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    Underwhelming Sales

    The sale today is for up to 30% off all 10" squares...but in reality the sale price for most items is only about $2 less than it sells for any other day. Suppose a layer cake is usually $36.95 and today it is $35.10. That's only a real savings of 5%. If you go by the MSRP that the layer cake is never sold at, $40.00, then it's a savings of about 12%.

    A lot of online fabric stores do this and it's as if they don't think customers remember the regular price range in which precuts and yardage are sold.

    Yes, the fine print says up to 30% off. But the vast majority of products have a far smaller discount than that. It's more like "Most layer cakes 5% off, a handful maybe more, come take a look!"

    At least the daily deals are still very good.

    ETA: you can sort the results by Price: low to high and save some frustration. A 5% discount on some layer cakes still seems silly.
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