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    without trying to offend anyone. is there a way that we can have a new thread or what ever you call it like show and tell only for prayers for our people. i seem to be missing a lot of them. i guess i am asking for a dedicated whatever you call them. but if it offends anyone, i know people ask for prayers on the general discussion. thanks

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    Re: new thread

    Hi Aqua - They are posted in the General Chit-Chat area most often. Do you mean have someone put a Sticky? That would be maybe Karen you could ask?
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      Re: new thread

      I think she's wanting a "prayers and thoughts" forum added, like we have general discussions, show and tell, how to use the site etc.
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        Re: new thread

        Check out the GROUPS this morning!!
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          Re: new thread

          found it. i will try to check the general discussion on a more regular basis also. Thanks
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            Re: new thread

            If people would post in the more correct category you wouldn't miss as many. General Discussion falls under the header of Quilting Discussions, so that should be quilting related things. General Chit Chat is where the other "stuff" should be and is normally posted. Often times those two categories seem to be interchangeable to a lot of people here.

            But, Sandy started a group and that is probably better than a specific prayer category in threads. We have people of all different beliefs and non-beliefs here so in groups it is less likely to offend anyone.
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