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Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

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    Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

    ...about us!

    It occurred to me that since it wasn't that long ago that I was a newbie, there are a lot of people on here that I never read their intro and don't know much about them. So, if you are comfortable, let's re-introduce ourselves to the newcomers.

    Since I suggested it, guess I will start:

    Hello, my name is Donna and I am a quilt addict. I am 55 and have four children from 32 to 16 and a five month old grandson. He was the reason I got started on this whole quilting thing at this point in my life. I had been interested for years, but just never took the plunge (other than accumulating a large stash of fabrics). When I searched the internet for quilt ideas, I stumbled upon Jenny's JRR tutorial and I was hooked. I work the night shift at the Post Office and have for 25 years, so pretty used to it. Currently live with my sister after divorcing 5 years ago and hoping to find the right place to move to soon. It's not so easy since we have dogs. Actually, I think the dogs have us. We not only have a crew of our own, we foster rescue dogs pulled from death row and find homes for them. It is very rewarding, but a LOT of work. It also makes it hard to find a place to live where you have dog-loving neighbors - which we do here.

    Since I started quilting last summer, I have finished four quilts, have eight UFO's, and a ton of fabric waiting for it's turn.

    Glad you have all joined us and I am looking forward to seeing more of you!


    Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

    Hi all together,

    my name is Renate, I am at home in Winterthur/Switzerland, where I live with my dear Markus. I started quilting about 15 years ago, but had a longer break, because of working like crazy. A tutorial from Jenny gave me the kick to start again and since then I am adicted. In the past I used to work as a natural doctor, but stopped my praxis because of a fully burn-out. Since about 10 years my dear Markus and I are running a company selling beautiful frames to the opticians. I am a lot on the road, visiting our customers and by the way also the next fabric stores, what let my stash grow each week.
    Seldom I am quilting something for my own, oh, I try it with each project, but at the moment something is ready what was planed for our house, somebody comes, admires the work and asks carfully if i eventually could do something like that for him or her. that`s the moment, when I see my things go through the door and I do the next "but thats the one I will keep" project.
    Markus and I have 3 children, 27, 24 and 23. The older and the younger are boys and a girl in the middle. They all live their own life in their own flat. Carolin started quilting also 2 weeks ago and each time she visits me, we are doing something together.
    In my freetime in the warmer season I spend as much time as possible on the golf courses around. Quilting and Golfing relaxes me immediately and I am sure, would I have quilted or golfed more during my praxis work, I never would have had a burn-out.
    (Should we ever close our optical support business, I will open a quilting-golfing recreation-home and I am sure, people are a lot quicker back to live than with medicin and talking-therapie).

    So, I am curious what you have to write about yourself

    Next ...


      Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

      Hello everyone!! Welcome Newbies!!!
      I'm a 70 yr old widow (10 years now) that learned to sew at an early age.. Gram made beautiful quilts, but I never got one.. She had 40+ grandkids and I was too far down the list to get one before she passed.. But I remember her sewing blocks and cutting fabric. She never gave up any of her secrets, tho.. sew I surfed the net til I found Jenny's tutorials...THEY got me here!!

      I lost most of my vision in a car accident in 1988. which I had to immediately retire from nursing afterwards. Thankfully the Lord left me with enough vision to sew and take care of most of my daily needs. I now live with my youngest daughter & her hubby. 3 cats and 2 dogs share our home, along with my crafts and 4 sewing machines. Thankfully they have a large 2 story house where I have my own MIL Suite . I have a Son (middle child) who lives in Virginia and Oldest, DD#1 who lives in Florida. I also have 3 grandsons and 1 grand daughter..all pretty much grown up and making their own way thru life.

      My style of quilting is traditional.. I fall in love with a block and wing it from there. Be sure to visit my blog for details of my love of "blocks" (its at the bottom of each post "my imagination")

      Click HERE to find me and My imagination


        Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

        Hi from Debbie in Arizona - I was a newbie in November to all this. Took sewing back up the past few years and loved it so much - then YES Jenny's Jelly Roll quilt had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I musta watched that 100 times! Ordered my 1st pre-cut fabrics and have not stopped since. Married to a very understanding man for over 20 years, we are mostly retired. I used to do trap, neuter release of feral cats across the country, and adopt older cats from rescue groups. When we had 6 my husband said NO more - so I don't foster cats anymore, though we lost 2 last year (cancer and old age). All his kids live up north so we take our 5th wheel and get outta the Arizona heat about the end of May and don't come back until October some time -- BUT, this year we will get to the Missouri Quilt Shop about Oct 3rd and enjoy meeting many people on the boards here Yahooo!

        Come introduce yourself, pull up a chair and have your coffee or such. Very friendly and helpful people and join a Group and enjoy a sew along of one type or another.

        and ... Next
        Debbie and the cats KayCee (16), Lucky Streak (11), and gods gift Sandia (8)

        RIP Bonnie (18) December 2014 We had 10 loving years before you went to see your previous Meow-Mom - tell her I love you too!

        Spread Sunshine with every thought, word and deed.


          Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

          I'm Martina and I live with my DH Pat (married 36 years), 2 dogs and a cat in Northern California. Originally I was born and raised in Germany and decided to transplant to the US in 82. I'm a relative newbie to this forum but not to quilting. That hobby took hold and became an addiction in the early 90s - shortly after we bought our house. I work full time so there isn't THAT much free time. Last fall I bought a Sweet 16 sit-down quilting machine and I am slowly starting to learn FMQ. Right now I have 8 projects hanging over the banister waiting to be quilted.
          Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fabric
          Martina (aka MadQuilter in other forums)


            Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

            Hi, Everybody, and welcome to the newbies! I'm Sally and I live in central Connecticut - about half-way between Boston and New York. I'm a longtime sewing addict who got into quilting a couple of years ago. My husband's aunt passed away and the family insisted I take her whole sewing room full of stuff, including five pieced but otherwise unfinished quilts - I felt less like a kid in a candy store than a kid who just had the entire candy store delivered to her house! I love love love the Jenny tuts, but they have seriously enabled my addiction! I have come to really appreciate the many folks on this forum who are so encouraging to one another and have so much great advice to share.

            I've been married to the same amazing guy for 33+ years. We have 10 children age 16 - 32, four daughters-in-law, and 7 grandchildren. Most of them are close to home; 2 still in high school; 4 out of college and living in the area (two - DD#2 and DD#6 - work for my DH as teachers in a small Christian school); 1 in college, 1 works for a university in VA; 1 is a research physicist with the US Navy; and DD#5 teaches English to local students in Daegu, South Korea.

            Renate - if you ever decide to open that vacation resort that has a golf course and a quilting studio, please let me know! Sounds PERFECT for me and my DH... we would so be there.

            Hope everybody has a great weekend - we are hunkering down here as the weather guys say we're in for 20 inches (.5 meters) of snow in the next 48 hours! Already went to the store for milk and bread. I'm hoping the power doesn't go out so I can keep working on the table runner I'm making for my sister-in-law's 50th birthday.

            ~ Sally \0/


              Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...


              I am Annika and i am from Sweden, you know , where ABBA and Björn Borg and Roxette are from! Lol!!

              I have been quilting now for almost 1 year and a half. My elder sister got me hooked on the summer 2011.
              I too find this forum thrue internet and Jennys tutorial. I joined in feb 2012 and has never looked back!

              I have 2 beautiful teenages girls and 2 small dogs and 2 cats and a fulltime work. I am 43 years old.

              I know of only one more person that quilt on this forum that is from Sweden and you bet i was suprised when i found out that she is from the same town as me!

              Well that was a bit about me.

              Welcome all newbies!

              God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
              The stash to make a quilt to help me cope,
              A quilt to give to comfort those I love in times of hurt, fear and uncertainty.
              And the courage to keep on sewing when life itself seems held together by a single thread of hope.


                Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

                Hi all I am screen name is my real name..not very
                I am going to be 40 in July..I have 2 girls from my 1st marraige and have been married to my 2nd Hubby for almost 6 yrs...We live in Spring Valley,Ca USA which is near San Diego...I have been in on near this area since I was 4 yrs old.
                I work in a prison and a Corrections Officer so crafts are my outlet..
                I just started quilting and sewing in Oct 2012..Had never touched a machine before but here I many I found this forum because of the tuts on youtube and I am so happy I did
                Everyone here is so helpful and encouraging!
                Hope to see all newbies post soon...
                These things, I warmly wish for you-
                Someone to love, some work to do,
                A bit'o sun, a bit'o cheer.
                And a guardian angel always near.

                ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
                (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•Shannon



                  Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

                  Hello, I'm Genny a 62 year old (in april). I've been married to my dh for 27 years (in June) and I have 2 beautiful daughters(from a previous marriage) 2 beautiful grandaughters and of course 2 beautiful great grandaughters . I learned to quilt at a very young age by watching and helping my mother with the cutting and sewing using a treadle machine. At this time I'm really into sewing and quilting smaller items to give as gifts I am presently unemployed so I spend a lot of time on this wonderful quilting forum!

                  Welcome to all the're going to love it here!
                  TODAY IS A GOOD DAY...TO HAVE A GOOD DAY...Genny


                    Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...



                      Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

                      Hi, I am Joyce. My screen name is the name of a dog I once had.

                      I am retired. I married my second husband seven years ago four years after my husband of 32 years passed away. When we retired, we moved from Houston to a rural area in central Texas. We live on 20 acres that were once part of my great-grandfather's farm. Right now, the only animals we have are nine goats and four cats. Over the last seven years, we have had chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks, but they are all gone now. I love animals.

                      When we first moved here, we had several buildings erected. One of those buildings was an office we used because my husband worked from home and used it for that. He retired, and I took over that building for my quilting hobby. I have a Grace quilt frame that I use to quilt the quilts.

                      I started quilting many years ago, I don't know how many, probably 30 or so. One day I watched the PBS channel on Saturday when a quilting program came on. It was Kaye Woods with her strip piecing method of making quilts. I though "I can do that!", and that got me started. I also watched Eleanor Burns shows. Back then, there wasn't any internet, so TV was the medium of choice.

                      The first of many quilts I did, I gave away. I am sorry I did that now, because of all of the quilts I gave away, only one of my sisters appreciated it. She has been rewarded with a second quilt! So, now I make quilts and mostly keep them. I do see quilts given to elderly persons, and that touches my heart. If I were to give them away again, it would be to those people. I made my niece two baby quilts, and my daughter and her husband one each. So I do give away some.

                      I seem to be attracted to dark colors. I love blue, purple, and green. I have been making traditional quilts, or quilts from Jenny's videos. I am making a king quilt that is eating my lunch! I am almost through with it, and the light is at the end of the tunnel for it.

                      I love seeing everyone's quilts. It is amazing to me to see so many different quilts. I thought I had seen them all, but I know I haven't.

                      I am hoping to buy an antique Singer sewing machine tomorrow. I haven't heard from the man, so I am getting nervous, but I hope it works out. I know I could quickly get addicted to buying them.

                      That's it for me!
                      Joyce "She who dies with the most fabric wins!!"


                        Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

                        Hi, I am Susie, I have been quilting for about 11 years now; my daughter taught me how...little did she know I couldn't even thread a sewing machine! I sure do know how to now....I do most of my own maintenance and trouble shooting but will occasionally take my machines in for a thorough cleaning....Learned about this forum through Jenny's tutorials and joined....and visit almost daily if not twice or three times a day just to see what is going on! I have learned so much from this forum and Jenny's the Doan family and my forum family very much! You have kept me sane!
                        I am a widow of about 9 years late husband helped me get started and bought me my first expensive quilting/sewing was his last anniversary gift to me and I will never give it up...I now also have an Elna that my fiance got me for my birthday last my old machine does the piecing and my new machine does most of the quilting and bulky type work! I work at two different jobs (both part time) to help support my habit (I love to buy fabric...could starve and wouldn't care). I have 3 daughters and a multitude of grand children but am only close to my eldest daughter and my first grand daughter will be turning 18...where did the years go?...Enough about me...I share my home with Steve, (fiance), Sassi (dog), and Dakota my quaker parrot!


                          Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

                          Dear Donna,
                          this is the thread I like to follow most, always curious who will introduce herself next. So, don`t hesitate, we are interested in you!


                            Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

                            Originally posted by Swedish leo View Post
                            I am Annika and i am from Sweden, you know , where ABBA and Björn Borg and Roxette are from! Lol!!
                            My husband would be VERY upset that you left out bands like In Flames, Ghost, Meshuggah and Opeth

                            Hi all! My name is Dee and I'm from Newfoundland, Canada! I'm one of the youngin's at 27. My husband and I live here with our two kitties, Boots and Tinkerbelle. I've been sewing for a few years on and off, but only taking it seriously for less than a year and I'm LOVING it! I've only been sewing so far, no real quilting (unless table runners and wall hangings count lol) and I can't wait to get finished on my first quilt, a beautiful "Surf Song" Bargello for my in-laws.

                            I'm hosting the Mug Rug Swap here, feel free to join in! It's open until next Thursday! I'm also part a whole bunch of groups. Join in on the group fun by clicking on "Groups" up there at the top. We love it when newbies join in! I love this place and everyone in it, and I'm always game for a good laugh. Us Newfies are used to people having a laugh at our expense after all

                            Oh! And DON'T be afraid to post. Despite the drama that I've apparently missed out on recently (thanks be to God lol) we're normally a happy and friendly bunch! So hop in, share what you're up to, ask questions, and just chat away! I'll be ending my book here, thanks lol
                            There Is
                            Good In The World


                              Re: Let's tell all our newbies a thing or two...

                              Hi all! I'm Kathie and DH and I live in Southern Maine. I have just recently stopped lurking and started to participate. I was raised in NJ, not too far from New York City. Since then I have lived in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Indiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Maine thanks to the military (exDH).

                              I retired last June, but won't receive Medicare until this June. I have been married almost 21 years and between us we have 5 children 34-42 yrs, 9 grandchildren ages 4-20 and one great grandson 20mos. and one on the way next month.

                              It seems as though I have always done hand crafts. I started sewing clothes when I was in Junior High School and didn't make my first quilt until I was near 30. Then I took a hand quilting class that ended with us learning a different technique every week. I started collecting cotton fabric at that time, but most of my quilting was given away as gifts or started and not completed. I decided to join the 2013 UFO Challenge to clean up my quilting table. It was easy to list 12 UFO projects but I keep remembering more and more and probably have enough for 2 more years!

                              I'm really enjoying the ladies on this forum and I'm still learning new tips and tricks from them. And I love seeing all the talent.


                              Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Dr. Seuss