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Brand new to quilting from Illinois

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    Brand new to quilting from Illinois

    Hi. Brand spanking new here. Found your website from youtube videos (awesome help). I have ordered a Brother LB6800PRW sewing/embroidery machine. While waiting for that to come in I thought that I would go to a fabric store and get supplies, I don't know if I should mention the name or not. Anyway, I also took a full size "wedding ring" quilt top that my grandmother had made more than 40 years ago. I wanted to get some ideas on finishing it. Long story short, they really took the wind out of my sails. I had to go through 4 people before I could find someone who knew about quilting. When I showed the woman the top she said "are you kidding?" she said, you can't do that, that has to be stretched on a frame, you have to let the women at the church do that and there is a waiting list that is years long, don't be ridiculous.
    With my jaw dropped I just said forget it and she walked off. Then I tried to ask a girl what material she recommended to get started with to practice and she said that it didn't matter and walked away. I ask another girl about thread and she said just get polyester and walked away. Everyone just looked at me like I was an idiot. I left feeling terrible and doubting whether or not I could actually make anything. Needless to say I won't be going back there.
    I did go to the bookstore and bought a really good book on quilting and have read that. Between that and your videos I have learned alot. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head and am looking forward to actually starting. On the quilt top I just wanted some opinions on which way to go with it. Since my grandmother had hand stitched it I thought that I would finish it by hand. I know that will take a long time but I have tons of time.
    I also thought that I would start out with one of the quilt kits that you have and was wondering what all comes with that. Will I need to get the thread, backing and batting?
    Well, sorry for the length, just wanted to say hi, and that I am really happy to have found your site.
    Thanks so much.

    Re: Brand new to quilting from Illinois

    Rhonda - good for you for not letting those 'people' ruin your dreams of finishing that quilt.
    Kits don't come with thread, batting, and usually not the backing. I'm not sure if MSQC kits come with the backing.
    I personally don't use polyester thread. As for the batting, I use Warm and Natural. And the backing - I usually choose something once my quilt top is finished before I decide what I want to use as a back.
    Handwork is great for those nights you might sit and watch a movie. I love handwork.

    Watch the tutorials that this site offers - you'll get lots of tips and inspiration on those.

    Can't wait to see a photo of the double wedding ring. It sounds gorgeous. A quilt does not HAVE to be stretched on a frame. I have quilted many quilts in my lap without even a hoop. And I don't have puckers either. I think it's all in how you learn.

    We are happy you have found us. Any questions, you just ask away and someone will answer.



      Re: Brand new to quilting from Illinois

      Hi Rhonda!
      Dont let a few uneducated (quilting wise) salepersons ruin your enthusiasm! Everything I know (admittedly, not alot...yet) I have taught myself by reading and practicing. You tube has an awesome array of far, my favorite are MSQC's video! You're going to feel like Jenny is your best friend by the time you watch all the videos. There are thousands of online sites to go to for advice and techniques...again MSQC is my favorite quilting forum!
      My first "quilt" was 3 colors (red, white and blue) and made with just strips and borders....I was practicing my straight lines and 1/4 inch seams. Its one of my favorite quilts!

      My point is.....I forgot what my point

      Anyway....take time to learn your new machine, practice with it and before you know it, you're going to be giving others quilting advise!!

      Welcome to the Wonderful World of Quilting!!
      As ye sew, so shall ye rip.


        Re: Brand new to quilting from Illinois

        you are going to love your embroidery machine. I love love love mine. I have made some great quilts. I like doing baby quilts with embroidery. Years ago my MIL taught me how to quilt through the mail. She would send me the fabric and the directions for each step. I made a nine patch twin size. Since then I have learned on my own through books and then the internet came around and Wow that opened up a brand new world. I think with every quilt you will always learn something. I can't believe those ladies treated you like that. You certainly do not need them to quilt it you can do it yourself. I have two quilts that my grandmother and great grandmother hand pieced and I hand quilted them. I also have a hand pieced quilt that my great grandfather from the other side of the family did because he had lost his wife so he pretty much had to do it all. I have yet to quilt it. I need to do that. You will love it here. you will find all your answers here. great people


          Re: Brand new to quilting from Illinois

          Rhonda, you have found the right place to be. Thanks for finding us and thanks for letting us know what problems you've faced so far. Just keep reminding yourself of the little train that could. It is so difficult to find people in the 'service' area who really know anything about what they are selling - most people just want that paycheck and the heck with everything else.

          MSQC and the forum 'folks' are a warm, welcoming, helpful bunch of people with similar interests and they are always willing to share and help.

          Come often and don't be afraid to let us know what you are facing. Someone always has tips and hints for you!!

          Welcome from NW MO.
          Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
          it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

          "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


            Re: Brand new to quilting from Illinois

   completely disregard everything you have been told prior to coming home to us!! LOL...

            Don't let anyone discourage you. I have machine quilted on my little Brother machine, and I have hand quilted with a 18" hoop on my sofa.

            get yourself some batting and 18" squares of muslin. make a quilt sandwich and practice practice practice. I learned most of everything I know from youtube.

            don't let the buzzards get you down!


              Re: Brand new to quilting from Illinois

              Hi Rhonda, and a warm welcome from New Jersey! Ask any questions you have and someone will be sure to answer. You can learn so much here and you'll find your confidence rising with each thing you learn to do. Like Michele said, get yourself some muslin and thread and batting (I like Warm and Natural or Warm and White) and get to know your sewing machine. You'll do great!
              There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                Re: Brand new to quilting from Illinois

                I want to thank everyone so very much for your wonderful warm responses, I really appreciate it and it makes me even more excited to get started. I'll let you know how it goes with my quilt top. I am going to take your wonderful advice and practice, practice and practice some more. I figure my practice pieces will make good babydoll blankets for my granddaughter lol
                Thanks again