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Deleting Stored Messages

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    Deleting Stored Messages

    I have an issue. When I try to send a message I get a dropdown message that I have exceeded my limit of stored messages and I need to delete some. So I went into messages and went page my page, selecting several pages and indicating I wanted All on each page deleted. I received verification that the items had been sent to the trash, but they are still there.

    Long story short is that I can’t send any messages. I need help !

    Note: Can someone from our group contact Pam (pcbatiks) and see if there is a problem with her sharing her quilts today. Today is her third day. Thanks, Barb
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    Scottie Mom Barb

    I went to my messages and tried to delete one and it worked. I don't know if this would make a difference, but have you tried to delete one at a time instead of a bunch at once? That would be a pain in the neck if you have a lot to delete, but it might take out enough to get a message sent.

    Sorry I'm not more help.

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      You may need to refresh the browser page for the deleted messages to update.


        I usually delete mine one at a time. I haven't had any problems deleting items.


          Barb ~ I just PM'd her; she says she working on it right now.