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FedEx SMARTpost - NOT!

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    Re: FedEx SMARTpost - NOT!

    Originally posted by auntstuff View Post
    Just dump the lousy FedEx, and we be fine.

    I hate it when it takes so long to get your order you forget what and why you ordered in the first place!

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      Re: FedEx SMARTpost - NOT!

      Originally posted by K. McEuen View Post
      The only thing Smart or Sure in those ways of sending packages is that it costs the company less (supposedly in shipping costs, but exactly how much has that cost M* is lost orders?) and irritates the heck out of people that have to wait an extra 4 or 5 days on their package.

      I don't order near as much from them since my parcels take an average of 10 days to reach me.
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        Re: FedEx SMARTpost - NOT!

        Originally posted by Lisalb21 View Post
        Hi everyone,
        My name is Lisa and I work at Missouri Star. I wanted everyone to know that we have been following this thread closely and take these shipping issues very seriously. We are working as closely and as swiftly as possible with Fed Ex to offer you guys more choices and make the shipping experience more pleasant. I want you to know how much we appreciate your business, value you as a customer and want to ensure you have an amazing experience when shopping at Missouri Star - this includes the shipping process. We apologize for not meeting your expectations. I will be posting updates on our shipping solutions as soon as I can. In the meantime, if we can help in any way with your specific orders, please call us at 1-888-571-1122. Thank you!
        Missouri Star Quilt Company Employee
        Sorry, Lisa, we have heard this song and dance before.

        AD NAUSEUM...

        If you really want to give us good service you will quit using these pathetic excuses for shipping partners and JUST SHIP FIRST CLASS! Period. Like someone else mentioned you can often pay counter rate (non-commercial) for first class postage for less than what you charge us. We are paying you more to ship our packages THE s.l.o.w.e.s.t. way possible. I don't buy that you could be getting your shipping that much cheaper from Fed-Ex or UPS. MANY other fabric sellers offer flat rate $5 (or less) shipping and send everything by Priority mail that arrives in 2-3 days after I ORDER. I currently wait 8-10 days for your packages AFTER they are shipped.

        I feel you take it for granted that because we love Jenny (and we do) that we will accept substandard treatment as customers of M*. I just don't buy that M* "appreciate(s) your business, value(s) you as a customer and want(s) to ensure you have an amazing experience when shopping at Missouri Star - this includes the shipping process." As I have stated in the past, while I do still order from you - it's basically only daily deals and a few other things that I can't find elsewhere and don't need anytime soon. I will only be amazed when an order shows up three days after I order it - not until! I also will NOT pay additional for shipping to get it here sooner. Too many other places offer flat rate shipping in 3 days as I stated before.

        Good Luck making any positive changes - I hope you can!