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One more reason for me to love *M*

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    One more reason for me to love *M*

    So I placed an order when the daily deal was the block magazines.
    Yes that was on the 5th or 6th just a few short days ago.

    The staff is AWESOME! My order shipped right away. I already received it!!!

    I haven't even had a chance to look through the block magazines but I am already impressed. They are much thicker than I thought they would be and a very quick page flip revealed there are at least 3 patterns in one magazine I had on my want list.

    Now my order was not for fabric. It was a few patterns, an angled lint brush and the daily deal.

    For real *M* has never let me down.

    Re: One more reason for me to love *M*

    It's always good to read happy stories about quick shipping. It gives us all hope!

    I, too, recently bought a Daily Deal. I received it in about a week!
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      Re: One more reason for me to love *M*

      I find it sad reading about others that have had issues with shipping here at MSQC. I haven't ordered in quite awhile, but prior to that when everyone seemed to be having issues with shipping, etc. I can honestly say that the packages I ordered came on time, etc.
      When you order something of course you don't want to wait forever, however, stop and think about how many places MSQC mails things too! It's mind blogging that a couple of years ago I read (or watched a MSQC YT video about the store) where 1000 packages are mailed out daily!! That's a lot of packages!!!

      Glad to know you got your order of the Block magazine quickly!

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        Re: One more reason for me to love *M*

        I just love MSQC. Every company has a little challenge now and then. These folks are incredible! If you need something right away to finish a project and can't wait a couple of days (in most cases, I've experienced) then go to your local fabric store or....sorry, plan a little ahead. Great people, great folks on the forum....sorry if I have offended anyone.
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