish it.