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    Add an AVATAR too!

    So I just also found out that you can add an "avatar" to your account. What is that difference between a profile picture and an avatar? The profile picture is the picture that appears on your profile (you're saying no duh!) when someone clicks on your name. Your profile is where you can put information about yourself, including a picture. Click on mine as an example.

    An avatar is the little picture that appears under or beside you name whenever you post something and is a little trickier to add. Here's what you do:

    1) Go to "settings" at the top right of the screen while logged in
    2) Click on "edit avatar" on the left hand column
    3) Either upload a picture from your hardrive or find a site with a picture you like.

    Here is the tricky part though. The picture must be 80 x 80 pixels. To get a picture like that, you either have to use a photo editing program to edit a file on your computer so you can resize and save it at 80 x 80, or find a picture on the web that size. I suggest the latter. Here's how you do it:

    1) Go to Google and click "images" on the top left.
    2) Whatever the picture you are searching for, you must enter "imagesize:80x80" right after your search terms. So if you were looking for a cat picture, you would search "cat imagesize:80x80"
    3) This search brings up a whole bunch of cat pictures size 80 x 80 pixels. Select the one you want. This will take you too the website where the picture is from.
    4) At the top of the page you will see the link "See full size image". Click it!
    5) Behold, this is the web address (aka URL) that you can copy and paste into your "edit avatar" page under "settings"
    6) Now you are officially cool. Pat yourself on the back!

    You can also visit different free avatar sites and download them from there. One example is:
    Make sure you only download the 80 x 80 ones, because many are actually 100 x 100.

    Re: Add an AVATAR too!

    Cool.... I feel like I have more personality on here now with my avatar. Has anyone seen the movie Avatar (tangent I know)... I thought it was pretty cool!
    "A smile is the most inexpensive way to improve your looks."


      Re: Add an AVATAR too!

      I use Picasa to edit my photos. Here is how to make an image small enough using Picasa.

      Click on the picture that you want to use.
      Click on the exports folder at the bottom center of the page.
      When your export details come up change the size to 80 pixels.
      click export and your done!
      Then when you go to upload your avatar, search your computer for your picasa exports file and your pic should be right there, ready and waiting!

      Hope this helps!


        Re: Add an AVATAR too!

        How cool is this??

        I love all the changes to the forum!!

        I chose an avatar of a quilt project I hope to create...someday. A dear friend of mine drew this pic for a computer graphics class and I thought it would make an awesome wall hanging as soon as I get the confidence to try
        As ye sew, so shall ye rip.


          Re: Add an AVATAR too!

          Wow, that's a beautiful picture. Be sure to post up lots of pics once you finally make it. We'd all love to see your finished work!