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cutting perfect squares or rectangles.

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    cutting perfect squares or rectangles.

    I would like to see a tutorial on the basics such as cutting fabric accurately. I can't believe how off I am on each square. I would like to see how the pros do it instead of purchasing precut fabric. Thanks.

    Welcome to the forum from Canada's capital.

    Basic in my opinion is to use ruler & rotary cutter. Press firmly on ruler so it doesn't shift. If you can't apply pressure, use a weight (see Jordan fabric tutorials). For blocks on same quilt, use same ruler, as these can vary slightly. I don't use lines on cutting mats. I'm certain others will offer their best tips.

    Another option is those cutting machines such as AccuQuilt or Sissix, but these can be expensive.

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      I'm the opposite, I use the lines on the mat. Here is a video with a mom and daughter showing different ways.


      I forgot to say that precuts aren't only for convenience, but for the variety of the fabrics you get with them.
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        Welcome! from northern California. I also use the lines on the mat. Didn't Jenny have a beginning quilting tutorial where she covered how to cut?



          Welcome to Missouri Star Quilt Company!
          Here on MSQC Jenny does a lot of Tutorials and here's a video about cutting half square triangles. :

          One thing I recommend if you are new to using a rotary cutter is to weigh down your rule when cutting. Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics ALWAYS uses a weigh (like you would use for exercise)
          Below is a video showing you how Donna cuts her fabrics (her husband Matt also uses this same method. Prior to purchasing one of these weights, I used a can of (large can) of V-8 juice LOL!
          You'll see the weight that Donna uses at 11 and at 1:22-:1:24 in the video below:

          ************************************************** ******************************
          Prior to watching Donna's videos I always used that V8 can to hold down my ruler. I also have purchased MSQC's rulers, which are easier to use (IMO)

          There's several ways to square up your blocks :

          ************************************************** ***************
          I have BOTH of these tools to square up quilt blocks....and Jenny uses both of these in a lot of her tutorials:
          Jenny's Daughter-In-Law Misty Doan explains how to use both of the rulers I posted links for in the video below.
          Misty starts explaining how to use these tools to square your quilt blocks at : 4:21

          Here's where you can get the hand weights : (I'm sure you can purchase them any where.....I just found them on Walmart a little faster:

          (this is a 2 lb.....but I have an 5 lb and an 10 lb I use. I don't remember where my son purchased the ones I have though.
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            Here's a good tutorial...I use a weight on the end of my ruler to keep it still.

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              Welcome from MA! I found these cutting tips from Bonnie Hunter very helpful:

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                I love my June Taylor Shape cut plus ruler, I can make strips in most sizes and then turn the strips to make squares. I use it with almost every project