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    Deleting message?

    I have been trying this afternoon to delete some of my messages. It's not letting me do it. They're still there even after I click on them, click on delete, etc. I have no clue what to do next. I'm open to suggestions.

    Joy, I went to my inbox and clicked on the messages I wanted to delete. Then went up to the delete button and clicked on it. It said it moved the messages to the trash.

    I went to the trash file, clicked on select all then clicked on permanently delete. It prompted... are you sure? I clicked yes and they disappeared.

    Could it be a conflict with the browser you're using? I'm sure you've been through all of those steps.
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      How many are you trying to delete in one instance? I don't know if this would make a difference, but if you tried maybe 10 at a time it might make a difference. I did the same thing as Katrina, and it worked just fine.

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      • JCY
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        I've tried deleting one at a time as well as several at a time. Didn't work.

      I recently had the same issue. I did what KPH suggested and it worked for me. I did most of my deleting from my Sent folder. It was a real pain because some items took 2-3 times before they deleted. Frustrating to be sure.

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      • KPH
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        I went to check out the sent folder. Holy cow, only got 3 to delete on the earliest page that only had 5 email on it. The other two are still there. No matter what I do they don't leave.

        This is an interesting conundrum.

      Mine didn't disappear until after I completely "X"ed out of the Forum and closed the window. Next time I logged in they weren't there.


        I just tried using Google Chrome as my browser instead of my usual Firefox. At least now I can see all the messages -- all 19 pages of them! Going back to 2017! No wonder my box is full. But could I delete any of them? Nope! I've sent an e-m to M*, so I hope someone will get back to me next week.