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Can’t upload pictures

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  • Can’t upload pictures

    I haven’t been able to upload pictures. I keep getting an error unable to upload message. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Re: Can’t upload pictures

    Try resizing your picture and see if that works. I had issues recently and that was the problem. The file size was too big. (be nice if there was a pop-up telling you that)
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      Re: Can’t upload pictures

      There is a free download you can use on your computer called Shrink Pictures.


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        Re: Can’t upload pictures

        I have had the issue a few times. I only upload from iPad, and size is the same. Sometimes it works, sometimes it gives me the error message. So, these pics don't get shared.

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          Re: Can’t upload pictures

          Mike changed the size of my pictures on my camera, so maybe check the settings there and switch to email size.

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            Re: Can’t upload pictures

            I am not able to post any pictures. I dont know how to change the size of a picture like everyone has said. Can anyone help? Thanks


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              Re: Can’t upload pictures

              Usually in a photo program you can change the size by inches or pixels. I usually set the pixels between 300 and 400 and it uploads fine. If say if my pixels say 1600x1400 then I change it to like 500 pixels on the longest size after clicking that you want the picture to maintain it's current ratio. That way you don't get a distortion. If it still won't upload I'll change the 500 to 450 or 400. Usually then it will. I do that in PSP (paint shop pro) but I think all the camera software or image software also does that.

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                Re: Can’t upload pictures

                The Shrink Pictures did not totally do it for me. I had to use my Adobe Photo Shop to further re-size my pics. Now I'm able to post pics again.